Grocery shopping at the 99 cent store???

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Not sure how each of you all feel about this, but I was curious to know: If any of you have ever bought your groceries at the 99 Cent store? I am not referring to the "Dollar Tree". However, they may sell groceries on a small scale. Actually, the one down the street does sell a bunch of caned food.

Anyway, partner and I were on vacation this past week and decided to stay home in the pool instead of driving to the beaches in Mexico due to the gas prices. On the news one night here in Phoenix, there was a special about a family shopping for all their food at a 99 cent store. We both thought it was a joke. So, we decided to stop by the only 99 cent store we knew close by and BOY we were surprised!! We found Organic canned tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, whole wheat bread, white bread, bagels, organic canned pumpkin, oyster sauce, rice wine vinegar, sushi rice, sea salt grinders, pastry cutters and all kinds of Mexican food. We were just amazed the amount of money we saved going there.

One night we had pasta, which we bought all the indegredients at the 99 store. We figured it all up and the entire meal for two of us and a couple of our friends totalled to right at 8 bucks. NOT BAD in our book.

I am curious if anyone else has done the same thing?

That was another posting you silly idiot-----its probably more like OLD AGE or SENILITY........

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Okay, okay kids. That is a good place to start. God knows we have enough counseling centers around here. I will give it a try. They also have them a certain times in school but I am not sure with the way kids are these days if I would want to bring that to her school. It could turn out bad, especially with all the labeling and teasing that goes on these days.
She just started this school a few months ago so I think this wouldn't be wise. Can you believe her school never even recognized her achievement. They kept saying they were going to put it in the schools newspaper and never did.

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I agree---I can totally see how something could backfire on a kid, especially when they are in middleschool.

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I teach in a small private school and we don't see too much of the "junk" like goes on in the public schools. Oh, we do have problems and issues, but I think in a smaller type atmosphere, there seems to be more observation by faculty.

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We use to live in a smaller school district and It wasn't too bad there but when we moved to a bigger town and she started going to a larger school we both got a rude awakening. She came home crying soo many times. They would tease her form evferything from her clothes (which were very up to date) to her teeth (which are perfectly straight). I think it is considered cool to pick on others. She has adjusted vedry well now and has alot of friends but I tell you those first few months I could have pulled my hair out.

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Some kids will PICK on anything----my daughter always had the cutest clothes, etc. But, she was teased unmercifully (especially in middle school) because she was very timid and shy and wouldn't speak up for herself. Once she found a couple of friends and a "group" she did much better. But, I'm with you----those first months of middle school were HELL on both of us. She is now 27 with 2 kids and is still somewhat shy, but it ismore of a lack of self-confidence.

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Kids can be down right mean sometimes, I really think alot of it comes from not getting the correction at home, if they are taught to have a little respect for those around them then they will be less likely to behave this way. I know that some times it is hard to control, but some parents think it is completely harmless, I think it depends on the kid, this picking can devast some kids where others just brush it off.

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You are so very right goodnatured. And it does depend on the child and the type of personality they have. Children have to not only be taught respect, but have that respect demonstrated by those around them (ie-parents namely). The old adage is true--Children learn what they live. There are those that are taught and treated correctly and still manage to mess up---but if the parents are on top of things control can usually be maintained.

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I see alot of these examples in my sisters foster kids. You can almost tell what they have been through by seeing their reactions and how they play. I was always told to think of little children as young trees. When they are young you can bend and shape them in the direction you want them to grow but as they get older you can not.

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I always use the analogy when talking to parents, that a child is like a sponge. It will absorb anything you put into it. So always be careful what you put in/on your sponge.

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I never heard that one Lorri. I really like it a lot. Makes perfect sense.

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I always use it at parent information night. It makes perfect sense.

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It really does and when you put it in those words I think the paerntal sponge starts absorbing better.

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Which is HALF the battle---when the parent and teacher are on the same track (and back each other up) then the child can only benefit!

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I find that really true. I attend my daughters periodic teachers meetings. I always found by working together my child reaps the benefits. I have seen some parents that go into these meetings breathing fire before even considering what that effect will have on their child. If ou go in with an open mind, even whan you feel there are problems you get a much better reaction and more feedback.

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If only everyone had the same attitude. I have been teaching 23 years and I have had my share of confrontational parents----so much easier on everyone if they come in open-minded like you said.

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I think that some people at least out my way feel that the school is labelling their child, I have to say that after going to the school board and trying to convince them to get a boys and girls club started, I have to agree with them. Some of those school board members are older than dirt and should retire to let some fresher ideas come on board.

Lorri, I am sure that you are an excellent teacher, keep up the good work.

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Where do you live erb? Sometimes those school boards do need younger members----when you get one generation trying to direct 2 generations below them it just doesn't work. I work in a private school and we do have our own school board and let me tell you this---when it has younger members on it (say who have kids in the school) it seems like everything moves slowly. But, when we have had OLDER (and I mean much older) things aren't as progressive.

Thank you for the compliment erb---I appreciate it!

