What consumers say about First National Collection Bureau

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First National Collection Bureau is a collection agency headquartered in Sparks, Nevada. It started its operations in January, 1981 and is also referred to as FNCB. The collection agency (CA) has got an F rating from the BBB.

First National Collection Bureau - What are the common complaints?

This is what people have to say about First National collection agency:

  • Makes non-stop calls to consumers: A consumer complained that a CA had made non-stop calls to his wife 3 months back. While searching the number in Google, he found out that the number belonged to FNCB. Learn more…
  • Calls at workplaces to harass people: Another person said that the collection agency called his workplace and harassed him. However, most of the time, it was a computerized voice.
  • Contacts the wrong person for debt collection: The collection agency also calls and harasses the wrong people, even after being informed that the CA hasn't contacted the right person. One consumer said that once he informed the CA that he wasn't the right person and the agency promised to not call again. But, he was harassed again by a different representative from the same company. Know the details…

    Another person said that he was being harassed by FNCB over phone, as they repeatedly called this person, even after being informed several times that he wasn't the person the CA was looking for. Learn more…

  • Attempts to collect debt when the SOL has expired: One consumer said that once he received a letter on a debt after the Statute of Limitations (SOL) had already expired. Learn more…
  • Using an automated phone system to collect debts: Another person complained that the CA used an automated phone system using various area codes. After receiving the phone call, the consumers are directed to press particular numbers. It is actually a scam, as all of the numbers the consumers press are redirected to the collection agency. Find out more…

FNCB - How you can deal with this collection agency

When you're contacted by a collection agency, you should first verify their information. Ask the collection agency to validate the debt, meaning you should get the name and contact information of the original creditor in writing, along with the amount you owe. The collection agency should also provide you with evidence that they legally own the debt or have been assigned to collect the debt on the creditor's behalf. This way, you can avoid being harassed by a collection agency if you're not the person the CA is trying to contact. If a collection agency tries to contact you through an automated phone system, then you should simply hang up the phone to avoid being harassed or becoming a victim of a scam.

How to contact the collection agency

First National Collection Bureau, Inc.
610 Waltham Way
Sparks, NV 89434-6695
PO Box 51660
Sparks, NV 89435

Phone number: (775) 829 – 3790

Additional phone numbers:
Tel: (800) 824-6191
Tel: (750) 322-0444
Tel: (775) 322-0444

GrlyGrl (not verified)

Thank you for this post. My elderly parents received a collection letter as well, and I thought it was a little fishy where they offered a "deal" to settle for only 1/3 of the amount due, as though they were going to do them a favor. These people are taking advantage of those that are in their old age, and those that are willing to just pay off a debt to save their credit. Be very careful, warn your elders and don't let them get taken advantage of. Thank You for this post, or we too may have been suckered in!!

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Mystified (not verified)

Received a call tonight from First National Collection Bureau. It was a recorded message asking for my hubby's ex. The number they left to call in the AM was 800-824-6191.

I do not want any calls here pertaining to her problems. We have excellent credit and do not want any of her mistakes ruining us as it has in the past. Some of her debts actually showed on my husband's credit report which is FRAUD!

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Hi Mystified,

When the collection agency calls you the next time, you can ask them to stop calling you. You can even mention that if they don't comply to your request, they will be under the violation of Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA). Thus, you can use them. Can you tell me whether or not your husband disputed the items?



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Skaggs350 (not verified)

I dont even have a dubt problem and they just keep calling so I call them back all the time...lol

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Hi Skaggs,

Can you tell me who keeps on calling you? Is it a collection agency? Pull a copy of your credit report and check if this collection agency is listed on your report. If it is, then you need to send a debt validation letter to the agency. Send the letter through certified mail, requesting a return receipt.



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Phyllis (not verified)

Does anyone have an e-mail address for First National Collection Bureau, Inc.?

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Deb72 (not verified)

Got a letter today that I owe over $2,000. for a Capital One Credit Card from 1st National Collection Bureau. First, I don't have one and never did. I tried to call them at least ten times this afternoon and al I get is a busy signal. Anyone know a working number for them.

