How do you earn extra money?

Submitted by TexasGuy on Thu, 09/14/2006 - 07:34

How do you earn extra money?

If anyone is interested, I do With this your accumualte points, which you can turn into a gift card for places. They have a shopping list of stores you can order from ( Walmart, JCPenny,etc) and you get so-many-points on how much you spend. It's not like a rebate thing, but, you can get 'earn' free stuff. It's kind of neat.

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mypoints is really neat. the points accumulate pretty quickly if you shop which during this time of year many people do. they've got some nice rewards there

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Anybody in for writing? Who can write really well??

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Morning Laura, I can write pretty well, why? is there something you have in mind? that's the ONE thing i HAD to do in school, write and did so quite a bit. ya gonna hire me ;)? Morningstar, probably needs both lol ;)

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I am referring to style morningstar and of course grammar :). Wanted to know about the ways we can earn by writing. Apart from blogs can you guys suggest ways to use talent in writing to earn money?

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There are a few websites out there that will pay you to write. I never had much luck with them, I guess I don't write the way they won't me to, I never had any formal training and it has been forever since I have been in school, so I screw up on the puncuation quite a bit. I get it all done on paper, just not the way they want it. I will pm you one site, it did not work out for me, but it may for you, look at your messages, I don't know if I can put it here, so I will pm it to you, to be safe.

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I have some of the very same issues and I think I write pretty well and still get denied.

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Oh that's beyond frustrating. I know which site you're referring to I think and the more people that know about it I really think that there's more competition! I read your posts, you do write well. Hey let's start our own site!! we can pitch in our points to buy server privileges :) :)

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I tried a few of those sites myself.." post and get paid" sites. There are alot of them, but, it seems like everytime I 'summitted' a story to them ( whoever the company was), my story was denied. I don't din't work for me.

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Neither does the review sites...I did a couple of them and i get rejection emails saying that the review was not thorough enough yet they restrict you in the amount of characters you can submit. amazing to me!

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The heck with them, we don't need them anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You're right 'Goodnatured.........we don't need them. We have a great 'writing forum' right here, at DebtCC!!!

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Yes we have the best of the forums here. I would do some freelancing rather doing only online writing.

What do you think will the back yard sale earn me enough money? What are the things do you guys advice that I can keep for sale. Not necessarily that I have them with me but just need your suggestions.

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I haven't been to the debt forum in awhile, tons of people there. I used to be a really active part of it, somehow just drifted away from it, I am more into taking action to rebuild my financial life now, so I think, here is where I need to be until I get straightened out.

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Do you think it is because you feel that you have a handle on your debt now? You have a lot of really good information that would help others there. I know you post some good debt information here, especially with your arbitration going on.

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I have to agree, Good you really do help folks and people help you too. I've learned quite a bit for a young woman starting her credit history now, at 24. I haven't had my credit card long, so tempting to use it i have to tell you but restrain myself. I've seen my friends go through some hard times with that plastic

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It isn't the plastic that I have a hard time dealing with desi, it is the bill that comes in later, LOL. I don't put those bills as priority then those fees catch me, so I am better off just staying away from them all together or at least until I get a little more responsible about them, I don't think it will be in this life time. LOL, so I will just avoid them all together.

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Probably a good idea to stay away from the plastic for you than goodnatured, especially since you are working on getting your stuff together credit wise.
So, yeah, just avoid them altogether, you are probably better off.

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oh yes stay away if you can at all possible. If I didn't need it I wouldn't have it. I have mine for two reasons: one is to build credit, the other is because it's a good peace of mind knowing that i have a little extra to float me from check to check BUT i pay as much off if not all when i can. I don't blame you good, the bills just stink!

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I just have no self control, at least you have that, I would have it maxed out in no time and then would put the bill at the end of the list, if something else more important came up. That is how I am ending up in arbitration, had to go to colorado to get the kid and did not have the money to pay the bills. I know it is no excuse that they want to hear, they kept slapping on the charges and would not work with me, eventually it got tooooooooooo out of hand and I said the heck with it and let it go.

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Can I tell you all what one of her credit cards did to here TWICE. my mom and dad have great credit i mean thousands of credit limits because they were always responsible. Well, even with that good credit and i think they're credit scores are approaching if not in the 800s, her credit card due date was on the 15th and they moved it WITHOUT her knowledge to the 10th and slapped on a whopping 32% of interest charges to her. She's going to call and complain as this is the 2nd time. she doesn't want to call attention to it to my dad because he gets all spastic over money, but she's going ot call. i asked her if she can just cancel and she doens't want to because they're thinking of moving and need to have the credit and save. grrrrrrrrrrr
d15 you do have good restraint, just keep it that way if you can, be careful :)

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See that is just crap and should be illegal, too bad she needs the card or she could just cancel it out. Where are they thinking about moving to?

