Grocery shopping at the 99 cent store???

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Not sure how each of you all feel about this, but I was curious to know: If any of you have ever bought your groceries at the 99 Cent store? I am not referring to the "Dollar Tree". However, they may sell groceries on a small scale. Actually, the one down the street does sell a bunch of caned food.

Anyway, partner and I were on vacation this past week and decided to stay home in the pool instead of driving to the beaches in Mexico due to the gas prices. On the news one night here in Phoenix, there was a special about a family shopping for all their food at a 99 cent store. We both thought it was a joke. So, we decided to stop by the only 99 cent store we knew close by and BOY we were surprised!! We found Organic canned tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, whole wheat bread, white bread, bagels, organic canned pumpkin, oyster sauce, rice wine vinegar, sushi rice, sea salt grinders, pastry cutters and all kinds of Mexican food. We were just amazed the amount of money we saved going there.

One night we had pasta, which we bought all the indegredients at the 99 store. We figured it all up and the entire meal for two of us and a couple of our friends totalled to right at 8 bucks. NOT BAD in our book.

I am curious if anyone else has done the same thing?

We buy many, MANY things at the 99cent store. At the one here they even have things like fresh bananas sometimes, lots of name brand stuff.
My son-in-law is manager of a DollarTree and he says they cannot keep food items in stock they have such a high turnover of product. If someone is on a budget, that would definitely be the place to go.

I am curious about something and wonder if it is done. For people that have to use foodstamps--I wonder if they can use them there? Seems like they could really get alot for their money.

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I can probably get by buying a food order at the dollar store. I like fresh food though, so it would be tough. I think it is great that you can find some good meal ideas by spending very little. You are resourceful!

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Hey JPolito830..

We like fresh foods as well. They did have premade salads in a bag. I wouldn't consider that fresh. We get our steaks and other meat at Fry's or Safeway. Even Costco is reasonable in that area.

I noticed your in Richmond!!! I grew up in Annandale..... years ago...

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Around my neck of the woods we call these 99 cent stores Bent and Dent's. Seriously that is what they are called. We have several of them mostly Amish run and vry economical. I was glad when My sister moved out here and found all these cheaper grocery prices. Now I stop in the old bent and dent before heading to Wal mart. The grocery money has been going further.

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I have never heard of Bent and Dent. That is funny. Where are you located fireyone? I am in southern California. So any time you can fi nd a bargain here you better take it.

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There is a store near me called Sharp Shpper. I love it!! Good stuff for 'dollar' prices. Alot ot 2 for 1 things. Wherever I can save money, I do. Good canned things, meats, vege's, etc. pretty good.

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Its amazing to me the places there are today where you can get groceries at bargain prices. My mom would've loved this when we were kids. I remember the big thing that she used to do was go to the Hostess day-old bakery and she would get breads, cupcakes, rolls, etc. at half prices. That was the only place to get food bargains then. Ah---the good ol' days---I feel old.

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My mom did all she could to but things on sales, etc. She did a pretty good job, too. My dad worked days and my mom worked two jobs and went to school. There were three kids in the family. My parents tried ( and did) show me alot when it pertained to shopping for bargins.

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hey Lorri I am from PA. I thought it was rather funny myself when my sister first told me about these Amish ran stores. We also have places like Alti's to. I will not shop at any places that only run a few weekly specials. What I can't get at these stores then I will go to Wal mart. I also got a membership at Sam's Club where they sell by bulk. It really does save alot of money in groceries and probaly gas too since I don't have to run as much for items. You can get like 3 big bottles of ketchup for the price of two. Things like that really do add up.

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We have these two stores here in southern California called Food 4 Less and Winco. The Food 4 Less has some good buys, but is kind of rundown like. It reminds me of like a Costco or Price Club that has been let go. The other one Winco, is more like a nice Costco, with a bakery, meat market, etc. and excellent prices on stuff. You can buy some stuff there in bulk too. I call it the poormans Costco. It is always crowded cause the word got out about their prices.

My mom wanted to work when we were little or in school, but my dad had this "macho man-1950's mentality" that he was the man and he'd be damned if his wife would work! Never mind that it would have HELPED us if she could have. Instead she did things like babysit and took in ironing.You youngsters might not have ever heard of a housewife that "took in ironings", that meant that other people brought their ironing to her (in the days before permanent press clothes or automatic dryers) and she would iron their clothes for 10 or 15 cents apiece. Hard way to make money, but she did it.

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I love Aldi's, I go there every other month and stock up on my canned vegetables, pastas and cleaning items. We don't have any Amish stores around where I live, wish we did.

I actually use coupons at the dollar store also, people look at me like I am crazy, but what they hey, they take them so I redeem them there.

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I just recently relized the dollar store took coupons. Bot that really adds up to savings. I don't care who thinks I am crazy fact is lots of people silver spoon or not are beginning to use coupons. Npthing wrong with that. A penny saved ya know.

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Dollar stores take COUPONS? Very interesting. I also found out that they take food stamps (my sister gets them) cause they sell so many food items there. And I think that is a great idea---to enable needy people to really get the most for their money.