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Hi Phyllis:

The email address wasn't found. However, you can use this address to send certified mail to them:

First National Collection Bureau, Inc.
230 S. Rock Blvd
Reno, NV 89502
Phone Number: 775-829-3790
Fax Number: 775-829-3795


You can try sending them a debt validation letter through certified mail, requesting a return receipt. Hope that they won't be able to validate your debt. If they fail to validate your debt, you can dispute this item with the credit bureaus.



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Hi Bhamun,

Welcome to this community :)

If you have any query, you can feel free to discuss in the forum. Even if you want to share your knowledge on credit and debt, you can do that in the forums.



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easythere (not verified)

the real way to stop all your clomplaints is to PAY YOUR BILL then you wont get sent to collections! yea thats mean to get a job and stop being lazy!!! yea again simple way to stop it PAY YOUR BILL

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texson48 (not verified)

I received a letter this past weekend from First National regarding a supposed debt that had already past through the hands of two other collection company's. In checking all 3 of my credit reports going back to 2006 this debit does not even show up on any of my reports so I have to assume it is either bogus or past the SOL. I wrote a letter requesting validation. Will wait to see what happens next but I am ready for them if they want to go to court.

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Hi Texson,

Can you tell whether or not you have sent the validation letter through certified mail, requesting a return receipt?



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Hi texson,

You may then be able to dispute this debt with the credit bureaus, if First National fails to validate the debt. Wait for a month or two before you can try to dispute this item. You will get a sample dispute letter with this community.



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texson48 (not verified)


Thank you for the information. I'll let you know how this turns out.

Thanks again.

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 18:34 Permalink

Hi texson,

You are welcome :) Hope that you will be able to solve this problem soon.



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big dawg (not verified)

If your being herassed by collection agencies you can go to attorneysforconsumers.com and fill out the free case review an attorney in your area will contact you best part about it is it is free to you, and they can get you up to 1000 in statutory damages.

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topdog8945 (not verified)

sooo all i hear on here is crying! yes some of the collection agencys make mistakes and put accounts back on the dialers for people to call but if you already paid your debt then tell themthat and send them in a letter of release i dont think its THAT HARD! and for people that claim fraud on an 8 year account uhh sorry its a little late to claim fraud on an account you very well know is yours PAY IT! or dnt go out and get money you have no intention on paying back!!! collection agencys are only bothersome because people want there freakin money!!! its only as fair as people that go to court an waste tax dollars on personal loans people give out they just want there freakin money back send in a 25.00 payment thats all there freakin askin for is a little bit of an attempt. sorry to burst your bubble people you in most cases the debter is the bad guys the collection agencys are just hired by the company you screwed over for however much money you DIDNT PAY!! then because you DIDNT PAY you got some interest tacked on the bill over 6 YEARS WORTH and whos fault is that the person that signed up for the stupid service that didnt read the fine print!!!!!!

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tired of the bullies (not verified)

Topdog...your attitude is exactly why debt collectors have the reputation they do. I used to work in a collection agency. Some of the collectors were complete idiots. Others were fair and patient. Guess what...the bullies didn't make any more than the ones who actually acted like they cared. You assume that everybody is dodging their bills. That also is not necessarily true. My husband moved out of his home in January of 2000. Several years later, he finds out that Asset Acceptance (now referred to First national Collection Bureau) is on his credit bureau. They insist he got previous letters from them since they had mailed them to his address. Funny...all the rest of his mail was forwarded...how come nothing from them ever came through? Did I mention that it is for an electric bill? We asked for proof that they owned the alleged debt. Alleged because he also never got anything from the electric company forwarded to our address either. We asked for dates of service, original amount owned and how they were accruing interest. No response. We will NEVER pay this bill. Not unless sufficient proof is provided. They claim to own the debt. How does he know they own it? He NEVER did business with either Asset Acceptance or First National. I might add that my credit score is an 806. His is a 729. They ONLY reason his is lower is because of this alleged debt. He didn't "borrow" above his means, but would you pay a company that YOU never did business with? He truly does not owe these people and someday, we WILL win!!!! When we do, I'll post how so anyone like us won't have to deal with this crap for as long as us. My attorney has copies of everything. It is only a matter of time now.

