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What consumers say about First National Collection Bureau

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First National Collection Bureau is a collection agency headquartered in Sparks, Nevada. It started its operations in January, 1981 and is also referred to as FNCB. The collection agency (CA) has got an F rating from the BBB.

First National Collection Bureau - What are the common complaints?

This is what people have to say about First National collection agency:
  • Makes non-stop calls to consumers: A consumer complained that a CA had made non-stop calls to his wife 3 months back. While searching the number in Google, he found out that the number belonged to FNCB. Learn more…

  • Calls at workplaces to harass people: Another person said that the collection agency called his workplace and harassed him. However, most of the time, it was a computerized voice.

  • Contacts the wrong person for debt collection: The collection agency also calls and harasses the wrong people, even after being informed that the CA hasn't contacted the right person. One consumer said that once he informed the CA that he wasn't the right person and the agency promised to not call again. But, he was harassed again by a different representative from the same company. Know the details…

    Another person said that he was being harassed by FNCB over phone, as they repeatedly called this person, even after being informed several times that he wasn't the person the CA was looking for. Learn more…

  • Attempts to collect debt when the SOL has expired: One consumer said that once he received a letter on a debt after the Statute of Limitations (SOL) had already expired. Learn more…

  • Using an automated phone system to collect debts: Another person complained that the CA used an automated phone system using various area codes. After receiving the phone call, the consumers are directed to press particular numbers. It is actually a scam, as all of the numbers the consumers press are redirected to the collection agency. Find out more…

FNCB - How you can deal with this collection agency

When you're contacted by a collection agency, you should first verify their information. Ask the collection agency to validate the debt, meaning you should get the name and contact information of the original creditor in writing, along with the amount you owe. The collection agency should also provide you with evidence that they legally own the debt or have been assigned to collect the debt on the creditor's behalf. This way, you can avoid being harassed by a collection agency if you're not the person the CA is trying to contact. If a collection agency tries to contact you through an automated phone system, then you should simply hang up the phone to avoid being harassed or becoming a victim of a scam.

How to contact the collection agency

First National Collection Bureau, Inc.
610 Waltham Way
Sparks, NV 89434-6695
PO Box 51660
Sparks, NV 89435

Phone number: (775) 829 – 3790

Additional phone numbers:
Tel: (800) 824-6191
Tel: (750) 322-0444
Tel: (775) 322-0444


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