starting a small buisness

Submitted by blackice82 on Sun, 03/18/2007 - 22:15

I'm trying to start a small buisness but i have 2 problems. one i need approx 2975 which i don't have and two i don't have the best creit so i'm afraid if i ask for a sbl which i hear is already hard to get they will deny me does anyone have suggestion

I'm trying to start a small buisness, but I have
2 problems. One I need approx $2975, which I don't
have, and two I don't have the best credit. So i'm
afraid if I ask for a SBA loan, which I hear is already
hard to get, they will deny me. Does anyone have

I have a suggestion!!!

To raise money, sell on EBAY. Do some research.
There are a lot of compaines who will dropship for
you for a tiny membership fee. Good Luck.

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