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gladys walker (not verified)

i received a letter from this company i live on a fixed income but i want to pay my bill please send me the contract i have borrowed numerous sums of money and since my contract has been changed three times i don't know who you are i will have my boyfriend pay my bill i will be awaiting your reply respectfully ms gladys walker

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taznfrog (not verified)

last april i took out a 12,000 dollar loan against my 401k just to pay off my loans and not have to declare bankrupcy. now this stupid company is calling saying that one of the accts is still open and i owe more money. i gave her my confirmation number that they gave me. she said that was no good. i told her that i had bank statement showing i paid. she said that only showed that i pd part of the acct off. she said i HAD to have a realease paper from the original company to be off the hook. i called and thank god for justin who looked it up and is sending me that release letter! screw you angie whatever you rude bitch! sometimes it does work out, but i agree that this company is slime!!!!

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help plz with … (not verified)

these ppl havent called me once but they stuck a 75$ charge on my credit and now they r saying the penalities are 1700$ they wont even tell me who i owe the origional 75$ to. any advise would help

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Joanne Imburgia (not verified)

try looking up claudia imburgia, joanne imburgia
6 addresses in reno nv and 2 in san ramon ca

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Vendetta (not verified)

They use automated phone systems using various area codes. Here is what you do. A message will say if you are so and so press 1 and if you are not press whatever. The scam is get you to push any button so one of those creepy commission debt collectors can pick up.

Call the number back and press "O" for operator. Somebody usually answers. Ask them for their full name and street address. When they ask why say you are filing a police report for harrasment and stalking.

They buy shit ancient debt from old credit card companies are hoping to trick, persuade, threaten whatever you into paying or admitting the debt.

Their street address is bogus (check it on google maps) and send them all the mail and packages of dog crap you want. After all fair is fair right?

You can take out a

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Many times local police departments do not know how to deal with it, you need to also file complaints with your states attorney generals office.

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R. T. WOODRUFF (not verified)


Thu, 07/22/2010 - 22:53 Permalink

Wow, it is amazing what these people will try to get money out of you even if you don't owe it.

Thank you for coming on here and letting us know about it, I am sure that others have been contacted by these companies in an attempted scam too. Again thanks for sharing.

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your solution (not verified)

whats great about this country is you can follow and watch the person who picks up from the P.O. box . being they send in some random friend, then you follow them to there house where reside. Then the rest will be explained later. these people are a fraud there is no outstanding debt do not pay

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S wright (not verified)

My wife just got a letter from these folks and I was very skeptical. So I called them @ 800 824 6191, and it gives another phone number. 1-900 446 2900. You must be at least 18 to call and it will cost $1.99 to call. So I checked Bing to see what might be out there on these folks and NOTHING good has surfaced yet. Just a lot of complaints and suspect actitity from these folks.
Now, I have had some hardtimes, and I have dealt with a Debt Collector or two in my time. Most are hard as nails and willing to do ALMOST anything to collect a debt, but the Professionals usually won't break the Law. And the are NEVER afriad to answer their phone. Just thought I'd add my story, hope we expose these crooks before the fleece anyone else!

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I think it is better o find out the phone number of any collection agency from the site of that company and collection agency itself, and you can also get details from the Better Business Bureau site.



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Natalie (not verified)

I have been receiving calls for an account that I am unaware of. It is from First National Collection Bureau in Sparks, NV
Name/Serial # 62148829. Please contact me via email regarding this matter.

Thank you


[link to mail id removed as per forum rules]

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Hi Natalie,

This is a public forum and is not related to any collection agency. Check your credit report for any listing by this collection agency. If there is no listing simply send a cease and desist letter to the collection agency through certified mail.

However, if there is a listing from this collection agency you can send in a debt validation letter to the collection agency.



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haven (not verified)

These people have contacted me about an old Capital One card I had over ten years ago. Even Capital One could no longer find the record. That was in 2006. Somehow, this agency managed to dig up the fie and now I have been constantly harrased by these people. How long is the SOL for credit card debt? Is this request by FNCB valid or not?

Sun, 09/26/2010 - 22:41 Permalink

Hi haven,

The Statute of Limitations (SOL) vary from state to state. Let me know the state you live in and the date of last payment on this account. You an find it for yourself too. Check out the SOL in your state. If the SOL has expired and if you don't want to pay this debt, send a Cease and desist letter to the collection agency.

However, expiry of SOL does not mean that you are no longer liable to pay for the debt. You may not get sued for the debt but the debt collector can go on trying to collect the debt.



