What should be best credit score

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Hello everyone

What should be best credit score to get everything at low rate.

There was an old post on this but I can't remember where it was on the forum. Anyone out there know which post it was? Anyway my hubby has a score in the upper 600's and he has lower rates. Someone around here can give you a little more detailed info so check back.

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The higher your score the better your rate will be, usually they say that 700 or above is excellent. Do you have any idea what your score is right now? What type of loan are you going for? If you can find out what your score is you will get some pretty good advice here.

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GN is correct. There is alot of help here at this forum. If you need any thing answered about credit you came to the right place. GN do you knw what the cost is in getting your credit score? If you have had recent fall offs does that raise your score at all. I will have two fall off by Sept. end and will on ly have one mark on mine, well make that two, I have a hosp. pne on their too but I plan on disputing it once the biggy falls off.

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Hi markdeviz
Any credit score of 700 and above gives you the best deal on all types of loans. At 720 you are considered safe by the creditors and so they offer you the lowest rates on interest and other charges. So once you reach 720 you need to consider maintaining this credit score in this level without increasing it further.

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Yes, Anthony is right because once your credit score crosses the 720 point you may start receiving calls from credit card companies offering you credit cards and from creditors offering you loans at low interest rates. But you should not accept these offers until and unless you require it. This is because if you take loans influenced by low interest rates and unable to repay it on time, your credit score will decrease. Now if your credit score falls below 700, you may not get loans at low rates.

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If you don't want all these credit card places contacting you you can go to www.optout.com. That will keep all the credit card apps from accumulating in your mailbox.
Justin, What is the highest credit score a person can have?

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I think Justin said it right, anything 720 and over is a terrific score

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I respectfully disagree. Due to recent credit crunch CCC's have changed their standarts. So if one wants to get the best rates he/she needs score of 760 and higher.

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okay, I am not gonna argue that 760 is a very, very good score, you would surely get a really good rate with that score.

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But what is the highest aceivable score? I never even kn ew there was a possibility of 760. Ther has to be a number out there that is the highest available.

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I think the highest is 800, unless somebody comes on here and corrects me.

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Wow that is really high. Wonder how a person can achieve a score like that? I can see now why paople taliking about a score in the 500's isn't the greatest.

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That is an almost perfect score, I have never been over 700 let alone 860, In fact I don't think that score is possible for me.

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I do not even know my score. I have a biggie on my report until 2010 but everything else falls off shortly besides a medical bill from a hosp. Around here they except $10 monthly payments on hosp. bills except Indiana Hosp. Once I didn't have a bill paid in 30 days they sent it to collections I made arrangements for $10 a month but everytime I turned around another ca had the account. So after three ca's and $30 worth of payments that never registered I gave up.

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850 FICO is a perfect score. As far as I know nobody gets it. The highest score I have ever seen is 835.
There is no difference between 760 and 850 ratewise.

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Wow that is an awesome score though. I can't imagine someone having it unless of course they were Donald Trump or some one just as rich.

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Personal income has nothing to do with FICO score. It is very possible that your score is higher that Mr.Trumps'.

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I really doubt that. I have an account that doesn't fall off until 2010...and lots of good open and paid on time. But I am sure that one throws me. I would pay it off but they won't work with me and I haven't the money so I am trying to use the SOL protection.

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What part do you doubt. That your score is higher than Mr. Trumps' or that that FICO score has nothing to do with personal income .

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Do you really think that Donald Trump's cares about his credit score, hell, he ain't up for no loan, he may lend money but he doesn't borrow, LOL.

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Just a little humor Gn. Wonder if he'd lend me some?

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I don't think my boobs are big enough. Do you think he'd like an A?lol

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Okay so no "BIG" deal. soon as I hit the lottery I will get some Pamela anderson ones. Wonder if you can charge it.

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Probably, then since you know all there is about credit now you can let it go past the sol and get a free job.

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That is an idea. I hate this virus scan I have. Every few days it runs these checks that slow down my computer. I can't even set it to go longer between scans.

