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Hi ecclectic...ok got a couple of questions. you say you haven't heard of them...they have several pay day loans under their name and love to collect from folks, way more than the original loan amount...what state do you live in? we first have to figure out if pdls are even legal in your state. additionally, westbury loves to pull this. From what company did you originally take out your loan with? how much was that for? I would think the first thing is to talk to your bank and tell them what happened. dispute the debit and maybe do a reversal. Secondly, you may want to visit the debt forum on this site and type in westbury in their search bar, you'll read lots of folks had issues with them and the steps they took. one action being to report them to the attorney general's office. right now first and foremost get your bank involved and if you're comfortable please answer the questions, that will allow us to help you further. welcome to the site

I would think we have to figure out if ecclectic actually took out a pay day loan company...i think you mean to ask that debt and we need to know that in order to help out

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go to debtcc and see if there is someone there who has dealt with them, I know there is. You can find out how to deal with them there. They are definately a payday loan collector.

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Oh I know there is lots of information on them, big time. you will find a wealth of information and it helps to read about others' experiences because you may find someone who has a very similar situation to you.

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Thats what I am thinking debtstinker, I know I was on the forum this morning and there is soooooooooooooooo much information there, you can't help but run into someone who is exactly in the same boat as you. And probably very willing to help.

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mrscoolh2 (not verified)

i have had problems with them, somehow they got my savings acct #, lucky for me, they tried to debit 260.00, it was returned, they tried again about a week later, in 2 different amounts, and those were returned as well, i got charged, but the bank refunded the charges, and i closed that acct. i am not even sure which payday loan they are trying to collect for, but they did not have permission from me to debit my savings, so now they are calling me,and leaving messages, that i should have my legal council call them. they are horrible

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Oh for heavens sakes...they're just mad because they couldn't stick their grubby hands in your savings! that's horrible, i'm thrilled that your bank worked with you and refunded the charges.

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Yeah, good for you that your bank worked with you, some won't. I am glad that part worked out for you. Have you picked up the phone and actually talked to them yet? You probably should do that so that you know why they are tagging your accounts. I know you closed this one but it has been my experience that these companies can some how locate a new account. Keep a watchful eye on all your accounts.

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Well people,

One thing to say. Do not give out your checking info to anyone who you dont know. Not online, not face to face. Personal info cannot be parted with. Ecclectic you can sure visit the debt forums but do tell us whether you had any payday loan or not? Your loan which remained noncollectable might have been sold off to the Westbury Ventures who is now trying to collect on you.

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emiddlebrooks (not verified)

Well, I don't understand who these people are. I saw on my checking acct and it showed a charge that shouldn't have been there. I do have there number but I can't get in contact with them. Here is there number.
1-800-859-6439. Maybe someone out there can get in contact with them.

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emiddlebrooks (not verified)

Just be careful. I think that they can put on your credit though. I am not doing this again.

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Sangeet Prasad (not verified)

I just spoke to someone there because they took $260 out of my account. They claim I owe them money and they debited the money out of my account. I have already called my bank and disputed the charge and am closing my account. They claim that I owe them money and I know I haven't borrowed any money from them. The lady claims that I am being charged with online fraud. I am reporting them to the bad business bureau as I did not authorize them to take this money out. They wouldn't send me the documentation that they had on me.

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emiddlebrooks (not verified)

I just talk to them and they said that they are the actuall bank that finace the payday loan companies. They have the right to take the money from a old loan that was outstanding that you may not know anything about. That new payday loan that you get this company is the one. But you can go to your bank and tell them that you didn't authorize that transaction and because by law the company has to give you notice before they draft or you have to give the promission to do so.

I bank with a Credit Union and they have there Attorny's on duty at all times and they said that PAYDAY LOAN companies are not suppose to do that at all.


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emiddlebrooks (not verified)

Your loans can be sold off but they can't collect without your acknlowegement.

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dlauryn (not verified)

I viewed my online bank account and noticed an attempted withdrawal of $390.00 by Westbury Ventures. I called the number listed and spoke with a very verbally abusive man who accused me of owning this money. I do not have any knowledge of this company nor did I ever have any loan with them. How they ever got my SS# and bank account info is beyond me but warning to everyone if you do any purchases online or pay bills online that you should make certain the website is secure. I went to my bank and filed a Purgery notice to stop this company from any withdrawals from my account. I filed a complaint with the Pa. State Attorney General office against them. These people are bottom feeders and scum.

