What is your Christmas tradition?

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Alot of families have christmas traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. Like freezing and sending 100 year old fruitcake from state to state. YUM, YUM!

Does your family have a tradition that they do yearly?

We have one in our family, the grandmother has a christmas party just for the kids, no parents allowed. We don't mind at all, it is a chance to do the last minute items and not have to worry about the kids for a few hours.

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That's pretty neat! I like that idea kids need other kids too...
We are from very strong German tradition so my mother spends two days cooking ethnic food and we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve as our German ancestors have done. It's really nice because I did study music over in Austria and Germany and I notice that they are very family oriented and show their love to their families by closing their businesses every day at 5 pm, including grocery stores and if you're lucky a restaurant may stay open until 8. the way they show that they care for their family (one of the many) is they cook and their food is very rich. No such thing as having 24 hour convenient centers, it just doens't happen. also they don't really drive in Saltzburg anyway, so there are few 'gas stations' as we know it. now that we have a baby it'll be fun for him to open his presents on Christmas Eve, but like i said, he'll prolly look at us expecting us to do it ;)

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How old is your baby debtstinker? Gifting presents to your kids gives a peculiar satisfaction right?

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I think if you wrap it in his favorite character he just might debtstinker, Children often don't know about santa or understand the christmas paper characters for the first couple of years, he doesn't see those characters everyday.

He may do it, if you and dad do it and make it seem like fun also, remember they watch us, you may just be so surprised at his reaction. Just don't get disappointed when he would rather play with the box than the gift that is in it. LOL. kids crack me up when they do this.

Have fun and enjoy all the little christmas's now while he is young.

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I am sure what ever you decide to wrap in he will enjoy it because it is from santa, LOL. Mine is at the age now where she knows everything, she is not wanting a whole lot, just the blow up princess bed, it is in the closet, early santa. She would rather do things with you than have alot of junk that she won't use for christmas, she is a good kid. I went nuts last year and found that it was really no big deal to her. She enjoys the lights, the decoration, the making things for other people and especially distributing what she made.

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Sharing is really great. Kids learn good things from parents. SO i mus say that her nature generates from her parents :)

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Well, thanks Laura, I will take that as a compliment, she is a great kid considering what all she has been through. We are blessed to have her, we know that she will be fine now and that hopefully we can give her all the right tools to lead a productive life.

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I have to wonder what did Cramer do in that episode, morningstar, I often watch the reruns of that show. Don't recall the episode. I like the show, it is hilarious. I think these people in alot of sense could be your real life friends and family.

You are right about the large family, we had that going on, until a summertime conflict caused problems at christmas time, no this one won't go to that ones house, this one won't go there, it is so stupid, It has been over three years now and they are still holding the grudge. It affects the whole family, it is so irritating. It is one husband in particular, little weasel always starts trouble when he does not want to do something. All he has to do is stay home, but he chooses to convince my sister of the same thing. Everyone is about tired of it. This is on my side of the family.

On my hubby's side, grandma still gets the kids together.

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Hey guys...whats going on in here? Students sharing a drink with profs?? ;) thats really bad. smack that for sure. wink

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These are some bad little girls here Laura, becareful, bad influences! Stay clear!

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:lol: I need to know the naughtiest parts. How can I stay clear?? I am with you already ;)

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Well then, I guess you have to be ready to pay the consequences of hanging out with people like this, LOL.

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Sure. do I mind? Im happy to be with everyone over here :lol: are you not?

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Yes, I am very happy with everyone here, I was just joking around.

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Hi Good i was kidding as well.

Holidays are on the threshold. Does anybody have the tradition of buying the Christmas tree home? Well we do. I will get a Santa as well this year. We have party at our grandma's.

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I just bought a new artificial, went through tree hell too many years in a row there, so it is the 6ft charlie brown tree from the cardboard box for now, until I forget the headaches anyway. My sister gave me this beautiful fake tree, it has snow on the ends and is very full, well all that crap they spray on the ends gets all over the house and through the air. It looks nice but is very messy, I am going with the same kind I had prior to that.

That should be fun getting Santa to come to grandma's, I bet she will just love having everyone around, you are awesome.

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I started a few years ago being a secret santa, I keep my ears open all year for a family or an individual that may be having a hard time, I usually stay with things that will be beneficial past christmas, like clothing or a coat and gloves, if it is a child, I will through a toy in there too. I don't put who it was from, just finding a way to get it to them without them knowing is sometimes a challenge. I had my daughter take it and not let them know who it is.

Another thing I do is prepare plates for the two older disabled gentlemen in town and take it to them on thanksgiving and on christmas. I pack up a bag of christmas cookies to go along with the meal, they really enjoy it and I feel good doing it. Besides you always have left over turkey right? I have done this for years.

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dadummy, you have great ideas that make the season warm and cheery, you are right about the turkey, so it isn't costing you much more, what a nice thing to do. These guys probably look forward to your knock on the door every year. Happy holidays to you, you sound like a wonderful person.

