bad turkey

Submitted by Dadummy on Fri, 01/11/2008 - 23:33

what would you do ? iogt a bad turkey in november for thanksgieing. i already had it stuffed whe nwe discovered the problem which was a sore on the breast area. after investigageing it i found it went clear down in the bone, needless to say my thanksgiveing was ruined and the turkey stuffing and all went to the dumpster i wouldnt even feed it to the animals thats how bad it was.i wrote the company a letter with all the details and how disappointed i was because it not only ruined thanksgiveing for me but also my whole family. we couldnt even eat turkey for christmas thanksgiveing was still on our minds. today i got an apology letter from the company with a free turkey coupon, joke like i want another one of thier turkeys now if ever what would you do?