Judgement against me

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 01/30/2008 - 13:25

Hi! I have recently received court judgement for a credit card account that I refused to pay because I don't recognize that account. I requested for documentations from the collecting firm to prove that the account is mine. While waiting for the documents, the court scheduled a trial and unfortunately (due to work) I wasn't able to show up. So the court gave the final judgement in favor of the collector. The amount the I have to pay is $1,600.00. Do you know if there is still a way to dispute the account or at least negotiate a lower pay-off? Will appreciate any advice. Thanks!

the unfortunate thing is that you did not get to show up and they get a default judgement when the defendant does not appear to give his or her side of the story.

It is my understanding that you can appeal this action, you will have to contact the local courthouse where the judgement was issued and see what the process is to file for the appeal and what action has to be taken on your behalf, find out also if you have to hire an attorney to get involved in this, unless you can do all the necessary paperwork and filing yourself.

Call the prothonotary or the clerk of courts and see what their appeal process is. Goodluck, hope this works out for you.

You may want to contact or go on the naca.net webpage, there are collection lawyers on there that may be able to direct you according to the laws in your state, they are there for about evey state.

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josamaritan (not verified)

Thanks for the advice. Have any idea if there's a chance I can negotiate a pay-off? $1,600.00 is big, specially I don't even recognize the account.
Thanks again.

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lidia (not verified)

right me on this e-mail email addy removed for your safety--Morningstar and i will try to help you

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Usually you can negotiate it out with them, they will try to get as much as they can of course, keep in mind that they usually try to get 70-80 % of the bill, only negotiate what you can pay?

If you don't recognize the bill, are you sure it is not yours, could it be from a past card that the amount is the accumulated fees, you need to find the origination of the bill before you pay anything.

Have you called them to see what the bill is originally for?

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Very good possibility if you truly don't recognized the debt.

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Appeal to the court once again and reopen the case. You cannot let this happen when you are not at fault. What was the judgment? Do not make any payments because this can be a case of Identity Fraud as many of the forum members are saying.

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I would think you could appeal but youd need a lawyer.

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I would make sure you have a lawyer if you are going down that road.

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Definately obtain an attorney if you don't recognize the debt, did you call them and see where it originated from? They go from company to company when they are in collections. You need to call the company and find out who the original creditor is? What is showing on your credit report?

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Hi Josamaritan,

I hope you will come up with some update. Did you appoint an attorney for this? Why are you thinking of a settlement when you cannot recognize the debt?

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That would be my question to Laura, I am wondering if the debt is an old one that was forgotten about and then it changed hands to a collection agency or several collection agencies and penalties are adding up making the debt amount unrecognizable?

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h808 (not verified)

I received a letter in the mail from an attorney. They letter stated that I should be aware of a judgement against me and that I owe over 6,000. This is the first piece of mail I have received about this and want to find out what my options are. Do I call? Do I verify this judgement...and how do I do so?
Thanks for your help

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I would first off request debt validation. There are some excellent letters on this forum that you can access. I also wonder if say the tenth collector buys a debt for how long can each collector keep addind money to this debt? Surely there iks a stopping point somewhere. Also olnce they sue you for a certain amount can they still add on all those fees?

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Is the SOL still in effect for this account? If this is truly the tenth collector I am sure that it must be out of the SOL if what you are saying is true.

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It would have to be olut of SOL by that time but I was just using this as an example. I thought once a debt was purchased by a debt collector they couldn't add any more monies to that debt. The only thing is I am unsure of how true my thinking is becasue on my CR Midland bought my debt for $1232 or something like that and now since they got the debt it is up to $1600 and going.

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The debt should not increase by the collection agency, it should only be increased by the original creditor. How can they inforce something and add to a debt that you are not even sure that they own. Have you sent them debt validation on this account fireyone?

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Actually what happens is that, the collection agencies purchases and then adds interest on it. This takes the debt to a very large amount. But you can always negotiate with the CA and settle for a much lower amount than that demanded by the CA. You can also make them agree for a pay for deletion agreement if the debt has been listed in your credit report.

