Hi all

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Hello, dear colleagues.
I liked your forum www.creditmagic.org and it wanted to me to leave a positive response about a forum, but has not found suitable section! let's open new section: responses and offers that visitors could leave the offers and responses on your forum.
Yours faithfully, Anatoly.

Hi abessydrurb,

Welcome to the Forum. :)

You can participate in the Forum discussions and post any credit related queries. You can also share any personal experience you had in dealing with a credit related issue.

Hope you will enjoy being with us.

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Shoeforme, I believe you may have reached here in error. We do not sale any shoes or handbags but we do give lots of good free advice about the credit world. May suggest you stick around and read through some of the posts. Credit awareness is something we all need to take seriously and become more educated about since it now can effect everything from rates on loans, car insurance and jobs.

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eurogynague (not verified)


As I stated before, Just a newbie here and wanted to give everyone a proper introduction. I have been browsing this forum for some time, but due to my laziness, I never signed up. I recently found the motivation to spend a few minutes and actually become a member. This really is a great place.

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Thanks for your kind comments. I tool came here and was just looking around the site. I seen how much I really did not know about the credit world. I decided to sign up and become a member a little over a year ago. My knowledge has increased so much and the best part is I can now help others.

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Good morning

I am a stupid person when it comes to PC stuff. I downloaded a virus blocker...soft ware, that was from the uni I went to. And after that and a full scan, I could no longer use opera or ICQ messenger. I uninstalled them and downloaded them again, turned off-turned on my desktop pc a few times, but nothing is working. I keep getting a message that something needs to be done with my fire wall and HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP ports.

Any advice someone?

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Hello Carol, there must be some section where User Guidelines of the forums exist which I am not sure about so could you highlight few points and what can lead to ban?

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Hi Guys,

I am a automobile buff and my main hobbies are to collect information about the latest happenings in the world of automobiles. I am new to the internet to be frank. This interent is absolutely great. I think I have learned a lot in this 6 months than in my whole life. The other day I was browsing and I came across a site which sells various auto accessories. I think they are based out of europe. I read around and they seem reputable.

I would like to know whether any of you have come across this site and would love to hear your responses and your experiences with this site if any.

Thank you.

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Hi autobuff,

Welcome to the forum. We discuss and help with credit repair issues on this forum. Not sure about the auto thing unless you need to repair your credit to qualify to buy one. Then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of knowledgeable people on here that is always willing to help. So if you do have questions about repairing your credit. Feel free to ask.

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Hi all.....,

I am newbie to this forum. And I am from United Kingdom.
Nice to meet you all.

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Hi Delmar,

Welcome to this community :)

Feel free to discuss your queries, and your advices in the forum.



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