Wizard of Oz

Submitted by goodnatured on Sun, 11/11/2007 - 08:29

That classic moie was on the other night and I sat down and watch it with our four year old. She loved it as much as I did when I was a kid.

She was scared in the same places I was as a small child and thought Glenda was just beautful.

What a show and now that they have put it in color, it is even more spectacular.

That's awesome!! I think the little girl in us will never leave and she'll remember that classic for years to come and maybe share it with her kids. hard to believe huh? your four year old having babies??

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The only problem is that now she wants to watch it 24/7, gosh, why do kids do that? they can sure take a movie and wear it out.

I have to admit, I love that movie and another that I haven't seen in ages is chitty chitty bang bang. There are many many more but those two have to be my favorites. Do you have any?

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I love sleeping beauty. every year on my birthday and i'm turing 29 i still love to see sleeping beauty on my birthday. i should say our birthday cause i share it with a sister. we're 5 years and 7 minutes apart. now how mom and dad did that i don't know and don't want to know ;) kids do that too, they latch on and that's their security blanket. my husband wore the SAME superman suit every day of his life for like a year when he was about 5. then he changed...my mother in law had to trick him so she could wash it :) i'm waiting to see what our little man will like. knowing daddy he'll be a little penguin (because he's a penguins fan) or wear jeff gordon paraphernalia since he's a huge Jeffy fan!

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A penguin fan I hope, not a penguin, LOL.

Omg, we had to watch the witch movie again last night, I have had enough now, she will cry when it isn't on anymore. She keeps asking, where are her friends, she can't face the witch alone. I keep telling her that she has to get to the forest first, those first couple of scenes with out the scarecrow, lion and tin man is a real questioning session.

It won't be on much longer, then it will be some more of my favorites, like rudolph and frosty. The grinch one always scared me as a kid.

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oh there are so many good ones that are classics. i hope they never go out of style. There's some my sister and I watched as kids...like snow white and around this time of year frosty, never been a fan of the grinch either. green things gross me out ;) yeah debt what did you mean there??? a penguin?

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I forgot about Snow White, all those little men going to work for her everyday, image that, men at your beckon call, lucky girl! LOL

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man i would think that she wouldn't want all those guys at her feet ;) hee hee

i don't remember much about Snow White actually since it is in collection i think. I LOVE Aladin because from the lower class excels, comes out on top, and gets the girl. I just love Robin Williams in that movie

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Debt, you are just plain darn mischevious, (sp) are you, lol. I could see you at the helm in control of all those little guys, LOL.

Desi, are you a romantic?

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LOL and you know it ;) i actually need some little guys or any guys or any gals for that matter to clean this house! Desi...are you a romantic or are you a comedian?

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Hey good, all the old christmas shows are airing now, are you ready to watch rudolph the red nose reindeer and frosty over and over with your four year old, younger kids never get too much of those shows. I know mine wore me out with them. Have fun.

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I know, I love the christmas shows so that is okay, I watched the grinch the other night. I look forward to rudolph, frosty and miracle. I can act like I am just watching it with our daughter but I am really watching it for myself, lol. I like all the christmas commercials too.

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I like the lifetime movie network shows that are on, I snibble the whole way through them, my husband thinks there is something wrong with me.

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Oh, I like the lifetime network too, don't listen to your hubby, men just don't understand all that mushy stuff. Just get you kleenex out and go for it girl.

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I always love watching life time movie network. my husband makes fun of me.I just tell him if he doesnt like it leave the room or sit down and shut up.there was a few times he sat and watched it with me and thought wow that was a good movie for life time.but he always tells others my wife like to watch life time its always the same some one gets raped or abbused and whatever alse he wants to come up with. and I just say there nothing a wrong with it alot of times it is based on true stories. so to everyone out there who watches keep on watching I am glad they have the channel.

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Yeah, I love it too, my hubby always talks crap because it is always the same actors and actress, like they have a "lifetime" contract, LOL. I guess that part is true, but they play the parts good, I tell him, on his hunting shows it is the same old men tramping through the woods or through africa, shooting the same old animals. Of course he disagrees.

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Lifetime rules ladies!!! let the men do what they will, hunting critters and stuff, we have our romance and comedy. Lifetime has some good movies. it's been awhile since i've cried at a movie but i haven't seen one in a while. no i take that back, i saw the bee movie i cried because it was really bad.

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Right debtstinker, if they only knew the romance of those movies, silly dudes would take advantage of the lifetime moments.

whats up with the bee movie? You cried? I am not familiar, fill me in please?

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I enjoy all the holliday films out sometimes I think they remind us of how family should get together to remember and share with one another.and just to share the love. family and friends always ask wheres the love,and my response is my children took it all lol. but I will still continue to share the love when I can.so enjoy life while you can cause life may be short and you wont have the movies or love to share with one another.

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I seen one of my not so favorites, miracle on ?? street, I could not even sit through it all. I just have never been able to get into that one.

I had my kid on the northpole.com the other night, it is really cool, there are story readers on there and all the stories are geared toward good will and good manners. The activities on there are endless, they teach teamwork and sharing. So if you know a little kid send them to this site, it is really cool.

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hey my kids brought it to my attention how they even like the christmas commercials I think they get old the snow flake commercial really drives me nuts its seems to always play my kids sing along with it and laugh knowing it drives mom nuts but its all in good fun .my oldest tells me to get a sense of humor. I told him I have one I just dont let it out lol but I enjoy all the christmas shows I really like jack frost its sad but it seems to have lots of meaning. it sure lets out some imagination they need to make more movies like that

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Here comes suzy snowflake dressed in her snow white gown
tap, tap, tapping on your windowsill, suzy's coming to town.

How could you hate a catchy tune like that, I agree with your kids, you need a sense of humor crackerjack.

like hardrock and coco and Jooooooooooooooe!!!!!!!!!

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how about hansel and gretal and heidi maybe they are to old i love the movie channel too i cry over sad movies so idont watch it much unless im alone.

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I simply adore these Da. Heidi and clara...best friends huh???

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