need help trying to pay judgments

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I have never had a situation where you tried to give people money and they not want it but here I am.

Ok I have two Judgments against my son for two credit cards. Both were issued in 07. Mind you he took these cards for me while I was disabled to help cover bills and a surgery for my service animal.
They are rightly mine and I wish to pay and get them off his credit.

I am expecting a settlement check from Disability next month and wish to pay them.
I called the Court house got the lawyer info for both cases.
I called one no one there left message
Called second and the lawyer informed me they No longer had the case it had been returned to GE Money bank.
I called GE Money bank and the man I spoke to acted as if the judgment does not even exist. He tells me at one point I can pay close to 1900.00 to close the account. Mind you my son closed the account back at the end of 2006 early 2007 It was Dec or Jan. I forget which.

The 1900 is a good bit more than they won in the judgment. No way am I paying more than I am supposed to. he than tells me to hold on and comes back and says Ok if you give me 1000.00 I can close the account. Again mind you he is NOT mentioning the clearing of this judgment not even mentioning or acknowledging one exists through this conversation. I inform him to send me in writing a payment agreement that IF I pay this amount that the judgment will be settled and that they will send a notice to the court house and credit companies that it is in fact satisfied.
He states he will do that However I do not believe he really understood what I was saying. I know I barely understood what he said His accent and speedy talk were just way too much I kept telling him to SLOW down I could not understand etc.
He then gave a speech about how this had to be paid ASAP or it would go to collections and I am telling this idiot that IT was in collections and to be quite honest after all this time they will get it when I have it next month IF I get a statement as stated earlier

I have to be honest I would rather the debt go back to the lawyer at least I could understand and knew he understood me. I trusted him way more than this guy.
I just want this settled without paying and finding it still is not paid later etc.

Any advice on this is welcome as I am just totally thrown as to what to do and how to handle this

I pray the one I call for tomorrow when I call the other back does not go through all this.
Never knew you had to fight to pay off debt.
I am not asking to negotiate or anything I just want to pay the darn things now that I am financially capable.

Thanks a lot for any help.

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right me on this e-mail and i will try to help you:email addy removed for your safety--Morningstar

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If I were you I would wait to get it in writing and when you do get the agreement in writing, amend it to say that the account is considered paid in full and that it is their responsiblity to contact the courthouse and the creditor to let them know that the judgement is satisfied.

Let them know that you won't give them a dime until they agree to put all this in writing. I would not let them know that you are getting a settlement. that is none of their business.

Tell them to get it in writing and do it quick while you have the money, tell them that you have other bills to pay and that whoever gets the paper work to you first and in the correct order will get paid.

Honestly, how much further can collections go, they already have a judgement right, I believe this to be an idle threat. So if they want the money they need to move on this quickly, I would keep my stand on this firmly.

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you really need to talk tt an attorney ive always been told that if they refuse any payment thier as good as paid.

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you could go to the court house and request it taken off if you have anything in writing.

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You should be able to find the attorney representing this company by going to the courthouse, they will let you know what you need to do to pay this account off. goodluck, hope you find the answers that you are looking for.

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Even if you are capable do not accept any unreasonable sum to pay off. Contact an attorney immediately and follow legal proceeds.

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It bears mention that judgments accrue interest (set by statute), this could explain the discrepancy in the amounts. Perhaps if you call back, you can speak to someone you can communicate with more clearly.

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