how do i get my credit score?

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how do i get my credit score and do i have to pay?also what kind of imformation do i have to give them?

you can go to for a free yearly credit report. Some states allow you twice in a year.

The information that they require on the site are general information like name, current address, previous address, date of birth, SSN.

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As Laura said you can get a copy of your credit report free of charge, you can get one from each of the three credit reporting agencies. I would suggest that you get one from each of the companies a few months apart so that you can monitor them a bit and watch for changes rather it be good or bad.

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I would like to pull mine also, but want to wait until I will be able to see a big difference, usually twice a year is good, you can see what has happened over a period six months, that is a good time frame.

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Too many of us look upon Americans as dollar chasers. This is a cruel libel, even if it is reiterated thoughtlessly by the Americans themselves.

Do not be fooled into believing that because a man is rich he is necessarily smart. There is ample proof to the contrary.

See what the wise men thought of money!!!!!!!!!! Root of all evil

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You can buy your FICO from Experian, Transunion and Equifax have created their own scoring system--also for sale. While it may be comparable to a FICO score, it is still not the same. I think Wamu has an account or credit card that includes some form of credit score/monitoring service.

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Is there no way to get your fico for free? What if you were recently turned down for something? Is the fico included in that report that you can request?

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Well, you might find out if you try to buy a car...the dealer may or may not be honest with you.

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So, I will have to wait until I purchase something before I can get this score for free, well, guess I won't be getting mine anytime soon, I am trying to pay debt and raise my score. Maybe it is something that I will consider down the road, but not at this time.

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Sometimes credit grantor want give you your score.

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The best way to find your score is through the bureaus. Do a credit pull and find out. You pulling your credit report will not affect your score.

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The only place you should be purchasing your score from was posted above:

They also have a nice "emulator" which you can change things and estimate what your score would be if you paid down debt, added credit, a car loan and so forth. It's a must have resource.

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I have never been to this webpage I will definately go there and check it out, I like the idea of them telling you what it could be. Do you have any idea what this costs?

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Although is a super site for education, it is a 'for-profit' organization -- you can buy your credit report here. This is free advertising, folks.

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Is there anywhere else who are trustworthy and would give perfect report?

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All third party sources of credit used by the lending community. As a loan officer, I use an agency that pulls all three reports just as MyFICO does -- I can pull single reports, just as they can.

The public can go anywhere, but the MyFICO site is very trustworthy, to use your words, when someone wants their score -- they do need to pay for it.

To address gliches and errors on your credit report, the free websites are just fine -- just try to avoid paying any fees, because they will rope you in.

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Yes I seen some of the fees associated with these sites and they can rope you in. I don't mind paying for it either. I noticed when I pulled my report from one of the free agencies I didn't see my score..was it there and I over looked it?

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I think that you have to pay for your score if you want it, I haven't wanted to see mine that bad, I know it is not where I want it to be right now, so I will wait awhile.

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I am not going for loans anytime soon and I know there are things that need to fall off. They should shortly so maybe next year I'll pay the piper and look.

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Yes its commendable. I would do a credit check once a year to at least know the status.

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Once a year seems okay Laura, you just need to watch out for identity theft.

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That is soo very true. I love those funny free credit commmercials.

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It's about $15 to get your FICO score from There is a free trial which I'm sure is for a credit monitoring service. That will probably be helpful as long as you cancel before they charge you an arm and a leg.

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I can't stand places like that. How can you call it free if you have to pay for something else to get it. It's very mis-leading.

I just don't see the importance of knowing your credit score. Why pay someone to tell you if its going up or down. If you pay me $5 and tell me how you are paying your bills I can tell you if it has gone down or up, Ha Ha(plz don't take me seriously.)

I do pull my own credit reports to make sure that everything is in check and that my identity is not being stolen, other than that I will just keep paying my bills on time knowing that it is increasing my credit score.

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It should be free in my oppinion, but where there is a market for something there is always a scam to go a long with it.

