Rules for deletion of posts: Where are my post going?

Submitted by fireyone on Tue, 01/13/2009 - 15:30

Where are my post going? I have asked a couple questions and keep having them removed. I know they are not off topic because they have to deal with the subject. Is anyone else having the problem of disappearing posts. Last night I asked the community if the SOL went by the state of the debt or the state of the the credit card agreement and can not find it this morning when I went to see if their was a response.
I also asked if all three reporting agencies should list the same fall off dats and can not find that post either. My questions seem to get deleted.

Hi Fireyone
Your posts have been deleted because there has been a repetition of the same post. Creditmagic forum rules do not allow the following:
1)Repetition of posts
2)Irrelevant post or posts which are off topic
3)Posts which are only meant to earn and from which the forum do not get benefited.

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Sorry Richard I did look to see if anyone else asked the question and could not seem to find an answer. I asked my question the other day and could not find my original post anywhere so yesterday I reposted the question and found it easily this morning with all the answers I was looking for.

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