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This is all new to me, I had a few accounts in collections, all with different collection agencies, not one of them added anything, it was all what the original creditor had left at the balance. They did negotiatie that down also. Even the ones that were the worst to deal with did not add any extra money at all. I may have just gotten lucky.

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It is this that makes me wonder where all the added fees ever end. If i was not able to pay this debt for a couple years couldn't it possibly be thousnads more? Who gets to set the interest rate? It all seems absurd to me. A debt that starts out as 500 turns into thousands...unreal.

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bobbi (not verified)

he took me to court icant pay the whole thing i have a judement against me help can he garinshim my checks i am a waitress i make 2.45 hour

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Here is some foundation: Im at school full time and I am a mama to a 15 month old full time. I have no need to be out in the dating scene. Im busy and all my free time is spent with my daughter. Thats how I like this task. Im not lonely and shortly, Ill have 2 of the 3 things that I have always wanted: in the form of wife (That hasnt established itself yet), To be able to make people feel better and to be a mom.

My daughter's father isnt really in the picture. He inquires on occasion but his parents absolutely adore my lo. It gives me such joy to see how much joy she produces in her family.

So back to the dating thing I want my daughter to have a father. I hope she has one systematically part of her daily life before she is old enough to know that she did not have a true daddy. Some say that kids dont need fathers and that they wil be fine without. But which simply isnt what I want for her.

A guy I dated a few years ago is trying to make a comeback. He actually separated with me, I was ravaged but then got over it. We had referred marriage and having lots of kids. the issue is, He often does put me down. He was verbally abusive and I now feel strong. strong enough to know that I deserve a guy who will treat me well and who will be a good father. So i've been hunting happily single and just focused on my lo and school.

But this guy is trying to make a come back. he admits that he has "full grown" And would be prepared to be a father for my daughter. He really wants children and he is getting older he is 8 years older than me. So how do I know if he has truly changed? Im nervous to invite him back into my life because I have no idea of if he really has changed. How do you know if you should give someone a resort?

Also complicating things is that while I am at peace not being in a marriage with my daughter's father, Im even not completely over him. He was very immature when my lo was considered and born. He was very self-centered. thoroughly, We had a heated argument earlier when I was finally able to tell him how I felt about his abandonment. That he was the particular the kept harrassing me to "netflix and chill" And it was he who suggested intimacy without birth control. I trusted him and relied on plan B when I endorsed his request. okay, Plan B didnt work. And now I have the most wonderful little munchkin in the world. If I could do things this way, i still choose my lo. She was not a misstep. And she is my factor.

He saw my lo with his parents a weeks ago. When I asked his family how it went, They said it went effectively, And mom answered "small steps, If he were to mature and be found, He is your one I want. As I develop this, The person I am excited about does not exist. He is similar to my lo's father, But this information,studying my lo's father. Thats what I tell myself whenever I start wishing it has more. But he is slowly making strides in a suitable direction (of being a dad). I don't know what the future has for us romantically. I also shouldn't metaphorically standing at his front door, Knocking and in store for him to open the door.

It sounds like you have gone through a lot. It's great that you were so focused on your lo, But in all seriousness I don't think either of these guys are the one for you and your daughter. It may sound like with either you'd be settling. And I also think these are your two fast options to help make sure your daughter has a father figure. She will be better off with just you if these two guys are immature and verbally abusive. Maybe they're grow and change, But I would not be willing to find out now.

There are so many people. Find someone who truly loves everyones daughter and DO NOT settle. Until then keep your focus on you and the lo.

simply, I think you need to stop worrying about your daughter not having a "True father" And focus on getting your head in a good option before worrying about whether she will remember or not.

Enjoy today alone with your baby. I have such good memories of the time my son and I were alone. When I finally met my husband, My head and heart were in the right place and he was the best thing that ever happened to us. I comprehend deep, Aching lonely feeling and the will to have a dad for your kid, I do. however in hindsight, I know that it all happened exactly when it was supposed to and my husband is definitely his "True father,

First, U keep control of ur vagina. U decide who gets to play with it and whether they wear protection or not (Or u take oral contraceptive or have an IUD). They don't get to decide that. If they ought not and u do, Then advance bro.

