What is your credit Score ???

Submitted by Seth on Thu, 10/05/2006 - 10:50

What is your credit Score ???

My credit score is pretty high, up there in the high 700's the last time I checked, I have had years and years of credit building though and continue through out my later years in life.

The most important thing is to always pay your bills on time, and if you can put a few extra bucks in there towards the principal, it may not seem like much, but every little bit counts and you will be surprised how it pays off in the long run.

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Hi dadummy new on the forum? Welcome welcome. I feel happy to see new people around. Great job with your score.

My scores range from mid 700's to close to 800 :). 765, 781, 798. I had the scores at 835, 820 and 819 prior to this. One bad credit card and I am in this mess. Will be out soon though. Wish me luck :)

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that is still pretty high Polly, I am sure if it is your goal to reach those higher numbers again, you will make it. Hang in there and be patient.

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thanks Good. I have always maintained good credit history. Hope not to have a single derogatory.

Credit scores can be maintained if we keep precaution of not overspending at any point in time. Guys dont trust these credit cards that come in without any reason or approval. There are a lots of hidden agenda attached to such cards. Can destroy your credit. Personal Experience. :) Good Luck

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I have had some bad experience with credit cards, got late and then the fees started piling up and eventually got way out of control. they will not work with you either, they don't care why you are late, all they want is their money and their excessive fees that they add on. I am still working my way through this crap. can't wait till it is over, Polly, this is the one that is in arbitration post.

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Sounds like you are making a good attempt at cleaning up those old cards goodnatured. Maybe in time you will get a good offer that you feel comfortable taking, this will help you build your credit. If you don't feel comfortable with the offer don't take it, they will get better with time.

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My credit score is at 710 now. Need to do some more cleaning. Have already disputed one item which shows up. The same road side promotions. I never signed the papers and now they are on my report.

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NYflame (not verified)

I think it is 505. I'm upset because it was much higher until debt.

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Maine (not verified)


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I do feel bad, because now I don't have any job, so my Credit Score went down

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Hang in there, you will get a job and things will look up for you soon. Just keep trying.

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Billybroke (not verified)

My fico score is 514. ouch!!! Is there anyplace I can gat a car loan?

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Billybroke (not verified)

My fico score is 514. ouch!!! Is there anyplace I can gat a car loan?

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Hi Billy,

Buying a car will not be impossible. You can buy from a buy here/pay here shop which will not consider your credit but will have stringent penalties for late payments and high finance charges. However you can always shop for a better deal. Good Luck.

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May be you need to work on your credit first, you will get a better rate if you work on and bring up your score. goodluck, hope you get what you need.

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Are you shopping for a loan fireyone, if not, just continue to work on your score and get it after everything drops off that is going to drop off soon. I read in another thread of yours, weather it be on this forum or one of the other ones, I seen that some of your bad debt will fall off this year, right? Just wait it out.

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I bet there actually is somewhere out there. you could post it as a question and maybe get a few hits on it.

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Hi missb291,

There are such loans but with high rate of interest. Check with some banks. You can try credit unions as well. They do lend money, but to their members of course.

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Amir Rubin (not verified)

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No problem visiting the site. Look forward to it. I agree that too many people or companies per say feed off the down trodden souls. Just once I would like to see the little guy gut the help he needs without having to pay out Bucco bucks .

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Went there and visited, looks like a site with some really good resources on it, thanks for investing the time and then coming here and sharing it with us.

really like the articles section, goodluck, hope that you get tons of visitors and are able to keep the site up and running.

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Agreed. It is a very informative site and I really liked that you came here and shared with us.

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Hi Amir Rubin

I visited your site and found it to be interesting. It is really a good on line resource to help people get out of debt. I really appreciate you for your effort.

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Hi Amir Rubin

The website masteringmydebt.com is a promotional site. Our forum rules does not permit any promotional sites to be posted in the forum. Please follow the forum rules while posting messages in future - Richard

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It seems to me that it would be a job that had to be daunting, constant monitoring of peoples behavior. And the thing that gets me the most is that they do it for free, how about that. bless you for your work.

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ditto. I would have trouble even finding the time. I got to sqeeze in a few minutes here and there just to post on a few topics.

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Anonymous (not verified)

It is very difficult to find time for monitoring each and every post. So I think the task of a moderator is not too simple as he has to track each posts.

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616 up from 3xx-something in April of 2007. It's amazing what a year of paying on time can do for your credit score.

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wow this is awesome news, thank you for sharing this information, it is very encouraging.

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Always a good thing to hear someone being successful and I love when they come hear and share the good news.

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Repaying the debt on time is always good for your credit score as it gives you a better credit history because Credit history constitutes 35% of the credit score. So the best thing is that we should always keep aside the amount of money we need to repay the loans, separately from our income every month.

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How long do you suggest that you pay on something if you have the money to pay it off? What is a good amount of time to establish a credit history before paying a loan off completely?

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