What consumers say about First National Collection Bureau

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First National Collection Bureau is a collection agency headquartered in Sparks, Nevada. It started its operations in January, 1981 and is also referred to as FNCB. The collection agency (CA) has got an F rating from the BBB.

First National Collection Bureau - What are the common complaints?

This is what people have to say about First National collection agency:

  • Makes non-stop calls to consumers: A consumer complained that a CA had made non-stop calls to his wife 3 months back. While searching the number in Google, he found out that the number belonged to FNCB. Learn more…
  • Calls at workplaces to harass people: Another person said that the collection agency called his workplace and harassed him. However, most of the time, it was a computerized voice.
  • Contacts the wrong person for debt collection: The collection agency also calls and harasses the wrong people, even after being informed that the CA hasn't contacted the right person. One consumer said that once he informed the CA that he wasn't the right person and the agency promised to not call again. But, he was harassed again by a different representative from the same company. Know the details…

    Another person said that he was being harassed by FNCB over phone, as they repeatedly called this person, even after being informed several times that he wasn't the person the CA was looking for. Learn more…

  • Attempts to collect debt when the SOL has expired: One consumer said that once he received a letter on a debt after the Statute of Limitations (SOL) had already expired. Learn more…
  • Using an automated phone system to collect debts: Another person complained that the CA used an automated phone system using various area codes. After receiving the phone call, the consumers are directed to press particular numbers. It is actually a scam, as all of the numbers the consumers press are redirected to the collection agency. Find out more…

FNCB - How you can deal with this collection agency

When you're contacted by a collection agency, you should first verify their information. Ask the collection agency to validate the debt, meaning you should get the name and contact information of the original creditor in writing, along with the amount you owe. The collection agency should also provide you with evidence that they legally own the debt or have been assigned to collect the debt on the creditor's behalf. This way, you can avoid being harassed by a collection agency if you're not the person the CA is trying to contact. If a collection agency tries to contact you through an automated phone system, then you should simply hang up the phone to avoid being harassed or becoming a victim of a scam.

How to contact the collection agency

First National Collection Bureau, Inc.
610 Waltham Way
Sparks, NV 89434-6695
PO Box 51660
Sparks, NV 89435

Phone number: (775) 829 – 3790

Additional phone numbers:
Tel: (800) 824-6191
Tel: (750) 322-0444
Tel: (775) 322-0444

My wife was being hassled by these people. They've been calling non-stop for about 3 months now. Under a google search for the phone number they've called from (for us it was 775-322-0444) we got SEVERAL hits on people complaining about being harassed by these people. I tried to do a little digging on their company and here's some information I found. I hope it's useful:

Some sites list their company information as:
First National Collection Bureau
Phone: 800-824-6191

610 Waltham Way
Sparks, Nevada, 89434

I found another site which has their profile differently. The site was:

First National Collection Bureau, Inc
Is This Your Company?

3631 Warren Way, Reno, NV 89509-5241, United States (Map)

Phone: (775) 322-0444

SIC:Adjustment and Collection Services

Line of Business:Adjustment/Collection Services

Detailed First National Collection Bureau, Inc Company Profile

This company profile is for the private company First National Collection Bureau, Inc, located in Reno, NV. First National Collection Bureau, Inc's line of business is adjustment/collection services.

Company Profile: First National Collection Bureau, Inc

Year Started:1983

State of Incorporation:NV


Location Type:Single Location

Stock Symbol:N/A

Stock Exchange:N/A

Also Does Business As:N/A


SIC #Code:7322

Est. Annual Sales:$1,700,000

Est. Employees:31

Est. Employees at Location:13

Contact Name: David A Imburgia

Contact Title: President
Data above provided by D&B.

Being the person I am I decided I would like to talk to the source of our frustration. I'm still searching for Mr. Imburgia. He apparently is under an un-listed home phone (was going to leave his number on all the message boards complaining about this company). I did find about 10 different addresses for him in Reno, NV. So he either manages properties on the side, has moved around a whole bunch, or is also into real estate. Hope this helps, if not sorry for the long post.

