Happy Returns

Submitted by crackerjack on Sun, 12/16/2007 - 14:27

For online purchases the return policy is a little different, here is a useful article that covers just about every question when returning online purchases when you are the gift reciever. I see a few people on here do alot of shopping online, so here you go!

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Another good article from web addy deleted

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Hope these articles are helpful to some of you, especially you online shoppers, lol. I am guilty of this also, but most of mine stay in house so, I would be the one making the return anyway. Just bought a watch for myself this morning from overstock.com

maybe we could make a list of our favorite online vendors that would help others know where to shop safely.

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i dont like returns and i dont useally do them id rather donate the gifts or give rthem to someone else to avoid returning them.

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That is a good idea, regifting, just make sure you remember who gave it to you that way you don't give it back to the same person who gave it to you, LOL, so you better put a note on it to remember.

I will return things especially if I really wanted the item and got it in the wrong color or size.

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Make sure that you keep all reciepts, some stores around here are not doing returns or trade ins without a reciept, you can ask about this when you are purchasing the item.

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always a good idea to keep the reciepts if you think there may be a chance of return, never know when an item won't fit or may be broken, just carry an envelope with you and throw them all in there, they will be out of your way and you will have easy access to them if you need to return something.

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