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I can see where A board really does need some younger members. At the old school my child use to attend they had just started a boys and girls club a year before we moved. That school was more in the middle of no where and the new on is a lot closer to a big town. Here they don't have that type of club and I must say my daughter misses that the most.
In the club they were able to get help with homework which was really great. Volenteers would sit down with the child individually until they understood what the ho,mework was all about. I myself miss the club and hearing what all they did, plus the smile it put on my childs face.

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An excellent idea! We have an afterschool care program at our school (a private school) which is for working parents. The kids are all served a snack and then the first order of the day is homework room. Its a quiet atmosphere and there are always at least 2 adults to help.

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Pretty much the set up we had. I miss it so much. They have chenged the way we learned how to do certain things when I was in school. Now there are so many new methods and ways I am sometimes stumped.

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I took my baby to kindergarten this morning, it is her birthday and her first day of school, she was so excited about school she forgot about her birthday, I met her teacher, set up transportation and my kid was no where to be found. My baby is on her way, I was amazed at how independant she was and proud at the same time. I took today off work to get her started, now I am going to bake her a cake and surprise her when she gets home.

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When you have a child that is that well-adjusted that she can separate from mommy that easily, you have done a great job of parenting. She felt safe where she was and confident that you were returning----YAYY!

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Oh yes. She is quite the nomad at times. Is school started in your area yet? Ours don't start till next week.

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We start next week, but I (and the other teachers) are having our teacher orientation this week. The public schools in our area started 2 weeks ago.

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Hows orientation going? My daughter has her outfits picked out for all school year...I swear.

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We had our CPR refresher course (BORING!) that we have to do every other year. It always takes up such a chunk of time (5hours) lthat we could be using working in our classrooms. I can remember getting all of my clothes ready just like your daughter. My nieces do the same thing---they are always completely coordinated!!!

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The only thing I am not understanding about this new school is why they haven't sent out their schedules. The old one use to do this. When I called they said she could have came to orientation and recieved it. I asked when it was and they said it had already passed. I never got anything in the mail or read anything in the paper saying that they were even having orientation.. I really miss her old school (it was mine too). It was a smaller school and I feel it really did offer more.

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Well, that would TICK me off---double check your address with the school office. Make a big enough stink and they will make sure you get your stuff next time.

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They said they do not send letters. You have to check the internet sight or join PTA.

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Oh---brother. They are trying to implement that at our school. Right now they do both (online and paper information). The students and parents can already access grades online. Did you tell them that they should INFORM parents that its done this way? geezz-------

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And what if you do not have a computer, there are alot of people who don't have one or can afford one. There are alot of people that do not know how to use one.

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My question too. I am new to the school district and they never walked me through anything. I find out about things as the happen (to go wrong). I really feel places are taking this net thing too far. This is also how we get our school cancellations. Most of the time if the weather is bad and power is out I can't get on anyway. I live out of town so just because we don't have power doesn't mean the town the schools in doesn't. I REALLY REALLY miss the old school.

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Its like that with school assignments. My niece is a freshman in high school and last year and this year, many of her homework assignments involve going to a website, taking a test online or printing out a worksheet or something. I asked her what about the kids who don't have a computer, she said I don't know--maybe they go the library or something.

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That is what they do. My daughter has to do tests for extra reading credit online. As long as they can go to the library and have free time to do it I don't think its too bad. You think these days everything revolves around a computer one way or another so the education is needed. We got our first PC when my son hit first grade. They ahd to get on computers and I could not figure out why he was so scared of one. Do you remember the Homer Simpson episode where he had to chose the right button or and if he didn't it would blow up the plant? Well of course he chose the wrong one and boom. My son watched this around the same time they started working with pc's. Scared the wits out of the bot.

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and now you are probably fighting with your kids for it right, my five year old does better than some of the adults that I know. I am going to get here on mavis beacon to get her typing as soon as she can get all the letter and number recognition down on the keyboard. She can use the hell out of the mouse and surf through the nick jr site.

I think that if you start working with them young they can be little wizards.

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Yes! Definitely! When my daughter was in kindergarten (1986), the big thing they were promoting was that there was a COMPUTER in the classroom---OMG---you should have heard everyone (parents)!! We didn't even have one at home till 1996---and now I can't seem to function without it.

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I am trying to go to the link in your signature and it will not open up, can you test it and see why I can't open it?

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This is the one I was talking about from another site. I can not get on either.

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well, let me see what i can do---i had a difficult time setting it up. I will send you both a PM and give you the site and my referral number.

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Got that pm Lorri and thanks. It would be nice to see a few extra pennies floating around just so I can pay another bill.

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you are welcome---its not big bucks but its something.

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Anymore nothing really is big bucks but hey every little thing adds uop. I came to this forum for help. I had been stressing over a past credit card bill. I found posting helped relieve some of the stress, especially with knowing I qwasn;t alone. The added magic points has enabled me to save for fuel which I had no idea how I was coming up wioth the money with the priceds being so high. So even if its a dime..its worht something.

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Absolutely! Every little bit helps.....the woman said as she peed in the ocean. (ever heard that one?-----LOL)

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Yep...heard this from my dad all the time..I forgot about it and your post brought a smile to my face.

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I avoid shopping anything at 99 cents stores, as most of the things they sale are hardly worth anything.

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You can save some money there, I would not be able to complete my shopping list there, but I could pick up a few things to save a few bucks.

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