P.S. I called the number they called us from and informed them that the person they were looking for was no longer at that number. They removed it from their list.

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Wilhemina (not verified)

There harassing me at work no thanks to an employee who had the old number I had.

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They should not be calling you at work. That violates the laws surrounding collection. You should immediately report them to your state attorney generals office, the bbb, file a complaint with the fcra site and who ever else governs these laws.

Hope you can get some relief from these jerks, sounds like you need a break here.

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Fiimeo, Please don't hold your breathe cause the phone will more than likely ring again. I tried to tell several collector s who was calling for a couple whom previously had my new number. I explained the whole situation in detail informing them that this was now my telephone number. They promised not to call back and to remove the number from their directory but low and behold a few weeks (if I was lucky) a different rep. from the same company would call. Finally I got fed up and threatened to report them. I Got some response from that and a couple actually did quit calling. They got the last laugh though cause they sold the debt and a new compnay started the same routine. I now don't pick up the calls and re fell in love with my caller ID.

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Wilhemina (not verified)

Thanks for the good word good-natured, I'll file with the BBB, and the Attorney General's office :)

Tue, 08/12/2008 - 14:06 Permalink

Do it asap. The more places like BBB and atty. general hear of this stuff the less likely they will be to bother you.

Tue, 08/12/2008 - 16:22 Permalink
Wilhemina (not verified)

I did early it early this morning- I reported them Attorney General, BBB, and Rip-Off.Net. This company is all over rip-off.net with a bad rep!

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Wilhemina (not verified)

610 Waltham Way

McCarran, NV 89434-6695

(775) 322-0444

Listing Details
Job title: President

Company: First Natl Collection Bureau

David Imburgie/owner
Brad Lane/President

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good move, now these places will be contacting them like they have contacted you, you will probably quit hearing from them but they may sell it off to another company and the process will start all over again with the new company. If it does just go a head and file the complaints on them too.

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Good job. I have never heard of ripoff.net I will have to go see this for myself. Alot of people will make these sites to help other people out. Just like the one they have for private and annoy. callers. Anywho.com.

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never heard of that one before, usually they will use a series of numbers and keep calling you from a dialer, that is very annoying to me, I usually just ignore it and hope that it will stop eventually.

Thu, 08/14/2008 - 03:24 Permalink

That is what I do. You are right they will call from a series of numbers. The only time I actually check is if they call nonstop. It usually is the same collectors. Morningstar directed me to that web site.

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Wilhemina (not verified)

Just heard them again, now they call everyday at work. I have caller ID and voice mail, when I know it's them, I just hang it up.

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Wilhemina (not verified)

Whocalled.com what is that!?

Thu, 08/14/2008 - 18:26 Permalink

It is. I still like anywho.com better. One of those search engines out there,I can't remember which one, is populated only by people listing the number and who it belongs to. So if someone didn't list it you won't find the number or whos calling.

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Does this site look at 800 number for you, when the collectors call they usually use 800 numbers?

Fri, 08/15/2008 - 23:44 Permalink

I don't get ya there GN. It isn't just for 1 800 calls. It is for any ype of call that you do not recognize on your land line phone. It will not do cell phones but I am sure that is in the future somewhere.

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Drew (not verified)

i used to work for this company...they moved about 14 miles east of reno, nv...its the most unprofessional co. ive ever worked for by far.

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fedup (not verified)

we have been getting calls from these clowns for two years. We keep calling them telling them were not this pearson but they keep calling.You think they would be smart enough to look in the phone book. I guess anyonethat cant do anything else for a living aint that smart. Any way I filed a complant with the FCC maybe it will stop.

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Doesitreallymatter (not verified)

Well, there are a reason for collection agency's......for deadbeats like you. If you paid your bill we wouldn't call. And, yes, WE CAN call you at work unless you tell us not too. There IS NO law that says we can't. Pay up or shut up.