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I seen that they increased there food line. I kind of figured it was so they could benefit from that market. I too think it is a good idea cause a dollar sure doesn't go too far these days.

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We have the dollar stores, but things are a lot more than a dollar there. I will purchase my cleaning supplies and food items like chips, cookies and pasta there, I do save quite a bit when I take the time to shop there.

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Thats what I started doing here about a year ago. I use to be soo busy working that it would be soo tiring to run to different stores for a cheaper item so I would just pick them all up at one place. Moving and construction casued finances to be tight and on top of that my auto accident left me realy behind so Now if the stores are in close proximity of each other I make the "round trip" It really does save money and with them all being with in a little area I don't use extra gas. If one is a little out of the way I pick up two of that item so I don't have to make an extra trip the next time.

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Why can't they just put all the stores together in one little strip mall? It would make it so much easier! :D

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Great idea Girl. Wouldn't that be a wondrful thing?!

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awwwwwwwwww, imagine the parking, awwwwwwwwwwwww.

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I used to go to a garage that did collision, he told me one time that a lot of his work comes from grocery store and mall parking lots, seems people don't pay much attention there, bumping into each other and such.

I like a grocery store off on its own, I can not handle walmart, something about putting my groceries and clothing in one cart, I just can't get past it, I don't know why, I just can't.

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LOL----ooh the ick factor huh? I guess if you were buying fresh fish or had a package of leaky chicken it might be AWFUL. Now I'm going be thinking that next time I go to Walmart.

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That was a good one Lorri. Maybe they would give a discout if it leaked. I do know what you mean Gn about crowded parking. My husband and I get into this arguement several times a year. If there is a close spot and he can squeeze in to it he will. I usually look at him and rooll my eyes and say something like "okay now that we know you can do ikt how about undoing it. I don't feel like having someone elses door marks on my vehicle. I mean he knows I am not gonna get out until he moves to a safer spot so why bother. I figure male ego has somthing to do with it.

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I thought those people that shop at walmart smelled a little fishy, LOL

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No it is the new scent (perfume) that wal mart is marketing for Pamela Anderson. LOL

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Can you say Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! She just gets under my skin. I can't stand to see her on Tv, if it would be anyone else with some MANY partners they would be writing some really nasty stuff in the papers and tabloids, some how she can get away with being a tramp, famously.

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Its because she is this animal rights activist and in the "celebrity world" where everything is twisted ANYWAY---her good deeds over power her trashy way of life! And don't forget her two major "assets"--cause you just know thats where her BRAINS are.

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Don't ya love how one single comment can get such a reaction and change the whole topic? I am about peeing my pants laughing. Guess the Pam anderson and fish comparision was a fair one.

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She is garbage to me, I just don't see how the media is not ripping her apart. Must be because of baywatch and that red swim suit.

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Thats true. I really don't care for her either. She definately is not a good roll model for any living sole on this planet. I think todays kids really need strong and honest role models. Back to the .99 cent store thing though...I take my daughter with me a lot while shopping. I try to help tesch her the value of purchasing items well they sre on sale and the purpose of buying two at that price instead of one. I have her add up what it would have cost for two of an item not on sale and then two on sale. After that I get her to subtract the difference. It was easier to show her the value of purchasing two at once than getting them a different times paying reg. price. It not only teaches her to be a value shopper but sharpens up the old math skills while we're at it.

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I think it is awesome that you get her and keep her involved, I think that is great. You may want to take it a step higher, give her a set amount of money and a grocery list and tell her to get all items on the list without going over the amount. That would really show her how the money how quickly money goes since young ones seem to think that money grows on trees.

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Yes, definitely---As an educator, I say take advantage of your kids being out of school and put 'em to work! Seriously, this is a great idea to not only work on her math skills, but also to help you and to give her a glimpse of how to budget money.

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I agree Lorri, I think it gives the child such a sense of responsibility, imagine the power and the confidence that this child feels when she has the power to make important decisions that used to be left to the adults in the house. I think this covers so much more than the numbers. I know how much more involved my little one gets when she gets to take that one more step, kids love the opportunity to be challenged and when they succeed or even when they fail, it is an opportunity to learn and grow.

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If we were sitting at home and it was a math problem I would hear tons of complaints but doing it this way she really does love it. Math is definately not her strong suit and I sometimes find it frustrating getting her to understand how much she needs to put forth the effort. By doing things like this her eyeballs has opened up and her Math skills have improved.

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Thats because you taught her in a way that SHE understands---everyone has a different learning style, just like teachers all have a different teaching style. The trick is finding how a child learns and then presenting the idea to her in that manner. Some of us are visual learners, some are auditory, some are tactile and some are ALL THREE. When I present a lesson to 24 second graders I usually will present it 3 different ways to make sure everyone understands.

