Bumping inquires to raise you score

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How many of you know about this? It is possible to bump inqs from your Equifax and Transunion credit file by having many soft pulls.

If anyone shows any interest, I would be willing to go into much more detail :D

Yes definately do tell, there are many people here who would benefit from this. please go into as much detail as you can, I could really use this information right now.

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Hi Diem,

Hope to see you soon on this thread. We all need more information on this.

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Hellloooooooooo, we all want this information, I pmed you for it too?

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I have not seen diem for a long time now.

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Has ANYONE 'seen' DIEM recently? That's too bad, he hasn't been on. I think people could have benefited from the info.

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I probably would have 'improved' a few things, if I knew what to do and how to do it.

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Yes, but I think Diem is not around now.

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Hi elle,

I am not sure whether this is a valid way or not bot bumping can be done by recurring soft inquiries. Say you make soft online inquiries in your report everyday, gradually after around 50 such inquiries one inquiry at the top bumps off. This is a gradual way to do it. Actually the loop is that for TransUnion and Equifax you can use this tactic but not for Experian.

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Well Carol,

Is that a legit way to remove inquiries? Do hard inquiries drop off as well?

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I have been reading a lot on tradelines, was all to confusing at one point but then after reading a ton of information, I am getting a better uderstanding on them now,.

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Hi goodnatured, the forum will be benefitted greatly if you share some information you have received so far.

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Hard inquiries come off only if the inquiries are unauthorized. For this you need to check the credit report where you will find the name of the inquirers. You can ask these inquirers to remove the hard inquiries from the report. If they do not agree, then send them a certified letter to know if they have proper authorization to pull up your credit file. In most cases the inquirer delete the inquiry as a courtesy or because they cannot verify your authorization. But it should be noted that in this way only few hard inquiries can be removed, not all.

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so you have to contact each one of them on your credit record and ask them to remove them individually?

If you have alot is it okay to do a form letter and just put in the company name and address?

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Hi goodnatured
You should contact only those inquirers whom you think unauthorized and hence giving a negative impact on your credit report, not all. However if they are authorized then you cannot threat them by saying that you can sue them under FCRA. For this you need to first ask them in writing whether they have proper authorization to pull up your file. If they don't have authorization, then only they will remove the inquiry from your credit report.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I think that you can get a letter formatted and just change the name and address of the inquirer and send it through certified mail to each of them. This should solve your purpose.

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here is a thread I found from another forum that explains this process. The thread is from march so some of the info maybe outdated.


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sorry guys, Tradelines are the accounts on your report. Sometimes you can be denied because of having too many tradelines, not enough variety of tradelines, or having not tradelines. So they are simply another name for an individual account.

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So they are like credit cars accounts, bank loans and so forth? I have alot in good standing but also a few in collections. I know not having enough credit is sometimes as bad as no credit at all. Also I thought soft pulls didn't hurt your score that much.

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yep, you got it, these are all different types of tradelines, mortgage, car loans, installment loans, credit cards are all different types of tradelines.

A company may tell you that you don't have enough different tradelines or that you have to many. Depends on what they look at.

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Please post more details. I am interested in learning more.

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Tradelines are generally items in your credit report which represents your past or present credit relationship. Mortgages, loans, and credit cards are different types of tradelines that are mostly found in the credit reports. No matter whether the account is open or closed there are separate tradelines for each account.

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That is a better explainantion than I could have given, thank you anthony for a good thorough description on tradelines. :D

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yes, it is a better explaination for sure, I got a better understanding of what trade lines from here.

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I have to. There is so much to understand about credit.

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It is something that affects our everyday life, it is with us wether we like it or not. So we need to learn about it and make good decsions so that we have the opportunity that we seek from employment to loans, etc, etc, just about everything is affected by credit.

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Yes, I too agree that before dealing with the collection agencies or before registering for credit repair services, one should have a complete knowledge on credit because if you do not have sufficient knowledge, you may stand to lose while dealing with them. Moreover, knowledge on credit helps us in improving our credit score.

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I keep seeing this post everywhere. Are we allowed repeat posts?

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Not supposed to repeat a post, and when it is noticed the moderators usually delete them and pm the person doing it. But if the person is a guest and is not registered with the forum then their is no way to do anything about it except to either delete or make people register before they can post.

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I think everyone actually tires of their job at some point. This happened to me recently and it takes alot to even want to be there. All the management changed and now it is like a three ring circus. I didn't need to worry lond cause due to my arm and liability they let me go.

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That stinks, they did not have any light duty for you either? What will you do? Are you going to see if they will retrain you into something that you can do and works with the ability of your arm? I would definately look into this retraining as part of your settlement offer.

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Yes it really stinks. I had soo much to do this year. Theywere trying to get rid of the highest paid workers because the company had an extremely bad year last year and this year isn't going well because of the manangement so three of us was let go. All the top paid employees.
I though about retraining ERB but my med bills are through the roof without adding the 4-6 week $1200 on top of them. That is the cost my insurance co. bills to the settlement evertime I get treatments at the hospitol. I REALLY have to have them or I lose almost all use of that arm. With treatment I can use it somewhat. It is hard to explain. Lets just say even with treatment if I don't watch how much I do or how long I will suffer for days. Typical day is frustrating to say the least. No amount could make me wish this didn't happen.
If I tack on retraining and the girl didn't jave alot of coverage they could take the money and pay atty first, pay med. second and then cost of retraining...See where I am going. I may as well just take the m oney and put it where I need it instead of letting them do it for me.

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Do you have any idea where they are as far as settling with you at this point, did they give you any indication as to when and how much? Do you know the other persons limits at this point? I hope all works out for you and you get enough not to worry for a while. keep us updated, goodluck.

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No idea. About a week ago they said they put my file on the atty desk to go over. Who knows if they even looked at it yet. They say even once it is sent out to the other place it could be anopther 60 days. Cutting close to my credit card 0% interest end date...

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hopefully they will get off their butts and move on it and you can get your credit card payed in time. goodluck, hope it all works out.

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Say a prayer for me cause something tells me I am going to be cutting it close. I thinkl we may have to resort to plan B. The hubby and I was just talking about it. If it gets too close to the interest date we are just gonna run down to S&T bank and take out a personal loan. At least it will be a lot lower interest and the back interest won't be tacked on.

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