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Fortherecord (not verified)

Times are tuff right now for everyone in the country......and that is also true for Nevada.

I suspect that with so many people being laid off from their jobs this is the only place that is hiring....no matter who fills out an application.

The average person has all they can do to keep a roof over their head or pay rising food costs to feed their families....not to mention the high cost of medical care.

What makes these money grubbing collection companies think they can get blood from a stone? It's bloodsuckers like them that put our country in the mess it's in right now...pure GREED!

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darkone (not verified)

why do all of you guys complain about owing a bill, if the orig creditor is listed n you cant remember maybe you all should run credit reports n stop bashing collection agenices for your own problems of bad debt, also the economy has nothing to do with it just means that you have to tighten your belt n survive,stop obtaining lines of credit that you cant afford turn down thoses offers n you pay back your bad debt so that we all can get out of this recession that all of you caused by getting bad loans n adjustable interest rates,you all did this to yourself n take the 1st step to recovery admit to your debt n move forward.... ps.. if you have judgments against you,try to find them yourselfs n if you own a home run a title check for liens its not a collection agenence falt again for your misfortune.

Fri, 03/20/2009 - 23:31 Permalink
jAson rhyner (not verified)

yeah, these bungholes will do anything to get cash ...except work for a living.
When you recieve calls from these farging ice holes...don't fret,but rather make some unusual noises while on the line;and they will eventually stop calling(and)you will at least get a little enjoyment entertaing these malicious scoundrals.(TeeHee)thank you~~~~~~~jayson

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bogiebud (not verified)

Actually, they are rather dumn...perhaps, if they would rather talk to people, perhaps they could make some money...I laugh at their threats...with the economy as it is, you think I'm worried about my credit score???
They are after old debts and I won't use the words I want to use.... I feel sorry for the employees who have to make the calls....

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BEV (not verified)

Which address is correct? I have 230 S Rock Blvd. Reno NV 89502
or 3631 Warren Way Reno NV,89509? They will be getting a certified letter from me.

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Irritated person (not verified)

I have been called a number of times by this company. They are looking for a person that does not live at my residence and I would like for them to stop calling my home. I do not know where this person is and I want them to stop calling my house to reach this person.

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Payback (not verified)

It's :
David A. Imburgia
610 Waltham Way
McCarran, NV 89434-6695

That is his HOME address, when I come up with his HOME phone number I will post it so everyone can harass him at his home.
PS- his wife was Patricia, and they got their marriage annulled August 2007. I don't know if she got the Jaguar or the Mercedes 500 that they owned.

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I know my Rights! (not verified)

This company had called me on numerous occassions, I refused to give them any info. Finally they sent a debt collection letter to me.

This so called collection was in regards to a debt that was written off by orginial company and was sold to two other collection agencies.

After checking my credit report, this item has been removed, the SOL had expired, and this company is not licensed to operate in the State of CA.

This company even had the nerve to say that I owed over $1,200.00 on a credit card that only had a limit of $200.00 and and they were willing to settle for $800.00.

There are many companies out there that are 3rd and 4th party collection agencies, that will threaten liens and jail. DON'T Listen to them.
Here's what to do!
1. If they call tell them to stop the calls, and to send the request in mail.
2. Pull up your credit report, the free one is annualcreditreport.com. You will see when the debt will be removed and who placed this item for collection.
3.Check your state for the statue of limitations.
4. Send request for verification of debt, REMEMBER always sent it certified, return receipt.
5. If this debt is not valid then send a letter to the state in which this company operates, always send a copy of the letter you received from them too.

