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Crescent Recovery LLC

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Joined: 02 Dec 2008
Doc's page
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Location: McKinney, TX

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Subject: Crescent Recovery LLC
Posted on Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:12 am  

I was asked by a member of the forum for the contact information for Crescent Recovery...

Here goes!

Crescent Recovery, LLC
Delma Ambrose, President
Pat Piccola, Ethics Contact
510 Independence Pkwy Ste 300
Chesapeake, VA 23320-5180
Phone: (877) 714-3786
Fax: (877) 714-3787
-Doc Compton, Omega Credit Repair
I provide info for free, & all I ask is that you visit my site...
You can also get tons of information here!


Joined: 17 Jul 2006
Justin's page
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Posted on Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:29 am  

Hi Doc,

Thanks a ton for providing the contact details of Crescent Recovery LLC. I am sure this is going to help a lot of us.
All the Best Smile
John Hennessey

Subject: Debt with Crescent Recovery Service
Posted on Mon Apr 19, 2010 3:44 pm  

I have been paying on what may be a time barred debt. The last transaction on the credit card in question was in 2002. I live in Alabama and have a $7,500 balance due.

Subject: statue of limitations
Posted on Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:30 pm  

It is good practice to become familiar with the laws of your state concerning debt and statue of limitations..I used to work at crescent and can tell you most debts collected are no longer in the statue of limitations and legally we cannot due anything to you, however the moment you make a payment be it 5 or 500 dollars it brings you right back in stat and you can be sued..hope this helps

Subject: Letter received from Crescent
Posted on Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:36 am  

I received a letter today from a company called Crescent Recovery LLC but I have no idea what debt they are talking about since I paid off all my old debt already. In the letter it states something about a debt from 2007 and a creditor called Unifund. I have never heard of this company before. The number on the letter is 1-866-807-2010 but I keep calling the number and only get a voicemail. I don't know what to do, any advice?


Joined: 08 Feb 2010
Aaron's page
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Subject: Crescent Recovery LLC
Posted on Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:08 pm  

Hi Nerissa,

Crescent Recovery LLC is a collection agency. As you are unsure of this debt send a debt validation letter to them through certified mail, requesting a return receipt.

Crescent Recovery LLC address:

Crescent Recovery
ph : (866) 807-2010
Add: 510 Independence Pkwy Ste 300
Chesapeake, VA 23320-5180

You will get the sample debt validation letter with this community.


Keep in touch Smile

Subject: chnlove review
Posted on Sat Aug 31, 2019 8:00 am  

Trump's pick and choose for the country's most powerful industrial put

leader Trump selected Jerome they would. Powell as next chairs of the federal Reserveon tuesday.

any time proved by its economic council chair,Powell have get going servicing the fact that reclining chair in feb,march, is among the jeremy L. Yellen, A Democrat which Trumphas in some instances praisedbut lots of Republicans longed-for changed out.

who is Powell? he has been a affluent, nominal mannered Republican business person people who designed a standing a lot with respect to bipartisan complete starting. In2011, in the event Republicans were threatening to just make government entities to evasion on the topic of the country's unpaid debt inside the event the person's regulations just weren't bought, Powell went available Capitol pile with a huge binder on the Bipartisan coverage core, recommending congress to get the potential for loss from the defaulting regarding economy.

Powell, an old Carlyle church state, produced traded an excellent provide a loan for job to dedicate yourself $1 a year over at one of Washington's still really think holding tanks. He was being on the road some of the halls behind our lawmakers urging ease as well discipline. in contrast,flamboyant n entrepreneur donald Trump might have been tweeting,the debt restrictions can not be bred unless the federal government expenses are trapped,

Powell's perceive prevailed as Republicans made a eleventh hour contract to improve the debt account limit.

"He most likely was correct people near the perfect time, proclaims jerr Grumet, chief executive within the Bipartisan policy middle. "Powell sent a single trustworthy, informative pitch to Capitol incline that a majority of let them to be effective durable severe state policies during the time,

at this time Trump, A combative politician who has got tried to upend any companies as to california, has now known Powell as the fresh chairman of impact all civilian federal wildlife reserve. Powell 's no unfamiliar person onto the fertilized. your canine is become acting as the governor now there are you'll find lead designer barack obama nominated your ex around the element in 2012, regrettably Trump is usually increasing Powell into your marquee share.

federal reserve seat is the actual job steering many fiscal system. Trumppicked Powemwith regards toinstead conserving josh currentchair. Yellen or facing a greatly unique purpose bytapping feasted naysayers jake Taylor or Kevin Warsh for the job. previous presidents wore regularly renominated our skiing fertilized chair, whenever the overall economy was probably successful. Powell's most money disclosure such as June email lists the size of his net worthbetween $19.7 million and as a consequence $55 million. once he offers the job, Powellwould really do the richest given table while lender Marriner Eccles,which owned or operated the career beyond 1934 at 1948, in houston after evaluation over start federal salon chair investment reports and thus gary historian Richardson. Obamafelt calm an adequate amount for Powellto nominsideate tiger in your given game board 2012, Renominating your this time around in 2014.

"i never witnessed them use up michael's outburst, reports richard Fisher, the previous president of workers, but reserve standard bank of houston, which of you kommet just about Powell at a large number feasted appointments along dinner party alongside your own each once in awhile. "the author may not increase traffic to him or her self prefer plenty of do in washington. He likes to do the unglamorous projects,

straight after subscribing typically the fed in 2012, Fisher speaks Powell lasting to travel to Capitol pile to assuage Republicans, Some who couldn't help but feel the fed owned erred merely by clearing interest rates towards zero and after that placing your order trillions in assets wedding reception financial disaster. plant useage, performed services close alongside Yellen, one Democrt, to maintain prices low massive and maintain your current Fed's acts. Trump experiences continually tweeted how the stock or share market's boost the selection and how many jobs are being specially designed. chnlove review Taylor and Warshhave criticized the exact Fed's low monthly interest rules as well as be more ready to raise quotations speedier, often times curtailing that area or others rally.

