Do you have a Will?

Submitted by crackerjack on Sat, 12/15/2007 - 13:56

I found this really good article that I thought you all would find interesting. Do you have a will?

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Here is a template page that lets you down load various types to get you started if you decide to do a will, make sure that you have the paperwork properly witnessed and notarized as to not to questioned it's legality.

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another great post, very, very useful, they have every document imaginable. thanks

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thanks, I think this is a really good idea, especially if you have family. You want everyone to be treated fairly, all kids have different personality so you don't want the strong one taking over and taking everything, you don't want your kids screwed out of what is rightfully theirs and you want it to be equally distributed the way you intend. If you don't do a will someone else will be making these decisions for you, like your ex-husband, in my case, I am remarried, but I know my ex-husband if he could cause me headaches in the grave he would. So I think having this in place is just a safer way of preserving my wishes and ultimately taking his control away, he would use it through my kids.

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very good way of thinking crackerjack, you have to protect yourself and your assets before hand, you never know how people will act after you are gone, so it is good to put in writing what and where you want dispersed. This is a good thread, one that I probably would not have thought of, thanks for getting into a very good subject area.

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This is a very new topic. :). Will come up with some information very soon.

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I have to say that I would really recommend having a lawyer draw up the will. The will needs to be done properly. It is not hard to dispute a will if it is not done correctly. We have a small child and wanted everything to be exact... who would become his guardian, where our assest would go.. ect.
I cost us $750 for us to have it done. It is not cheap, but we believe it is worth every penny

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I don't have that kind of money just laying around, I think one being written up by your own hand, witnessed and notarized is better than not having one at all.

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I think that as long as you have it witnessed and notarized you will be ok crackerjack, you ain't planning on checking out any time soon right? LOL, just kidding, I know this is a serious issue with you. But my thoughts are if you can't afford the attorney, have it witnessed and notarized, should suffice and keep it in a safe spot.

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I agree Good,

Crackerjack I know its difficult when you dont have the dollars to save your finance. Witnessed and notarized will help for sure.

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I am glad you agree Laura, hope your holiday season is going well.

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I have a Will done by the Military....POA ( Power of Attorney), Life Insurance, etc. It's SOOO important people have one. I need to get a 'civilian' will written up as well.

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I dont know the difference between a military and a civilian will. Infact I dont know anything about the military will. If you could explain Wendy or anyone who knows about it.

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Man, everytime I see a post like this, it always reminds me what the next thing I need to do... Add something else to the to do list!

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I have still not received any response on my question as to what a military will is. How is it different from a civilian one.

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Laura, the military makes you do a power of attorney, it is somewhat like a will but then again different, it does not necessarily give your wishes in detail, but it does however give another person the power to act on your behalf, you can limit a power of attorney to certain things, such as a particular bank account to pay bills, the care of a child, etc, whatever limitations that you want to put on it. The military wants to make sure that if you are deployed that someone can act on your behalf, especially if there are children involved.

a power of attorney can be revoked at any time, it can be for a set amount of time or on going. It does not replace a will, you can still have a will in place and I am not sure which would over ride which. The will is your final will and testament, where a power of attorney, if general lets you act on the behalf of. Does this make sense or did I make it more confusing.

another example, maybe someone is hospitalized and can not perform certain functions, a power of attorney would let an assigned person act on their behalf.

I am not sure any other way to put it, hope this clears some things up.

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I dont know Laura.... Its probably very basic... compared to the civilan will..

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I think the military does the power of attorney because it is quick and they have to get so many done quickly in the matter of a depolyment. I know that military soldiers can have a will done, if they have a will in place that would be for all their possessions in case of death, the power of attorney, lets the person who it is granted to to act on the soldiers behalf. So essentially if there is no will in place and the soldiers passes on the person with the power of attorney can do what ever they want to with the soldiers estate and possessions. A will would make sure that this does not happen, a soldier also has to list beneficiaries on their life insurance, primary and secondary beneficiaries. I think if I was still in, I would still have the will in place if I owned a home and had children. I was single and did not own much when I was in the military. A married soldier or a soldier with children, their possesions and estate would pass on to their heirs, unless stipulated in a will. A power of attorney does not replace a will, just give someone the power to act for the soldier, it is kind of confusing. and is getting more confusing as I write about it, LOL> bottom line, if you have stuff that you want to go to particular people, do a will and be covered.

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Thanks a lot good. I feel pretty okay. Was confused till now.

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no i dont have a will but ive been talking about it for a while now i really need to get one done soon. i think everyone should have one .

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