Benefit to adding 100 word statement

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Does adding a brief statement not to exceed 100 words, to your credit file really help you any as for getting approval by creditors. Do they really take the time out to read them. Also ,how does this affect my continuing to dispute the account in reference. Would it just be in my best interest to just continue to dispute the account until I get some type of recoures.

I was not aware that you could do this? It is something that I would definately take a look at the next time that I access my credit report. I would put a statement in there to explain that although I have some negatives on there, they will see that I have taken the time to pay them all off.

I don't know if a creditor reads these or not.

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I just looked at a few of the credit reports we use here at work and I don't see any statements on them, nor any place that looks like a statement would be.

Just curious, what were you thinking of writing? As I understand it, many credit decisions are made through automated systems now - which is how we get instant approvals at the register in the store. I am just not sure who the target audience of that statement is.

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It is possible to add statements but the general consensus is to not and leave it alone. It could hurt more than it could help.

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Stated on back of [Equifax] cover letter. If you disagree with an item after it has been verified,you may send to us a breif statement,not to exceed one hundred words (two hundred for Maine resident), explaining the nature of your dispute. Your statement will become part of your credit file and will be disclosed each time that your credit file is access. If tethe reinvestigation results in a change of deletion of the information you concerned about , or you submit a statement in accordance with the proceding paragraph. you have the right to request that we send your revised credit file to any company that recieved your credit file in the past six months (telve for Cali, Colorodo, Maryland,NJ, and NY) FOR ANY PURPOSE or in the past two yeras for employment purposes.

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