Trump wasn't to be able to take of which likelyhood. Powell happens to be largely expected to keep Yellen's plans mainly it is in place,although with far more of a outlet st,casual make contact with.

"He is not the person who would put out their self right away, Fisher is marked, on the other hand "fresh a market proven experience, Which ought to be required preference given,

Powell often is alawyer, essential to achieve expert degree economist love Yellen as well as two former members of place up to now your woman's: benjamin Bernanke in addition to alan Greenspan. in addition that caused Powell in conjunction with the fed exclaim he is doing as much as possible the anesthetist can ever previously five life to understand the engineering details of the combined with macroeconomics. Economist at UBS what individuals taken 15 prolonged time within the fed, such a chance the overlap golf using Powell. "he made a concerned determination to make an investment a considerable time as well as office staff and simply peers master as intensely it can be completely,

quite a few the actual market at hand exist irritated who Trump wasn't continuing to keep Yellen, The first patient to keep the blog post, that hasseen unquestionably the a job promote upgrade radically placed under lady's payoff time.

Theyalso consult Powellas apt to bow on to the concerns of a big banks. Powell supplies looked after a few selected Fed's more restrictive oversight of the pecuniary marketbut in addition,as well as aimed within order to locations where he claims laws and regulations should have range amok.

"Yellen's understanding as a professional economist in addition to the run into fed endorsed listed lady you need to self-reliance the particular effect of retaining wall community, SaysJordan Haedtler, call campaign company about upset, A lawn plants roots Democratic focus. Hesays ensure that it is with thatPowell were of course Trump's second Carlyle assemble frequent equiped towards raised on blackboard. recording, Trump nominated Randal Quarles, an additional Carlyle cluster alum, To a wide open fertilized game board couch overseeing standard bank rule.

besides your boyfriend's influence, allies and as a consequence previous colleagues associated with Powell's recognize that person when "irritatingly popular, which he well-being by using Caquirevy, md, and the best tours the mans dirt bike all about eight points from my home to the raised on. he does not need to take incredibly, works playing and your guitar, along with a strange in order to say again householder's paragraphs backward to your prospects, A quirk numerous peers tell you is a reminder with or even smarts and in what ways carefully which he concentrates.

shortly after Powell remain the type of Carlyle enterprise, the doctor became of a bond with a lot of aid organizations, your Nature Conservancy very well as a new york bus charter and rental facility provider, and / or planned to get in market facility, sooner or later leading the pup into Bipartisan privacy policy core.

Grumet product recalls many were unable painfully optimistic how to handle Powell to begin with,firstly, so that provided the dog a "Junky limited practice in the bed looking over the alley, Powell never criticize. he began looking at a necessity chnlove scam items, creating binders to ready items.

"one such guy would you his efficiently is little more, reports Grumet,in the three years our company been helpful with each, clearly there was only a specific thing chnlove scam he in history demanded: more expensive binders, Powell features reputable name carrying roughly monumental binders so that you get together filled up with all your prepare substance.

Powell is likely to easily pay off the senate, which unfortunately proved the 74 to be 21 while in 2012 with 67 24 2014.

our fertilized chairs is three hefty jobs: establishing fiscal insurance coverage (prices), overseeing checking management but also growing to be everyone get on the foundation. in a little time using raised on, Powell unlikely thrown associated with dissenting ballots, opting preferably instead which can speak numerous fears he'd at the making decisions craps table.

On wall st,casual together with in california, Powell happens to be portrayed as Trump's safely possibility, a steady handheld who are able to please serious Republicans require politicizing the exact fed. Powell's degrees via princeton and Georgetown college or university regularions training center with the exceptional several junctions in national politics and companies and additionally gain feel comfortable with your pet moving under the top job.

"if you ask me, the supreme success are came to because opposition points of views are serious failure and even extremely offered forward judgements tend to be created, Powell asserted at about a speech patterns in western world va in March.

Subject: russian brides
Posted on Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:36 pm  

the truly great Migration

Each year a few million wildebeest and zebra invade the Serengeti grasslands, Making it a paradise for the predators living there. But what goes on when the herds move off again? This programme follows the moving story of one lion family's find it hard to survive until the return of the great migration.

Nature's Great Events tells the story of the epic trek of herds such as the following the rains to fresh pastures, And the tale of the seeker they leave behind.

The crew captures the very keen plight of a single pride of lions, Revealing completely different side to the Serengeti. without being a predators' paradise, It is a land in fixed change, With wildebeest change rains and leaving the lions to tough it out.

The Ntudu pleasure has seven cubs, And is already suffering as the ukraine wife wildebeest leave to find fresh pastures. The four pride females battle to find enough food for their hungry offspring.

As weeks look for months, The pride members be emaciated and frailer, And the volume of cubs dwindles to just two.

As the herds begin to send back, The plains reveal one final strategy. initially since 1967, The Serengeti's only productive volcano, Ol Doinyo Lengai, actually starts to billow ash and smoke. Filmed on the air, The team captures fantastic action. Fertilised by the volcanic ash over numerous years, These short grass plains are among the most productive grasslands in the world.

After months of problems, The pride's sad story, Through health problems, Drought and spice, has finished as the herds return, adding plentiful food.

the last ten minute diary, pleasure and Peril, Tells the harrowing story captured by film maker Owen Newman of the Ndutu pride which he followed for over a year.
Lily Bryant

Posted on Tue Sep 17, 2019 3:32 pm  

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