Missing credit magic points

Submitted by fireyone on Wed, 12/10/2008 - 12:22

I am trying to find an answer to why my credit magic points keep disappearing at a fast rate. I have tried asking the moderator and have gotten no response. I have been kepping all my posts on the topic and making sure to keep to the ten allowed posts. I am complying to the rules but yet I keep getting points deducted.
Some days I will lose as much as $2.00 in points and some days under a dollar. It seems to be every other day I will lose a high amount (usually all moy posts from the day before) and the next it will be some little amount. I have been dealing with this for a while now and thought since I was not getting answer elsewhere I would ask the members. Is anone else having this problem and if so whom did you contact?
We all know it takes time to come on here and try to help out someone in need. There are a lot of times when if you do not have the answer you even take the time to go look for one to come back and help someone out. I know especially when new people come here with problems concerning their credit they are usually scared or upset. I do my best to get the answers to help them through. I just am really upset that this is going on so much lately when I put forth effort to help. Any reply would be great. Thanks

OMG!! FIREYONE, sorry this is happening. I haven't noticed my points doing that. Hope one of the MODS, or SETH can come on here and see what's going on with you.

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Hi Fireyone
Your posts have been deleted from the forum because I found some of your posts as a reply to a spam post and so both the spammer's post and your post gets deleted. Moreover, in some of your posts there are just day to day conversations which are out of topic issues and are not permissible under forum rules. Now if a post gets deleted the magic points earned for that post gets reduced and so you find your magic points reduced every day. So please follow forum rules and guidelines when you post and earn magic points.

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RICHARD..........sometimes I reply to 'spam' posts, as well. I mean, my post may consist of " I don't think this post belongs here" or "maybe a MOD needs to look into this." That kind of thing...........I never noticed any points missing from MY replies.

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Hi Richard, I sent you a pm on this. I have been keeping with th forum rules. Lately quite a bit of points have been dissappearing and I reread my psot before submitting them to make sure they are on topic. Yesterday I did 4-5 posts total and see I am once again missing magic points. I must be missing something..right? If I see that others have not had this problem so guess I am wondering what is going on.

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