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me either, I have it on my main computer and it cleans up my whole network, so it does not bother my laptop.

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How do you get it to clean up your whole network, are you on wireless or wired system?

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Give me that answer too. I am wired. (as I have been told many times). There is not any wireless out here or DSL I mean. I think that stinks. Seems like we moved closer to a bigger town but lost alot of advantages, like the paper, cable and DSl.

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Yes, I have everything on a wireless system, it is a secured network and everything works off of my main computer. All three of my computers print to the same printer also, it is pretty cool.

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Thats pretty nice. I have a netgear wireless router I get a couple years ago when I purchased a laptop from Dell. I have yet to hook it up. It seems both my computers are never both up and runnung on the internet or anything at the same time. Now its my desktop and I have to take it to be looked at but do n ot have the $90 to spare at the moment.

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Are you visiting the tech support pages, if you google them there are people there that love to figure out these problems and it is free.

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As soon as I get time I am going to do that. I have been online a lot but it has been doing posts. Right now I need to get those done more than anything.

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gotcha, I take weeks at a time off from the forums, then I have to spend a long time reading to catch up with what all is going on.

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I have been slacking here a ,lot too. It just doesn't seem like too many people are posting here as much...sometimes it is like taliking to yourself.

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Some time ago, I had to take some 'days off' from the forum. Was trying to take care of some personal things. I agree with FIREYONE, though. Seems like the same people are on here (which can be a good thing..) and not too much 'variety'.

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I am not quite complaining about the variety of people or the seme old same old..more like where did everyone go? Ust to be able to get on and see all kinds of posts to help out on. I use to think how if I took a couple days off I would have a hard time keeping up with a post. I wonder if things have been slow because of the creditors that have found their way to the site or even the spam that had gotten bad there for a while.

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I've been seeing alot of 'deleted' posts, from MODS. Probably right..alot of spam. It IS exciting to 'meet' new people, though. Especially if they are going through the same thing you are and you give them alittle advice.

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Thats the part I really enjoy the most. Not that I like seeing someone going through a rough time but just being able to help and give them advice. I was there once and it really is scary. Sometimes you don't get to give them advice before they make a huge boo boo like making a payment that restarts the SOL or paying on a debt that wasn't validated. It is then that you can only give them advice for the next time or the next credit card comapny that tries to call.

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I nevre knew about SOL's, Re-Aging,etc., until I came to this forum. PDL's were scaring me half to death. Of course, I STILL have debts, but..I can handle them a bit better than before.

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Thats how I found my way here SD. I had one last account and I wasn't sure when the heck the SOL started. Poeple kept confusing me. I would here the date of the first missed payment..that shows 30 days late as of...on your report or others would tell me it was six months after that date,. I believe it to be the 30 days but I never felt completley stress free until I knew the 4 years and 6 months had passed. I moved and they still were calling me..soemone gave them my new number...probaly a family member. I checked my report lately and no one else has rebought the debt so hopefully I can put this nightmare behind me.

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Oh god, I remember, gosh the statute of limitations, oh gosh, please don't go there again.

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Yes, one should always check the SOL in the state before making any payment on the outstanding debt. SOL ranges from 3 years to 15 years depending upon the state and the nature of the debt. If the SOL has expired, you are no longer required to pay off the debt and the creditor cannot sue you to the court to bring judgment against you. However, if the SOL has expired and you make even a small payment, your SOL will rewind and the creditor might sue you to the court to recover the outstanding debt from you.

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I know GN....this was a big one for me. My debt was so close that the time frame really made a difference. I was sooo nervous. Every time I thought I had it figured out and was prtected by the SOL someone else would come back on and tell me that it was actually 180 days after the the last payment and that would have not left me protected. Now both time frames has past and I checked my record and nothing new is listed. The only thing that aggravated me is one reporting agency had the debt falling off in may of a certian year and the other had it for Sept. Either way though the original creditors remarks were there showing when the last payments were made so I hadve this report saved ...just in case.

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so what is up with this one fireyone, is it all taken care of, should be off your report by now right. Just checking to see if you have any update on this or not.

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