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I too agree with cbass1017 on this point that if we need to pay some amount, even if small, to get the FICO score, then how can we call it free.

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Actually only one copy of the report is free in a year. Now charges are levied if we check the credit score more than once because I think if it were free for any number of copies, people who are not even required to check it, would check it again and again thereby creating additional problem. But I think it should be free at least twice a year.

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I think that you can get one from each of the three credit reporting agencies, that would be three different reports. I have gotten a free one from each of them, experian, transunion and equifax, I usually get them a month or two apart from each other.

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I need to go and do this. I have pulled one report this year but can not figure out which one I used.

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They must have reset my points. I see that it isn't as high as itwas but I cashed out a long while back. I am glad they did. Does equifax or any of the other require a credit card to get your report. I clicked on one and they wanted a cc number.

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For getting a free credit report all that is needed is the name, address, Social Security number, and date of birth. I think they can also ask for your credit card number for verification.

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I always start with equifax, then I pull transunion a few months later and then a few months later I will pull experian. I have no reason why I pull them in this order, I just have always done it.

so pick you favorite order fireyone and go for it.

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I already did a while back. I only have two bad ones against me. I believe they are the same account. One is the original creditor and the other I believe is a collector. The dollar amounts are the same. Under the OC it list the account sold. Can both list at the same time?

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Yes, and it only counts as one account as far as your score and credit ratings go. I had this happen too and questioned the credit reporting agency on it by filing a dispute with them on it. They sent me a letter saying that it would only be considered as one as for credit reporting. I think that only the original creditor and the most recent collector should be on there. When you have a few under negative or delinquent, it does not look good at all.

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That doesn't look good. I also think if the OC sells the account that they should be done with reporting it as well. Isn't this kind of like double jeopardy?

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When I asked about the double reporting I was told that it does not lower your score, that it only counts as one against you. I don't know, I think that when the buyer of the debt plugs in an inquiry to see what you have been up lowers your score too, they don't see it this way.

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I agree Gn. I also hear the double reporting doesn't or should I say isn't suppose to hurt you. I just do not see much purpose in it.

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I don't either, I do think that the original creditor should fall off, my fear is that if the original creditor falls off, then the important dates would get lost, like the sol and the drop off date. It needs to be there for you to keep track of where the debt is.

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That si exactly right. I think I have one company tryting to play the SOL game. The fall off date changed by a few months on a different report. I don't know if it because it is a different reporting agency and it has different rules but I am watching it closely. I have my first report showing the OC and the fall off date they listed previously. they updated my account in 5/2009 and changed the date to a few months later.
It amy not be a big deal but at least I have the first report that list the OC aznd what they listed as the first fall off date (the collector). Even thought he oC fell opff the new one I will wait and see if anything arises.

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As far as I know, that even if both the original creditor and the collection agency appears in your credit report, it will be counted only once for your credit score. When an account is sold to a CA by the original creditor, the OC needs to report to the credit bureaus that he has sold off the debt to the CA. This is as per the rule under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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It does show as a sold debt on my experian but not on the tranunion one. I relize that they can both report and just wondered why it wasn't listed on that ;atest check.

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If it is not there fireyone that is good stuff right, shouldn't it be falling off about this time anyway? or is this one that was sticking around for a while? what date was it supposed to fall off?

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The fall off date from my first report listed 7/2010. This new one lists 9/2010. I was just worried about the SOL. According to the SOL I am protected regardless of whether it is 30 dys since last payment or 180. As of may 180 days since last payment. BUT if they moved the fall off date did they change my payment history. I still have the first report with the OC on there so that is good. One of my two biggest ones (cap one) falls off Sept of this year. In oct. I will use my last check and compare all three. The reson for my concern is I recently see alot of shady business on here about Midland and that is who has this LAst debt.

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okay, I think that it is from the date of last activity, I have never heard of the 30, 60 or 180 days after, I have always heard the day of the last activity.

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I was confused to see all the different times that a collection account falls off your report too, I always thought it was the date of last activity also.

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