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Oh yes they do look forward to the meals, I think it is the only full course meal they get all year long. In fact the one will call me, he gets really excited about it, he will often tell me what to put extra on his plate, so I throw it in. My husband laughs about it when he calls. These guys live alone, they cook some of their meals on a kerosene heater in the winter, they have a stove but I don't think they use it much. I just figure I have the extra cooked, why not make someone else feel a little better.
I have not figured out who to secret santa this year though, had a young lady in mind until I found out that she is doing alot of underminding things, and is not as needy as I first thought. I want to help someone that really needs it. I have some time yet, so I am sure someone will come about. There is a local homeless shelter, I could talk to the caseworkers there and see if they have anyone with a genuine need. someone will come to mind soon, hopefully. I really enjoy doing this.

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When does everyone start decorating? When do you put up your tree? Do you do the outside of your house as well as the inside of your house? I start right after thanksgiving, pulling out the boxes that I have acquired over the years. I have a six foot santa that is operated by an eye that senses you being there and starts talking, he looks so real. My grandchildren love him. I know he should be in a store lobby, but I could not resist him, I had to buy him.

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Hi all, haven't been here for a while i like reading the conversations. I do want to say one thing real quick then off to bed for me! Dadummy, I think you have a very pure heart with pure intentions! offer your gifts up, you're a great example for all of us! Good and Laura I missed you ladies! i don't know where the time goes...decorating yes, must get on that. anyone have ideas for us? i mean we have two very obnoxious kitties that love dangly things, so we had a tree a few years ago and that went capooey. they decided that it was a scratching post and a miniature kitty haven for playtoys so we quit. now we have our one year old son and would love to get a tree this year, not a real one though. i'm not that ambitious when it comes to cleaning :) never have been
Da...we don't have a yard just some rocks, we live behind a used car lot and there's lots of gravel so no outside decs this year. would love one of those huge snow globes!!

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I have a mother cat and a kitten too, the kittens name is brat, you can ponder why, it is a big brat, into everything, so I can see it with the tree this year. I am sure we will survive, she was that same age two years ago and everyone is ok, just found my ornaments behing the couch at spring cleaning time, LOL.
Those snow globes are nice, they are pretty expensive, they take a significant drop after the holidays now. I have seen them cheaper at the drug stores. We have a local riteaid and they have one heck of a selection of christmas ornaments and decorations at a really good price, that is where I bought my new tree. Do you have one near you?

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Oh you are in trouble with a kitten and a tree. Your ornaments are history. I would always unplug the tree when you leave the house so the kitten don't chew the wires, they are very curious their first year, your kitten will see it as a real tree and climb it I bet. I wish you lots of luck with this and have patience with the kitten, it is only doing what comes natural, play, play, play.
I start decorating the day after thanksgiving, I will probably start the weekend after since it is in the middle of the week.

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Thats a lot you people are doing. Well mine is a real tree and I know how difficult it is to maintain that. I have placed it in our garden. That will be decorated for sure and I have already started doing that. Going to buy an artificial one as well for granny's. She loves cakes....and I am good at it(blowing my own trumpet ;))

Happy Holidays to all :)

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Sounds like you will have a wonderful christmas at granny's, will there be lots of people there? Bake her a nice cake, I am sure she will enjoy it.

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Grandparents expressions tell so much on the holidays as they watch generations of their families come together, what a nice thing to do. These are memories that she will cherish the remainder of her life, and the younger children will always remember going to granny's house. Have fun, hope everything goes well.

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Thanks a lot Good and Dadummy :) You guys have fun too

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Yes I am sure that you have built alot of good memories at grandma's house. I think it is great that the family is willing to go to her house since she is older and let her enjoy hosting all the festivities, alot of times younger generations try to step into too young and start new traditions, grandparents should never be left out of the holidays and I think it is great that you have made her the center of it all.

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Yes Good, I find her voice pretty excited over the phone because we all are going over. We are a close knit family. Hope things work out fine. thanks for all your comments. :)

Anyone else doing something different for Christmas?

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The usual here, all the kids are grown, so the grandkids have taken their places, they will all wake up at their own homes and open presents, I will call them all and see what santa brought them. I really miss that part, dealing with the little ones anticipation a few days before and the morning of christmas was always a real treat for me. I could not get those kids out of bed that early with the liberty bell ringing as an alarm, hee, hee. The kids are my favorite part I think, they keep the excitement in christmas for me.

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We have the kitten and the mother, the mother keeps bringing in mice to the kitten, at first they were dead, then just wounded and now she just brings live ones in. Well, he just wants to play with them forever, tonight it got under the sectional, what a pain to pull out, it kept running to the other side, so the cats did not get that one, it went out the door. I have a dog door that they go in and out of and my dogs use it too, so there is no way of stopping them from bringing them in. I wish she would keep them where she finds them around the feed barrels.

