how can i repair my credit since im a low income person

Submitted by lane_pennyblossom on Tue, 11/11/2008 - 23:04

i need credit repair and a low income person

We would really need to know a little more about your situation. For example what does your credit report look like? What kinds of debts are you behind on and when you fell behind. If you get us a little more info we can help you by giving you some options and advice. Please get back with us.

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Hi lane
Since you have a low income, you should not fall in the trap of the credit repair agencies who will charge a large amount of fees from you, instead you can try it yourself. If you have not pulled out your credit report during the last one year, you can pull out one from the credit bureaus free of cost. However, if you have already pulled out your report, you need to purchase any one of the three reports and have a look at the debts listed in your report. Try to remove the debt listings from the report one by one. There are posts in this forum which has already explained how you will remove the negative listings from your report.

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The first thing you should do is to remove the credit inquiries that appear in your report. Each hard inquiry may lower your score by as much as 5 points or even more. Now as per law, only authorized credit inquiries may stay in your report. If you have not authorized an inquiry, it cannot appear in your credit report and can be easily removed by sending letters to the inquirers asking them either to verify your authorization or remove the listing. If the creditors cannot verify your authorization, they simply remove the listing. But you should note that if you have applied for a credit card or loan, it means that you have authorized a hard inquiry and so it cannot be removed from your report before 2 years.

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Hi PENNYBLOSSOM. I'm low-income, too. I'm a single mom, with a full time job and I serve in the military. YEP!!...I sure know how tough it can be!! Sometimes I DO get 'Credit Repair Companies', who DO charge a large fee, contacting me. Just wanna tell ya everyone who has posted in this thread is correct.........the FIRST step is to look at your Credit Report and find those debts that the SOL's have expired. Good 'direction' to start. Keep me updated on things go. If you would like to 'chat', please feel free to PM me. Thanks.

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I think half of America is becoming low income with the way things are. Sometimes it is hard to actually pay back debt. I am trying to see if this is what the problem is and if so what debts are protected by SOL"s. She should leave those debts go if this applies and work on the ones that could end up taking her to court. Thats is a good starting point. Justin and Anthony gave a few to. I myself do not believe credit repair companies can do anymore for you than you could do yourself for free.

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I believe in just THAT, FIREYONE. You CAN do exactly what 'repair companies' can do,...and all with keeping your money in YOUR pocket, instead of giving it to them. Ain't that the truth. I ALREADY 'removed' an item from my CR.....myself!! Of course with help from people on this forum. I think what people have to realize, 'low-income' or not, it's not that they DON'T want to settle their debts, it's that it's tough to do so.

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Eventually he will. Maybe he is talking about taking some online courses or something that would give the poster extra money once they complete them to start working at a higher paying job. If thats it then we all have to relize that the unemployment record is really high right now. People who want to work are losing their jobs. We could have suggested the poster stay here and help post and learn how this whoile credit thing works. Then they could have applied their earnings to their outstanding bills.

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That's what I do, from my earnings. I just 'save-up' until I get so much and pay a bill. Slowly, but surely, I'm getting things squared away.

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Not quite sure what killer needs here. Good thinking SD. I was doing that laos but lady luck seems to have opther plans for me. Transfer case just went out of my truck so now it looks like I will be applying any earnings to the tons of cash it will take to repair this problem....But you just keep knocking away at the debt things will work out as they always do.

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fedupinsa (not verified)

does anyone know how to get help with credit repair caused by identity theft.

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Patrick (not verified)

You can view all three credit rtrepos from Experian,Equifax, and TransUnion for free once a year. The website to do this is For more information on credit and how to build your credit you can visit my blog. There is also a link in this blog that can help you choose a credit card that best suits your needs. I hope that this information is helpful!George Smith

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Bre Smith (not verified)

I need assistance with repairing my credit. Three job offers were rescinded because of my credit. I'm NOT employed therefore I don't have the monetary funds to make repayment. Are there any agencies that can assist

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Arnesia (not verified)

I need to repair my credit but my income is low. Can I have it done

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James Distefano (not verified)

I have some right offs and other things like hospital bills that are outrageous. Don't understand them cause I have Medicare insurance that should have paid them. I think I got stuck with some bills that should have gotten taken care of without the hidden cost. I am disabled and on social security disability and don't make much. Thanks for your help

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I have less than 15000 in-dept. I am in my early 50 and just this small amount is closing opportunity's. I have pulled my reports. Now what

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Daufhin Thorndike (not verified)

I am disabled and collect social security. My credit is a mess. I cannot afford to pay the large monthly fees of credit repair companies. Are there any affordable ones out there that are maybe $20 a month or less? I need to buy a vehicle to get to appoinmtments but I cant get financing because my credit is so bad. I have tried to look into doing repair myself but it is so confusing. I don't understand any of the process. It doesn't make any sense to me. I need the help of a professional.

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Noemi (not verified)

2 credit cards were closed due to non payment but I paid them off what can I do to have this removed?

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francise dore (not verified)

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donald allan (not verified)

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Tracy Allen (not verified)

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