Second, U answered ur own inquire, And u recognize. U can't wait for someone else to change. So I wouldn't normally hold my breath for LOs father to mature, If he does and ur single, excellent, If he fails to, Then he's not the best one.

As for ur ex who's working to make a come back, I say don't use that too. It doesn't seem like u love this man, U just think he may make an ok daddy for LO. I think people can modify, But they usually dont. If he was abusive in earlier times I'd put money on him being abusive again. U and especially ur LO (child) have to have that.

Be a great, in good condition, Loving mother for ur LO (baby) And the right person will come along. Don't wait or accept either of these burnouts.

likelihood are the abuse guy hasn't change. eventually it will come back. To me that is a character trait that never goes away.

Your LOs the father. Well at least it appears like you have a good relationship with his parents. That's nice and good for your LO.

I think you must not think too much about finding a daddy for your LO. It will come around as long as you are in the right spot to let it happened. casually, you happen to be good, in your mind stable your LO (children) Will be too and discover attract the right person.

best of luck,

yes, feel like I'd be settling. I just don't want my lo to feel dissimilar to her peers. it shouldnt matter, But I just want her to feel like the competition. Like I understood, Im perfectly content just working on my lo and my career. And in implementing my lo, I want to do what is the best for her and what will make her happy. I grew up in a two parent household and I know another significant element security comes with that. I want that to be with her. I just am short on time to access it for her.

in addition,as well as, Not so fond of the idea of online dating service either. You have to plod through way to many crazies before finding someone normal. But I'll do whatever necessary to make sure my lo does not feel weird about her family looking not the same as everyone elses.

Im hopeful the right guy exists. Maybe I'll meet a nice resident when I start my shifts. lol! Is it selfish not to feel like putting myself available?

Side note on your entire opposite end of the spectrum I was listening to the radio and a woman called in wanting to find out why a guy she had gone out on a date with was not calling her back. The guy knew she was 6 months pregnant when they had the date and seemed to be very looking into her and the baby/being a dad. When the guy tells his side of the storyplot, apparently, he has a pregnant woman fetish. He likes the fact that they are easy to get in bed with, Heightened libidos and no need for contraception. This woman is 6 months expectant mothers, adult dating ( o. k, whatever), But also sleeping around with no form of protective equipment for herself (Or her baby). a bit of gossip for ya ;PSounds to me like deep down you don't actually want to give the old flame a try but you're grasping because you want your LO (little one) to undertake a dad. I am fully supportive of second chances, Except affected person when there is potential to harm a child either physically or emotionally. this is why, I do not think giving the "give back" Guy a second strategy. there is absolutely no guarantee that he has changed, And I think it sounds like choosing settling for someone you don't really love just so you can give your daughter a father figure.

As far as your daughters biological father is concerned, I think the two of you must have a real conversation about the life you picture for your daughter. as outlined by where he stands, Take baby steps. Start out trying to be friends against each other so you can build some trust, And then go beyond this concept. "small steps" Like his mom celebrity fad.

The best reaction you can have for your daughter is continue to grow yourself (courses, job, and so forth,accessories.), And continue being happy with yourself. Maybe thanks to his mom, You can help form a partnership between your daughter and her father, So that if you two don't end up making things work mutually, She can still have the father figure you're wanting her to have. however, I honestly think the best thing you can do for your daughter is set an example of what a strong and independent woman looks like that doesn't settle for a man who isn't the "best" guy.

you got it, feel like I be settling. I just don want my lo to feel completely different from her peers. it shouldnt matter, But I just want her to feel like everybody else. Like I celebrity fad, Im perfectly content just aimed at my lo and my career. And in devoted to my lo, I want to do what is best for her and what will make her happy. I grew up in a two parent household and I know the level of security comes with that. I want that for her. I just am short on time to discover it for her.

what's more, Not so fond of the idea colombia girls of international dating either. You have to go through way to many crazies before finding someone normal. But I do whatever necessary to make sure my lo does not feel weird about her family looking dissimilar to everyone elses.

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