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Oh heavens, good sounds like you have a very eventful house! we have three kitties, one is disabled but can still chase things, the other two just get into my fake flowers and eat them. comes out in the end so i guess they're ok, but mice no thank you! my mom and deal with that all the time. they live on a farm in the middle of no where so there's all sorts of critters that get in. they do have one cat that takes care of the mice, she kills them then buries them in her litter box for my mom to find whenever she scoops out the litter. blah ick! at least she kills them though, soundslike your kitties have found 'playmates' ;)
she wants to bring presents to you :) lol

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I would freak out if she brought in a mouse, dead or alive. It sounds like she is just trying to train her kitten though, if she has brought them in, in all stages of disablement, huh. Hope she stops for you soon.

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I think you are right da, but you know she should be taking him outside and teaching him to hunt. This is getting a little crazy when I am doing most of the mousing when she brings them in live. Especially when they get under the sectional, that is such a pain.

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Maybe she will break this cycle soon, as long as you are catching them all and getting them back out doors, you should be ok, look at it this way, as long as they are in the house your cats will be entertained.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Yeah, well they can entertain themselves out side, soon the tree will be up and they will have it to mess with so I suppose they will have thier minds off the mice. hopefully.

I was gonna start decorating this weekend but just did not have the motivation to do it, I had a five day weekend and I swear I got less done than I do in a two day weekend. I will definately get to it next weekend, I have the singing santa out so my four year old got the old man about worn out and us about crazy, he sings 5 different songs and I swear I have heard them all at least 100 times in two days. Ready to tear my hair out. LOL

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Yeah, well they can entertain themselves out side, soon the tree will be up and they will have it to mess with so I suppose they will have thier minds off the mice. hopefully.

I was gonna start decorating this weekend but just did not have the motivation to do it, I had a five day weekend and I swear I got less done than I do in a two day weekend. I will definately get to it next weekend, I have the singing santa out so my four year old got the old man about worn out and us about crazy, he sings 5 different songs and I swear I have heard them all at least 100 times in two days. Ready to tear my hair out. LOL

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ok, not sure how that happened, I was logged in and it put the post in twice, that is goofy, unless it did not take it the first time. DUH!

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Did you delete your temp files or cookies, some times this will happen when you do this. Then you have to sign back in. I always look at the sign in button, if it says log in, then you are logged out.

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Yes, I do this weekly to keep my computer running a little quicker, I surf quite a bit so I get alot of those unnecessary files that stay on my computer, I guess it would clear out my passwords if I delete my cookies. LOL, did not even think about that.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I believe family traditions are a great thing I just home my children keep it going it just like a reminder of our families before us.I feel its a way to keep our missed loved ones remembered.it also is a way to keep lossed loved ones alive in hour hearts.I will always try and keep a family tradition going and I hope my kids will do the same.

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our family tradition is passing on recipes and getting together to make cookies and share among each other. some of the old fashion cookie recipes are just the best real moist and tastey.cant waite til christmas to enjoy some of the oldies but goodies .I hope you all enjoy you family traditions this holliday end the year right enjoy the special memories you may share together

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hey all I have anidea to add to all your christmas traditions.I am gona try it this year. find a christmas poem and send it with all your christmas cards you give out. heres a nice one I found.
A christmas lesson
"Is there a purpose? Why are we here?"
A little boy asked as the yuletide drew near.
"I really do hope that someday I will know
the reason we stand out here in the snow,
ringing this bell as people walk by,
while thousands of snowflakes
descend from the sky."

The mother just smiled at her shivering son
who would rather be playing and having some fun
but soon would discover before evening was done
the meaning of Christmas
the very first one.

The young boy exclaimed, "Mother where does it go?"
"All the pennies we collect - every year in the snow."
"Why do we do it? Why do we care?"
"We worked for these pennies,
so why should we share?"

"Because once a baby - so meek and so mild
was born in a manger - so humble the child
the son of a King - was born in this way
to give us the message
He carried that day.

"The present God gave the world on that night,
was the gift of his son to make everything right.
Why did he do it? Why did he care?
To teach about loving
and how we should share."

"The meaning of Christmas, you see my dear son,
is not about presents or just having fun
but the gift of a father - his own precious Son
so the world would be saved
when his work was all done"

Now the little boy smiled - with a tear in his eye
as snowflakes kept falling from out of the sky -
rang louder the bell as the people walked by
while down deep in his heart
at last he knew why.
I hope you all like and enjoy the poem.

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Thats a good idea, if you are finding poems, you may want to quote them and make your own cards.

Most computers come with software that does flyers and cards, it is usually under the word processor program somewhere.

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I think it puts such a personal touch on the whole idea, great job.

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All creative people out here it seems. :) I am glad. the poem brought tears in my eyes. Its so nice of you to post it here crackerjack.

Now the little boy smiled - with a tear in his eye
as snowflakes kept falling from out of the sky -
rang louder the bell as the people walked by
while down deep in his heart
at last he knew why.

This is the best part.

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I agree Laura, wonder if we can find others like this that will can print off and put in cards, it would be such a nice touch to the same old, same old and it is something that people could enjoy through out the year.

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