what do you do about damages

Submitted by Dadummy on Sat, 01/12/2008 - 18:04

does anyone know the law on damages by rentors/
i evicted renters from my property which was sold rent to own they didnt pay so i had them evicted. well heres one for you please tell me if you have any suggestions anything short of hunting them down and killing them.
when they left they left tons of garbage in the trailor and out side they left feeces in the comode, and dog waste everywhere. they ripped out all the lighting and ceiling blocks some of the paneling smashed windows completely totaled the trailor. will my homeowners handle vandelism? how can i get satisfaction if they dont own anything but id at least like to make them come and clean up thier own messes. ive seen hogs live better and i feel sorry for the new landlord id go show them my pictures if i knew where they moved. are you allowed to advertise thier names. one of the guys worked for comcast. would they let me go without paying my bill. i know its not thier problem but they should know what some of thier emplyees are like id never let any of them back in my house.