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I was behind with my child support payments and had a negative record in my credit report. Now as I paid it off (full payment) how can I remove it from my credit report? or will it stay there for 7 years?

I believe it will reflect as paid/satisfied, and will remain on your credit report for seven years from the date of entry of judgment, OR the amount of time that judgments are valid in your state (varies from state to state), whichever is longer.

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Think of your credit report more like a report card and less like a current statement. It's a report of everything that's happened in the last 7-10 years, good and bad. A common misconception I have noticed here on the forums is that once you pay a debt it should come off your report, but it shouldn't. You were actually late or you actually defaulted on that debt. You later made good on it, but that only causes the report to reflect that you eventually paid it off, not that it never happened.

Of course, due to the complexities of the laws, there are methods to get debts and other entries removed from your credit report, most of them involving sending letters certified mail requiring companies to prove what they report. You may find that sending a few letters may get the entry removed. BUT if that happens, it's not because that is how it's supposed to work, it's simply taking advantage of a safeguard in the system.

Good Luck - and also glad to hear your kids got their support =)

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