Here is a letter that you can use to request vertification

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OneBadDebt (not verified)

I received a letter from First National saying "your delinquent account has been assigned to us by the above mentioned client. They listed Valorem LLC and an old credit card company I once dealt with. The last payment to that company was June 05, and by January 06, the company had charged off the debt and sold it to another lender. I responded to First National that 1) the CA SOL had run on on any debt previously owed to that credit card, and 2) they misrepresented themselves to me because that particular credit card company no longer exists, and I have no knowledge of Valorem LLC and have never dealt with them and do not owe them anything. I cited FDCPA 812 as well. I did not mention this, but I am unemployed and own absolutely nothing, so I don't think they would get very far trying to take me to court, even if it's just so I can present the CA SOL as my defense. Was this the right way to handle this?

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jBonnie (not verified)

I consider these calls harassment! I am not even the person that has a debt with them.....I don't even know the person whose name they give as the debtor. My phone company will charge me $4.00 a month to block their number, isn't this pitiful? Where are the laws protecting the innocent people from these jerks?

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Ready To Get S… (not verified)

You shouldn't be afraid of this company because they are scamming people. They have contacted me and made threats they are going to take other measures. I told the female that was on the line to KISS MY ASS.

After reading all of the compliants regarding this company and knowingly they are scamming people I have a plan for that ass the very next time they call me.

This company is so call listed at 610 Waltham Way - Sparks, NV but actually they are in county (WASHOE)Reno, NV.

It is too many compliants against this FAKE collection service, just to sit on the side line letting them get away with these crimes.

Now is the time for all people to report these assholes the FBI along with MEDIA attention, and sending a letter to our new President Obama, of the UNITED STATES. And lets see who is in power then!!!!

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wandachenell (not verified)

Out of the blue this company has been harrassing me for a couple of weeks. They are a collection agency, I had a credit card account around 20 yrs ago, and they are asking me to pay it. This debt is not even in my Credit Report, was taken out after the bill was standing for like 10 yrs. Do you know this people??

Fri, 12/04/2009 - 20:24 Permalink
Hm (not verified)

The crappy thing is... you can have a collection be written off. That does not stop them from selling it to another collection agency. It's bullcrap, but it's legal. Sorry guys. I've been jerked around by collection and had a lawyer tell me that just because you settle on an account, they can still sell the remainder. So if you do a charge off, you still run the risk of being collected against by another agency.

Sun, 12/13/2009 - 03:22 Permalink

You need to make sure that you get a letter from them stating that the bill is paid in full or settled. Once you have this in your hand you are good to go, if someone calls you you can just ask them for their fax number and fax a copy of the paid in full or settled in full letter. They have to accept it.

I have been there and done it.

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Ohio Guy (not verified)

I received a letter a few days ago on a debt that is way past the statue of limitations. And to make the matter funnier is they give a different zip code on the top of the letter and where to send the payment to. But the same street address.

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Anonymous (not verified)

This dang company will not leave me alone, not to mention that the person they are referring to isnt even myself. Nor anyone in my household. They are looking ofr a "Chris Smith".. No one by the name of Chris nor Smith live in my house. They call me all random hours of hte day telling me to call them. So tonight I took it upon myself to call this number and several others for that matter... Each one told me to call back on regular office hours. My question and complaint is how can they call me any hour of the day but I can call them and everyone is out for the day. I mean seriously. What a retarded situation nad a hassle that needs to be dealt with. Im very frustrated and very intorelable of such nonsense.

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sunshine (not verified)

So seriously, is this a scam or what? They have called my sister-in-laws house looking for someone with the same last name as mine, then in turn call my brother looking for someone totally different. I am tired of this bull sh**. Can someone please enlighten me?

Sun, 01/10/2010 - 00:31 Permalink
Phyllis Clark (not verified)

OMG. They sent me a letter setlling for a small amt. Now they have sent me a letter for additional payments. WTF!!!!! How can I report this and get it cleared up on my credit report?

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Little (not verified)

I actually worked for this company for a very short period of time. I, too, am constantly harrassed by debt collectors. Techinichally, the law states they are only allowed to call you once a day BUT that can be waived if they don't speak to someone or leave a message. So if they get your voicemail, they will hang up so that they can keep calling you. Also, if you tell them that they are not to call that number anymore, they have to take that number out of their system. And FYI, it doesn't matter if the debt is no longer on your credit report, they can, and will, still call. I hope this helps!

