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Are you aware of the other forums here, you can access them all at the top of the page.

The Debt forum is the biggest of all four, it has the most members, the discussions there cover all forms of debt issues, a lot like here, it is everyday people helping everyday people, of course there are a few professionals on there that are more than willing to help you out.

The Mortgage forum is a wonderful place to discuss anything you want about your mortgage, from quit deeds, second mortgages, property appraisal, taxation and many, many other subjects that have to do with home ownership or buying a home. Again there are many professionals there that will help with any issues that you may be having.

The insurance forum is a great place to find out all about insurance, everything from home, vehicle, medical, disability and other types of insurance that you may be dealing with. There are everyday people and the professionals there that will help you with any insurance issue that you are dealing with.

And then, of course you are here, you know the deal at this forum, but I encourage you to visit the other forums, they are a wealth of information, you can learn so much, so go surf and see if you may want to get involved in those forums too.

I agree that all the sister forums are great experiences to be. Whatever be it do not forget the one you are in LOL.

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I only open one at a time Laura, you can find some really good information in them though, LOL. I mainly stay here and in the insurance forum, I just won an IPOD in the insurance forum for having the most posts for the month, it is a little extra incentive they have, it is called ampm marathon. I was not even keeping track of it, just was interested in alot of the topics discussed and commented, posed questions and got alot of good advice. So there is one christmas gift and it is only January, yeah!

I think do more than two would be just too time consuming for me, it is enough keeping up with two, LOL. Have a great day Laura.

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are all these forums on this site and pay from this site. do they pay separate. i think id write more but im new here and make so many mistakes i need to get better first.

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Well each forum has individual pay out systems. Da, please scroll extreme up and you would see the links to other forums. You can click on them and visit them as well.

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i think this forum is paying more i seem to get more lately.

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I was on the insurance forum but ran out of things to write about. I dont think i checked the other ones unless it was by you know like the one on dogs haveing

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firstchoicepha… (not verified)

Hi Guys,

Just though i would say Hi!, sorry if this is the wrong section mods!


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optiofita (not verified)

Its amazing what people will post in these forums, some of it is quite brilliant!

Fri, 11/28/2008 - 13:06 Permalink

ALL of these forums have helped me, quite a bit, to deal with CA's, CB's, debts, etc. Now I have some 'ammunition' to work with. being in debt doesn't scare me nearly as much.

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KeerfommA (not verified)

Hello, Nice Site i hope be able to help here.

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Hi Keer,

Welcome to this community :)

Feel free to share your knowledge and discuss your queries regarding credit and debt.



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(It's been a long time since I've 'been' here...LOL...alot going on) I want to welcome everyone who recently 'came abroad'. I said this a zillion times, and I'll say it again!! THIS Forum (along with the other ones) have really helped me quite abit. I have better credit now and a much better % rate on a car loan that I have. Just putting my '2 cents' in.

Wed, 03/03/2010 - 11:48 Permalink

I'm happy to be part of these wonderful community and it's so nice to participate to the forums and help people.

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Tracy Allen (not verified)

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