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Shaun Maddison (not verified)

They just threaten and jeopardize. I lodged a complaint with the AG. The clerk said there are many complaints. I want to see action taken against them.

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monique (not verified)

I spoke with a man names Troy Paisley from this company, he told me that if I do not make a payment, they are going to find bank accounts in my name and take the money that is rightfully theirs, so I gave him my checking account and routing number and gave permission to debit my account on the 26th for $90 to close out my loan with the company. I decided to google westbury ventures and am now finding out that they are more than likely not a real company, what do I do now that they have my checking info? Please help.

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Hi Monique its a big mistake to give out checking account like that. Just make sure with our bank that only the approved amount is debited and not a penny more than that. They are masters in withdrawing extra and making your account go negative.

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JESSENIA (not verified)


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First and foremost Jessenia..give them a call back. Try to get hold of the address and the name of the person though I am sure they will not give the correct name. Take all the information that you need like the amount of debt, the original creditor. Simply ask for debt validation. For that send in a debt validation letter which they have to reply to prove they own the debt and you are liable to make any kind of payment to them.
You can use this for sending the validation letter

Keep your bank informed that no transaction from your account should go unauthorized.

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yvonne allen (not verified)

i need to find out if payday loans a legal in new jersey. they took 345 out of my account, but my bank put it back. i never heard of them. they said it was from an old loan. but i never authorized this and i just opened this account and have not had a payday loan since february

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Hi Allen,

have you any pending payment to any payday loan company?

Well Allen payday loan is legal in your state. However the company might not have papers to run it. West bury is legal and abusive as well. Check with your credit report whether you have any negative remarks added to it.

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China Doll (not verified)

So everyone knows that Christmas is four days away! So surprise, this company has just debited my account for $325.00 plus my bank charges me a $25.00 nsf fee. :evil: I have been calling this number since 8 am this morning, and no answer. But what pisses me off is that the rep at the bank was making it seem like I authorized this transaction....She did not see not one ach depoist on this account from any company since this account has been opened. She states that it is some type of collection company attempting to collect a debit, I said attempting to collect, don't u mean has collected. I am very frustrated, and apologized to her if I seem to be rude, but I explained to her that she was not giving me the information that I needed, because once again I did not authorize this transaction and how did this company even get this account number. The rep explained to me that I would have to file a dispute and that could take up to 30 days and then I would also need to fill out a stop ach withdrawal form for my account. It seems as though she would never answer the question, if this company could w/draw from this account w/out my permission or even them notifying me 1st about doing this. As frustrated as I am, it then dawned on me that I did go a payday loan over a year ago w/a company but at that time I had a different bank and that loan was pif. So I am still kinda at AW on how this company got my new account number and debited the account and my credit union honored this charge. Any comments/suggestions?!?

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Your bank will work with you on this type of matter, be patient with them, their process takes some time. Hope this all works out for you.

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Hi China Doll,

Your credit union will help you to reverse the transaction. Talk to someone in the higher level. The reps hardly help. Go to the bank as you need to fill some papers before the transaction is reversed.

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Wow! I'm seeing tons about Westbury Ventures on this site. I've never heard of them. I've never done a pay day loan - nor will I ever, so maybe that's why. Pay day loans are scams, people. I can't believe how many people use them - it makes me sad.

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Hi Chane,

You are welcome to the forum. Its great to see more contributors everyday. This is unbelievable but many people are victims of the payday loan scams. Payday loans are legal in certain states and that pains us more. Many fall into the trap due to lack of unawareness.

This forum contributes to that sphere of psychology as well so you are welcome to put in your two cents. Thanks again for coming to the forum. We really appreciate it.

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mad mike (not verified)

If your already in the collections department just call 800 8596439 ext3377 and work out a settlement with the manager darin meyer it worked for me and my mother and we had 5 loans betwwenus!!

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Welcome to the forums, hope you will consider registering and staying with us for a while. Thank you for the advice on westbury, a lot of people here and on the debt forum have had some dealings with them.

Please consider registering and becoming part of our great community, we have a wonderful bunch of people here, again, welcome.

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cheeko (not verified)

Can Westbury Insurance really take legal action against you. They mentioned something about internet fraud???

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That might be just a threatening. Could you please explain your situation here cheeko?

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Need help fast. In October I obtained a PDL from the company (mistake I know). Since then I have paid them 960 dollars on a 400 dollar loan. I stopped payment with my bank, which then caused them to change their ACH name and withdrawl 520$, my bank has since recredited that amount.

