have you given blood

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have you ever given blood/ my son just gave blood for the fifth time i think but any way he got a real nice t shirt which is nice but blood is another thing where we shouldnt question about you never know when it could be you or one of your family menbers needing the blood the blood banks are in dire need so if you can please give.

Yes, used to give all the time but have not for a long time, they used to have the red cross come into where I work but have not done that in a while.

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I have been a blood donor with the American Red Cross for 15 years, whenever it's time I go and give, exactly as u stated u never know when it's going to be ur family that needs it, but let's also remember that blood is used for soldiers fighting for our country!

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I used to give blood every chance that I could get while I was in the military, I gave for quite a while when I got out. The last time that I tried to give the Red Cross refused to let me give because of my time in Desert Storm. This triggered some questions for me, it shook me up, I had to wonder what is wrong with my blood, is there something wrong with me. When I asked the veterans administration they have no answer. The Red Cross says that we were exposed to too much for them to accept the blood from the military members. Seems they will be out of luck for a lot of potential donors in Pennsylvania, we are one of the most deployed states and continue to be deployed as we speak. I know units in our local area have orders for deployment in 2009. So, if there are hardships for blood now, there is an entire population that won’t be able to give in a few years, so the shortage will increase.

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I am a regular blood donor.recently suffered from anemia so doctor advised not to donate till I recuperate. I am on a lot of green vegetables, white of egg, milk and all fruit juices. Hope to be well soon. Red Cross is the place I have been related to since I turned 18.

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I don't think by what you wrote good natured that they have given you a full explanation of what is going on either. I would demand answers, seems funny to me that you can never, ever give blood again. I would really look into this and make sure that I got an answer, look at all the birth defects after a war, you just never know what the future holds as far as your health, not anything to play around with.

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I went to give blood for my first time the other day but was past the time to do so. IF you are anemic can you give blood? If you are anemic will they tell you? I was anemic throughout highschool and when I told a friend about giving blood they said they will not accept mine. Is that really true and how would they know?

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Well yes they wont allow you to donate if you are anemic. Before they allow you they would analyze your blood pressure. They would find it anyway.

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You should not give if you are anemic, and Laura is right, they will be able to tell. You don't have sufficient supply for yourself, so they are not going to take what you have away from you.

Are you weak from being anemic?

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thank you all im glad this is a mutual issue and everyone considers it a vital obligation even you coffeebean and if theres a problem and you cant give you made the effort amen on our soldiers.

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No, I have never given blood .I would probly pass out.I hope I never need any ,but I guess everyone feels the same way. Remember when you could get (some did) aids from donated blood .How do we know you can't catch something else they don't know to screen for.Like the MRSA.

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i think its pretty safe and if it came down to you die or accept donated blood i think youd chose to get someones blood so you could live.how do you know whats in what you eat do you know everyone who prepares your food. have you touched anything that someone touched with germs on thier hands think about it everything you do in life is by chance.

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Yes, still give and encourage others to give too. I try to help the local red cross and get my kids to when they do a blood drive. We usually do the ushering to the nurse to get the blood pressure check, then it is off to a table to give and then an escort to the snack area and conversation to make sure that they are okay before they leave.

Did you know that you can also donate just your plasma, sometimes if the red cross is low on supply they will pay for plasma. A lot of college students give plasma around the universities for spending money. It is a little different process, you have to go directly to the red cross office to donate plasma.

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You really dont need to donate blood if you have had a serious illness only recently or sometime back. This is not a must, just a voluntary service that you may do if you want to.

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they screen the blood accurately and you can get anything from other places besides blood would you eat a hamburger if they told you the cow had aides think about it nothing is 100 percent safe, but you gotta do what you gotta do and i say give blood and if you ever need blood you may as well accept it.

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Amber (not verified)

I am anemic too. But I really want to give blood. Would something serious happen if I did give blood? I don't think so. If I ate a lot before and after the blood drive, wouldn't that be okay?

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Sorry Amber but you must not donate if you are anemic. You should check with a doctor before you take a serious step.

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I have been turned down in the past for giving blood just because I have a heart murmer. For those who don't know a heart murmer is just an irregular pulse. Other than that I'm perfectly healthy. My wife has O- blood which anyone can use so she tries to give as often as she can. Although lately she has been hesitant to give because most of her experiences giving blood have been bad ones. It seems that some of the people who work for the blood drives have very bad attitudes and don't act at all appreciative for your donation. And I'm sorry but if you don't hit a vein the first time it is much less painful to just pull the needle out and try again but they seem to like to dig around inside you until they find the vein which can be very painful. has anyone else had experiences like these as well?

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I think that is ridiculous. The number of times I have donated they just tapped my hand with the fingers to find the vein. Mostly they take from left hand but in my case its the right, so sometimes they had difficulty in finding the vein. Now but I have never had an experience of pushing in and pulling out of needles like that. Better you visit some other blood donation chamber if your wife to donate at all. It is harmful the way she has been treated.

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