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Donesha Magee (not verified)

My payment was due yesterday. My unemployment check hasn't come and I only work part time. And when school is out I don't work or when there is a snow day. So right now my unemployement for Nov. is done now I'm wating on the unemployement office to respond to my papers I sent at the beginning of this month. So what I want to know is will they still grant me the same discount when I get my check?

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annoymous (not verified)

I want to know how many collection agencies have a good review, what people don't understand is that 1) just because the debt is past SOL it is still collectable 2) If the person they are looking for is not at the number and they say has been removed that the odds of more then just that company calling you great because no one has just one debt...you have to remember that collectors are not bad people, they are just like you and me and are just trying to make a living and support there families...when you show me 1 good rating on any collection agency in these economic time then I will not defend this company.

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Nate01 (not verified)

Does anyone have an email address for FNCB? I would rather deal with them in writing.

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pissed off (not verified)

I just got a bill in the mail saying I owed 8,000 dollars for a unicel bill. I was never with unicel. All they could tell me was that the last usage was in november of 2005 and that someone was paying it up until january of 2007. They could not give me the number of the phone in question, asked for the last four digits of my social, and told me that I had to take it up with the credit bureau which has no record of this alleged debt. How do you go about suing someone one for identity theft and harassment?????

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Moe Flores (not verified)

Hey dont work with them, wait for the statue of limitations to kick in, and send them a Cease & Desist letter and they will banish from your life

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Dana (not verified)

I received a letter from FNCB and it states that I owe a cell company called UNICEL that was bought out by Verizon Wireless for $394.88. They are giving me the option to make 5 payments of $23.69 to pay the debt off. I have never gotten a notice of this debt from UNICEL or Verizon.

If Verizon brought UNICEL out would they take action to collect a debt. One I have no knowledge of owing this debt. I paid my bill and as far as I know I never owed anything after I turned my old cell off. I got remarried and moved to California so I did not need that phone any longer. I have never gotten notice of bill on this matter from anyone other than this debt collector.

What should I do?

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Pat (not verified)

My husband received a letter in March of 2011 stating that he owed 11k to Providian Bank. That is a legimate debt of at least 10 yrs ago. Is there no statute of limitations? It is not even reported on his credit report! He is disabled & has dementia and is on Social Security. I wrote one letter, explaining this and offered to pay $100 a month. He recieved another letter on May 15, 2011 with the usual litany debt collector use. Should we just ignore this or do we have any other recourse? Thanks for your help. Pat H

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walter graham (not verified)

I received a call at 0800 am this morning from a man at area code 714-495-4807, threating to pay my debt or $15,300.00.
I have heart problems, two surgurys 72 hours, end up 4 way heart. I just had a echo stress a week ago, I worry every day with the pain I have. I will be 76 years old on July 5. My wife wants to call the fire department, or for me to go to my Doctor. This shocked me this morning. I do not have any debt problems.
This the second time in the last 2 years. I called and talked to a lady named Koree at the number above.
I have 3 heart Doctor, I would like to sue them, to stop this, can I do this.

Walter Graham
3330 So Dynamite Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85735

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smile (not verified)

I paid a credit card bill through this company, the credit card company said that they never received payment and I have proof that the money was cash by this company.

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david brotzman (not verified)

I have a couple debt collection agencies still calling me (9) nine yrs after the debt was incurred . meaning last payment made to original debt holder. How long can a person be hassled by collection agencies after debt has been turned over for collection?

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Robert G. (not verified)

I've already sent the first payment of $47.06 before I read this information. Should I just NOT send anything else?

Thu, 03/01/2012 - 04:11 Permalink
Leonor Robles (not verified)

I lost my acct info and want to know if you are the agency.

Mon, 05/07/2012 - 20:10 Permalink
allyson scheno (not verified)

I have a account with my # is 517627023377 I was making the settlement offer that you send me. It was of 3 payments of 58.71. I have made the first payment in May and I am making the 2nd one in June. and the last one in July. This should resolve my debt with you. I have not receive any invoices stating that you have received my payment. I am writing to confirm this.

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Joy (not verified)

ran my credit today and found out that I'm under collection for $256 for DirecTv. I paid my final bill almost 3 years ago to the date. don't know what this amount is for? how can I contest this?

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