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Chaniah (not verified)

my dad got a letter in the mail saying that we owed 5,563.59 on a credit card but we dont even have a credit card...it makes me angry and plus they need to have proof that we supposively owe money! and especially if we dont have a credit card.

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Dallas Cowboy (not verified)

I just received a piece of mail today from First National Collection Bureau, 610 Waltham Way Sparks NV 89434 saying that I owe them $8,500 and that I could pay tyhis off in 6 installment loan payments of only $857.00...Glad that this information was posted on here. Im going to call them advising that I want to send them a check but to first verify who Im speaking with send or fax me information about themselves, then going to tell them to kiss my ass. Make sure that if any of you call to block your number by hitting *67 prior to dialing...More to follow

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moonglo (not verified)

You are assuming that all those who recieve these calls own a balance to a credit collection company.I agree that if someone owes a balance, that whenever they can they should get it straightened out and make payment arrangements.
however in my case and many of the others you call COMPLAINING ,DO NOT owe a credit company.It is only legal to call you if you DO owe them. when they are advised that the person they are calling for does not have access to your phone number and does not belong to the person they are calling and you advise them of this and asked them to take you off their call list and they do not,then they are breaking the law and can be sued in civil court for the phone harrassment.
It is up to the collection agency to police these telephone numbers and be absoutely sure they are callin the right people.If not, this is gross negligence on the part of the credit collection companies and the are absoutely LIABLE/

Sun, 01/31/2010 - 01:38 Permalink
sean vincent (not verified)

yes my name is sean vincent and i live in maui hawaii. now anyway i do thank you for writing to me. now if i'm correct this is about this radio shack card that i've got. now i'd just like to let you guys know why am i being charged for this when i've never bought one goddamn thing with it. now anyway you guys answer that question to me and then i'll think about maybe sneding you guys maybe a penny. one more thing how about introducing you guys in a much nicer manner

Tue, 03/02/2010 - 05:32 Permalink

Hi Sean,

As far as I understand, you are thinking that this community is a part of First National Collections Bureau. However, it is not so. This is credit magic community where the members help each other in solving the credit and debt problems. You can feel free to ask if you have any query regarding debt problem.

As for your debt, if you are not sure whether or nor you owe it, you can send a debt validation letter to the concerned company. With the debt validation, you will be able to find out about who owes the debt, who the creditor is, and what is the amount to be paid.

Hope this helps.



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Geneva Hunter (not verified)

Here it is March 2010, and they are still at it. I am being harrassed by a bill my brother owes! Don't they get the clue that I tell them he don't live here, and remove my name?

Tue, 03/02/2010 - 20:31 Permalink
Pros (not verified)

I have received phone calls by this company, but I don't answer. They finally wrote me and said I owe a Bogus amt of money....I just wrote them a dispute letter. Hopefully this will end their phone calls.

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Mr B (not verified)

There are many reasons people recieve these phone calls. If you have a phone number that is written on a credit card or vehicle contract and you have decided not to notify this company of a wrong p#, if you happen to have the same name as a common debtor in which case fate is unkind, if you are a victim of fraud of which you should be greatful to the company that notified you and should be getting ready to call police officials to notify them of fraudulent claims against you, or you are the debtor and cannot face-up to your obligations and resposibilties you had signed for. If you are part of the first three, sorry fo the inconveniance. To the debtors, grow-up.

Sat, 03/06/2010 - 23:01 Permalink

They will continue to pursue their collection efforts, you should pick up the phone and deal with it, if it is not your debt then you can deal with it appropriately as Mr B states. If it is your debt then you can then do more investigation like when does the statute of limitations run out? If it is past then take the appropriate steps, if it is yours and the statute of limitations is still in effect then you will want to do the debt validation letter.

Ignoring the matter will not make it go away.

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