Do employers check credit report?

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...can an employer reject me because of my poor credit score?

Employers do check credit score and try to analyze your creditworthiness. If credit score or report plays a part in making decisions like recruitment, demotion or firing as per TOS they can do that. But as per law they need to take prior written permission. It’s the same in the army too as I have heard.

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Hi Wright,

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But as per law they need to take prior written permission.

In addition to that they also need to provide you a copy of your credit report and all the info regarding your rights to dispute in case of inaccuracy.

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Wright (not verified)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I was not aware of this and I heard it from one of my friends. Thanks for the confirmation.

Are there any FAQ section in this site where I may find some answers to my queries?

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Hi Wright,

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Yes we do have a FAQ section in our site and you can find it over here:

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If you don’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ section please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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