No response from request for validation

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I requested validation from a collection agency for a credit card debt, I did not receive it. If I send a second letter stating that because they did not validate the loan I want it removed from my credit report. What are the chances of that happening?

Welcome to the forum Drowning61!!!

We have great folks in here that are more than willing to help out anyway they can...

But first, can you give a little more information to the situation??

Who the company is?
Did you send the DV snail mail or some other way where you can track its progress to determine if it got there?
When did you send it?

There are many collection agencies (bottom feeders mostly) that do not answer your request... And, if they do, they just send a copy a past due bill.

Just because they send you a bill, doesn't mean that you owe THEM... Remember that.

BTW. have you disputed this with the collection agency by any chance???


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Hello Drowing61,

Welcome to the forum. Which collection agency is it. They are supposed to reply within a week of their receiving the letter. Did you send it by certified mail? If so, you must have a receipt as proof of them receiving the letter. Please go ahead and dispute with the credit bureau. I am sure if they have not responded as yet then the debt is not yours. Dispute it.

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I am going through the same thing and now the collection agency is taking me through arbitration over the debt. From what I understand from the attorney who will be chairing the arbitration committee, they not only have to prove that I owe the debt but that I owe the debt to them. I requested Proper debt validation from them several times, all they ever provided me with was a copy of the monthly statement, that does not constitue proper debt validation.

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The original debt was with MBNA. I was paying it faithfully for a couple of years until they doubled by minimum payment. I had not even used the card in almost two years. They wouldn't work out a plan with me, so I ended up not being able to pay it. The collection agency is Phillips & Cohen Associates. I sent my request certified mail and have received the signed receipt. I sent it in September. I have not heard anything from them since then. However, it is still be reported to the credit bureaus.

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Oh jeez..... I have battled them tooth and nail.... they are the worst of the worst....

They do not validate... anything...

They wont go away....believe me... Make Sure you document EVERYTHING from here on out....

Be prepared to go to arbitration with these rear ends....

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So what do you all suggest should be my next move? I have not heard from Phillips and Cohen for almost four months. Do I just sit and wait? Can you give me some more detail on your tooth and nail battle with them?

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Contact the credit bureau and leave the collection agency alone. All they bought was your information. Dispute the negative on your bureau if they cant document it they have to remove it. The collection agency is a vulture and you will never get a reply from them.

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Yeah I think you may have a point shaw...the collection agency is the monkeys paid to collect your debt, they do not have that many rights as opposed to the credit bureau. and as sun said too, please document everything you do with them, all correspondence be kept in one place that way if you do go to arbitration, you have a nice little arsenal in your court. like good said, they have to prove that you owe the debts. do you have any proof that you contacted them to make arrangements? or that they doubled your minimum? hang in there, good folks here to try and help you!

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Be very careful with these thugs... In my case, they lied and created phoney credit card statements... They even had addresses in states I never lived in.

Like some had indicated, contact the credit bureaus...

Which comes to mind, how are they listed on your reports? Did they pull a hard inquiry? Or, is there an account on the reports with their name on it?

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Thanks everyone. I am going to contact the credit bureaus post haste.
No, I don't have any proof of contacting them to make arrangements or that they doubled my minimum. At least I don't think if have anything that would show that. I'll have to go through some old records. I was good for shredding all my old bills.
Yes, they are listed on my report. There is an account with their name on it.

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No, I have not heard anything from the bureaus yet. I figure I still have about 15 days or so. I'll keep you posted.

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sna (not verified)

A debt colletor called me asking for payment since I disconnected my cable service. I though it was the cable company . When I ask if I can call them back to verify the number they are calling from . They told me it was a collection agency. They wont validate the debt and I don't understand how the can try to collect a bill that is not past due. This is from Sunrise creditor NY . I paid the bill on time and they send me a bill for stating that I should pay or Validate the debt. I send them a validation letter by regular mail. I am not paying for cerified mail. If the law can't protect me from harassment then hell with it . Housing market is a good example of the ignorance of the law . I paid by credit card so I have prove the bill was paid.

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champan (not verified)

I dispute a charge off credit agency verified as correct do I requested a debt validation with OR and they sent me a letter giving a third party to contact for balance they didnot send me a copy a the original agreement. What now? do I send this letter to the credit bureau so they can remove the negative information from my report?

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I would send this "validation" to your attorney general. I would a write the CRA and say that the CA refuses to provide any evidence of a valid debt. Ask for Method of Validation

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matzcrorkz (not verified)

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