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I never thought of it that way. I guess every child would learn differently. I am just thankful to have found a way in helping her with Math that doesn't frustrate both of us. The main problem we are having is that her school feels she is too fast for the general courses and bores easily because she finishes her work so quickly. They tried moving her up to a higher academic levl but then she is too slow. I treid keeping her in it for a year hoping she would pick up on everything but in the end she about bombed the school year. It also really brought down her self esteem when she would get bad grades. Guess you could say I am coaught between a rock and a hard place.

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You need to do what is best for your child, she does need to challenge herself but not to the point of constant failure. Some failure is good because if it is dealt with in a healthy manner then we learn and grow from it. My four year old recently learn in pre k that she is not the only little kid in this world, I felt bad when she would come home and cry because the teacher did not pick her. I explained to her that their are many kids in the class and that she would get her turn. Being the only one at home is tough when you have to go out in the big world and swim in a bigger sea.

With her being your only one at home now you have these unique opportunities to help her like this and the good thing is that she is willing to be involved. Some teens or tweens would roll their eyes at the concept all together. Just keep doing what you are doing, sounds like it is getting her gears turning in the right direction.

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fireyone----your daughter is probably right where she should be academically. She proved that a more advanced class was too much for her now. As you well know you don't want to stress a child out by forcing them to work at a level too advanced as that can lead to worse problems. IMHO---I would rather have a student a little ahead and in a less advanced class, than in a higher one and be miserable.

Sounds like you are already keeping her motivated at home. How old is she?

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Of course, school will be starting soon. My son is pretty nervous, I think. This year, he will be having 'career calsses'......classes to start focusing on what they want to do when they graduate. son has a few ideas, or the military. grow up TOO fast!!LOL

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Lorri, She just turned 12. I am really proud of her for at least trying. It was just heartbreaking to see her go from this self assured child to a struggling one. She spent sooo much time working on keeping up it left her no time to be a child. I had a hard time getting her switched back down to the lower level but I was successful in the end.
I have always worked with my children in these different ways to teach them what they are learning is something that will apply later in life. Both are excellent readers because I have always read. My boy is 18 and gone now but my daughter has a ways to go. Whenher dad works second shift we both go to the study and pick out a book we read and tell a short summary on what it was about and why we think the other should read it. I think I am going to do pretty well with her and schooling.

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fireyone---I believe you are doing a fantastic job with your daughter and her education. If more parents were like you and truly cared about how their students were learning and then caring enough to do something about it, there might not be as many students that struggle. Unfortunately, many parents don't care and expect just the teacher to teach and work with their child, not them. What most don't or won't see is that teaching a child involves not just the teacher, but the parent as well. Many students have to be prompted or prodded to study, etc. If parents and teacher work together it makes the whole thing much easier.

I love the idea of you and your daughter doing a "book report". Re-telling and summarizing are excellent ways to help develop comprehension skills.

Keep up the good work. I admire your diligence.

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I am sure you will do a fine job in advising him on what to do, but in the end it is his decision. If he choses the military, try to make sure he chooses a skill that he can use on the outside world too. I worked on weapons and there was no real job market in the civilian world for those skills.

I have a nephew that just left for basic who is going into computers and another nephew leaves on september 11, he choose electical work, I think they will both have good transferrable skills when they get out of the military or at least have a good base to work with. I am proud of both of these young men.

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I love to see young adults making wise decisions. It seems all too many these days are just going out into the world with no clue on what to do next or what they want to do. SD either one he choses will better him as a person and in the end isn't that what every parent wants?
My daughter swears that she wants to do something in th writing field. A couple years ago they had a contest nationwide. Youcoluld write a story, draw a picture or even take a picture. My daughter wrote one titled "my two brothers". She was only in 4th grade and took third place in the state. She really doesn't have 2 brothers, only one. She was comparing the two different sides of him. The one on drugs and the one who wsn't. It was really heartbreaking but a true eye opener. Parents tend to thin k that things effecting the household or other siblings only bother them but we need always remember their are little ears around that are effected too and also understand what is happening around them.
In any case she got a trip to the state capitol to meet all the big wigs and won an extra award voted on by all the state reps. and placing first.
Yep, I was reallt proud there!!!!

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Well, you SHOULD be very proud of her. To write something like that, from the heart, truthfully and honest is difficult even for adults. If she wrote like that as a child, I would definitely say she will be a very successful adult author. Then to be able to accurately compare two sides of a person-----thats unbelievable! Comparing and contrasting anything takes real insight (which she obviously has). Have you thought of submitting it any place for publication?

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I hear you lorri, I don't know many adults that are creative enough to see two sides of an individual, I think it is great that she has this skill at a very young age and how wonderful to have it recognized by your state. Is she still writing?

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They actually did release it to a bunch of newspapers but I myself didn't get it published any where. Would it be too lat now? It has been a couple years.

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Well, of course not---I would say go for it. You know maybe during drug awareness/red ribbon that they always have during October (here in California anyway) your local paper could publish it.

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And I think it would be a wonderful boost for your daughter to see it published, have you tried to contact your local open door or drug abuse counselling center.

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Thank you goodnatured---I was trying to think of drug counseling center, but couldn't bring it out of myBRAIN!

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