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welcome to the forums, hope you come back, register and join us here in our discussion. We are a good group of people who like to through it all out there and try to find solutions to each others problems. Please consider registering and being a participating member.

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I do alot on ebay, I sell quite a bit, my husband does alot of baseball cards on ebay too. We are not by no means making a mint, but it is extra money. Every penny counts in this house hold.

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But does it earn a lot? Only a few bucks may be right?

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I used to sell on ebay, used to pick ferns, would get anywhere from 3-5 bucks for 10 of them, they grow in the woods by my house so it was no big deal to get them, haven't done it in quite a while, maybe in the spring I will do it again.

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Ferns? Selling ferns is a great proposition. Atleast when you you find it in ample. Do tell me when you do it again.

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What types of ferns are they good, just the ones that grow out in the woods? They are everywhere if they are?

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Good that is a good idea. Ferns are really interesting
tell me when you are selling next...i will try for a bid :)

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We do a plant called myrtle, alot of people call it vinca, that is what it is advertised as in the nursery books, it is a ground cover that grows wild in the woods, usually around cemetaries. It seems that poison ivy and oak likes to grow with it, so every year I get a hardy dose of the itchy stuff to go along with it. We make some decent money off it, it is hard work, you have to pull 10-15 stems with good roots, put a rubber band on it, once you have 100 of these clumps then you put a burlap sack around all the roots and you get around 13-20 bucks depending on where you take it. It is hard, back breaking, dirty work, but we make a pretty good sum of money every summer on it.

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I have some of it growing here and there in the yard, mine gets tiny purple flowers on it, very hardy plant, will take just about anywhere too. Do you get paid well to this? I hope so with having to go to the woods I suppose you have to put some travel in right? with the price of gas it probably cuts into profit.

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Hey good,

As long as its ferns and not something you rollup in cig. paper...LOL...sorry I couldnt resist ;-)

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Hey Sun,

Welcome back to the forum...its been long...Any issues? Hope you are okay :)

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Hey Anthony...

I am glad to be back... Had a busy 3 months...

Bought a house, moved into it, the Holidays and Christmas time is the busiest time of the year for the company I work for.... No, I am not Santa Claus!!!

I missed not being on here!!! We have a great group of folks here!!

Yes, I am doing great...tired and worn out from Christmas...

Hope all is well with you all!!!

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I am sure you are the SANTA Sun LOL. What do you say guys? Sun took a break exactly when Santa has all the work to do. Hey Sun I will call you Santa. Great to have you back SANTA.

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LOL..... and guess what... I dont live in the cold either!! I live where its warm. In, Arizona!!!

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Yes Santa from the desert zone. Hey Santa where is my gift ;)

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Anonymous (not verified)

I board horses, I have my own horses so my time is already invested on the farm, I have to buy feed anyway just more of it now, I have to fix fences anyway, why not take in a few extra and make some money off of it

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Welcome to the forum guest, why not register and participate, it would be nice to here some more from you.

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I sell part time on ebay, minus the recent changes (booo) its helped alot.

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If anyone knows of any good (legit) programs, on the NET, (for extra income)..please let me know. I've looked into PTC, PTR,etc. Does anyone know of any that REALLY pay? So many out there, that are scams, Ya know? Thanks...if anyone can help.

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sdchargers_63 there are so many out there that are scams are really don't pay that its not even funny. I've been searching and really have come up with nothing. There are things with rewards poitns like Mypoints but truthfully they can take FOREVER to add up. My fiance got a $50 JC Penny card after a few months.

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Thanks for the 'heads-up.'...'Diem'. I've looked around, alot, too. Just din't know if anyone else new of any. So far, THIS forum has paid me a few times. Really enjoy it. Thanks for the response, again.

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I do paid to post on 2 other sites.This place pays the most more than the pay to post places.The 2 I workl for have so many members that it is hard to get a job to work on.I also just now getting my blog about set up. Just wehn I think I have it figured out I get mixed up on something else.Has anymore ben getting paid on their blog?If so does it pay very well?Mine in set up on the AMPMinsure forum.

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