I just received a call from a Mrs. Davis stating that I must send 390 dollars (settlement) today by Moneygram otherwise they will proceed with "paperwork". I have paid them 560 dollars over the originial loan amount. Does anybody know what will happen if I don't pay. What the laws are in Arizona? I want to call her back by the end of the day and let her know I am aware of my rights. She is telling me they don't have to go by State laws, only the state laws in deleware where they are located. SHe also stated she was going to send paperwork to my employer (I don't think they will honor it).

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It is a mistake to get scared so easily. Do not worry. You have paid them much more than you owe them.

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mannyb (not verified)

please visit westburyventuresscam.com for important information on westbury ventures and to join our lawsuit

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so many you guys have decided to go ahead with the lawsuit then, good for you. Hope you guys get enough people and are able to pursue the suit, who will represent you? How does one get involved.

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mannyb (not verified)

erb1953 please visit westburyventuresscam.com to get more info thank you for your interest

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Bev (not verified)

File a complaint on them with the Better Business Bureau in the state where they are located. I did and it worked. Someone from there will contact you immediately to work with you on your terms and treat you like a person.

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Former Westbir… (not verified)

Okay, I have read all of your comments and some of you are so far off it isn't even funny, but listen up and I will tel you how to beat them.

First, you did take a pay day loan from some company. Whether it was a company they owned or just one they collect for, I don't know, but you did indeed take a loan out. If you say you didn't, stop lying. Number one: They have all of your information and your account number and routing number because you gave it to them. If you say you didn't, then ask yourself this: Why on earth would someone commit fruad and give them all of this information? You are the only one that can withdraw money from your account and they deposited money in YOUR account. If you default or close this account then reapply for another pay day loan, they do not have to notify you that they are taking money out of your new account because you authorized them to take money out in the original agreement from your current or future accounts until the balance was paid in full.

However, there is a loop hole that you can use to beat them. Just to give you a little information that you need to be aware of - LTS Management/Westbury Ventures is the collection agency and by law they are not supposed to threaten you with legal action because they will never proceed with it. When they call and harass you, tell them to fuck off and not to call you again. If they do, you can sue them for harassment. Second, if you ever apply for another pay day loan, make sure there is no money in that account so they cannot debit it. Use the account to receive money only, then deposit or transfer into another account. Also, try giving them a savings account without telling them it is a savings account. They are not allowed to deduct from a savings account.

If you do exactly what I said they will leave your ass alone and you just got some free money. Do not differ from this advice. All others are wrong, including emiddlebrooks advice from the attorney. Her Attorney has not read the contract and is not aware of the wording. It is binding and they will use every method to track you down and get your money. BE WARNED!

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Former Westbur… (not verified)

A little more information for you: Westbury Ventures is a DE corporation, but they are located in downtown Kansas City MO.

Laura gave some great information, but it is not valid for this type of a loan. Validation only works when they report to a credit agency and they do not... NOT EVER! Stop worrying about them, tell them to stop calling or that you'll sue for harassment, and that you only want to receive correspondence by mail. Trash their letters, move on, an forget about it.

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Thanks for the info Former. Also welcome to the forum. You can not double post here but I can see the reasoning since it has to do with the same topic. Do you have the right address for these people because I googled and did not see an ything that places them in MO. I do see that they operate from numerous states.

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Try going to the bbb website and looking them up there, they usually have up to date information.

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I have been finding that site pretty useful. For myself and for others.

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Yeah me too, I have found a lot of good advice here, I have been scanning the letters, there are folks here that put a lot of time into those sample letters, you can just copy them off and paste in your own information. thought that was pretty cool.

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I never thought of doing that. I think when I get free time I may also do that. It would make them handy even when you weren't online.

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Payday loan companies are ruthless, their collectors are worse, these are some of the nastiest collectors that I have dealt with. You should have a good understanding of the collection laws before dealing with them.

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Hopefully bny posting on this site we have detered a few from making the PDL mistake.

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I am hoping, I know that it was one hell of a mess, I was so relieved to have gotten rid of all of them.

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Yeah, I still have the one bill pending for my providian card, they are the ones that are suing me, haven't heard crap in a long time, call in to the attornies office handling it but nothing from them yet either,

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Oh well maybe they aren't going to do anything or are they too waiting on a date to be set? What seems to be the hold up?

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