Buying your credit report?

Submitted by Richard on Fri, 04/04/2008 - 10:46

Mails or online buying of credit reports are possible. This letter shows how you contact them via mail to buy your credit report.

Your Name:
Your current address

Name of CRA:
Address of CRA:


Dear Sir/Madam,

I would request for a copy of my credit report that is maintained at your end.

Full Name:
Birth Date
Current address:
Previous Address:

I have enclosed a check of $____ herewith. I am also attaching my driving license as address proof and a photocopy of my SSN.

Please forward my credit report to my present address at the earliest.

Thank you,

Name in print

I would think if you bank there they would, they may charge you a small fee or whatever it cost them to pull it. We will have to wait to see what fireyone has to say about this.

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No they aren't really even allowed to tell you all the details on your report. they pull it for their own good when you go for a loan. The only thing they can tell you outright is your score. This is how we got the hubbys. We know the bank lady from years of dealing with only her when we go for loans. She let us glimpse at it well she conviently went for some forms. I myself have no clue to mine and really don't need it now but it does make me curious. The only thing that worries me is the tickler things someone mentioned here before. I think its crap but I know as soon as I get to into checking my score or report it may start the hounds again.

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I am not sure what you mean on your last post. Is there a way we can help you?

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thank you but no thank you , this sit eis full of people who are trying to clean up their credit. Please don't exploit our site and take advantage of these people who are trying to do the right thing with their lives. If you have something valuable to add then please do.

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Yes instead of selling your service why not leave some tips for us to help us along the way to our own credit repair?

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Anonymous (not verified)

As tempting and secure as it sounds - I am still leary of entering my SSN online for anyone.

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I will tell you that you have a couple options for getting a credit report...

1) Request it from - But be aware, these reports not only lack score (unless you pay for them, at roughly the same price you pay with any other service), and they often lack alot of critical information used for dispute purposes... (Date of first delinquency, etc.) To get all three generally takes abot 20 minutes online...

2) Request them from the bureaus themselves... Online, or over the phone. The same rule applies though... No scores, unless you buy them... They can be mailed, or offered to you online. (Mailed is always better.)

3) If you're in the market for a home, get a mortgage credit report from your lender if they'll give it to you... (Legally, they're not supposed to...)

4) Order them from a website that sells three-bureau, three-score reports.. The site I own [YES, I own it, but I listed the other options first, so don't squawk at me for "selling"... LOL] is [deleted] - violation of forum rules , and it has several online options that are all 100% safe and secure. They range in prices and services. Some include "free trials" for monitoring, etc...

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This is true, I get mine three times a year, one from each of the credit reporting agencies. Space them out and you can have the whole year covered to monitor what is going on on your report.

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I am about ready to pull my last report of the year. I usually do not look forward to doing it because it always leaves a pit in my stomach after I do. I looked into pulling all three but I can only find sites that charge you about $19.99 a month. I would pay if I was constantly repairing or had to monitor my account but since I am not doing either of those I will just use my free pulls for now. Gosh I am pulling now and there is soo much fine print. Okay One negative left..Midland...just as I thought. Last payment was Dec. should be falling off soon right?

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Should be, I need to pull mine soon too, I hate to do it, hate to see, it is very nerve racking, should be better than last year that is for sure. Next year I will have alot fall off.

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I know just to pull a report if you know someything is on there is stressful. According to my report the last bad mark falls off 9/2010. Thats the latest fall off date listed. The other two reports a fall off date alot sooner than that one. No I still have not figured out why 3 different dates.

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CRRoylandino (not verified)

Is hardly more detailed and it would be excellent

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Consumers can get free reports a few different ways from or by calling 877-FACT-ACT

They can also call the major credit reporting agencies:

Experian - 888-397-3742
Equfax - 800-685-1111
TransUnion - 800-916-8800

If the consumer calls in saying they have been denied credit or had adverse action the credit reporting agency will scan the credit report to see if any inquiries were made in last 30 days and they will send out a free report.

The credit reporting agency has no way of knowing when a consumer was denied or received adverse action. So if you know a creditor is doing periodic account reviews, and you know when about the next one is coming up you can call in and get a free report.

Also if you go to say Experian dispute online you can put in old report number and get access to the file, if you dispute the credit reporting agency will send out updated info.

Also consumers can get free reports for these reasons:

Soon to be looking for employment
Denied employment
Denied credit
Victim of ID Theft
On public aid assistance

Consumers might have to get an address to send in some of these request with requested documentation proving status, like for public aid.

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matzcrorkz (not verified)

w1oiOw Awesome article.Really looking forward to read more. Want more.

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