How do i win an ipod?

Submitted by Dadummy on Wed, 01/23/2008 - 01:06

how do you win the ipods? ive seen a couple people saying about the ipods what do i have to do to try and win an ipod? are they good ones who all has won them? I dont even know how to use one but my grandkids might. I havent heard them talking about them. They always want to down load music on my pc, but they have locked it up a couple times.

You can not win an Ipod here, that contest is on the Insurance forum, there are no contests here. sorry.

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I hear it is a pretty nice one, not a crappy one, I would not mind winning one myself but the competition is pretty fierce.

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You can visit the insurance forum for that. Competition is tough though.:)

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I am a member there also, I did join the debt forum also, but have not written much, it is just too hard to keep up with three different forums, LOL. There is so much on each one.

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I was there not a lot to write about unless they want to hear how many times ive had it put to me by insurance companies.

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LOL, Dadummy

I don't think it is that kind of forum, they like here have a pub section where you can have off the subject converations.

You can not win an Ipod here

There are not any contest here right, the ipod is on the insurance forum marathon. I have not participated in the insurance forum. It is enough for me to keep up with this one, LOL. Maybe when I have more time I will venture there or the debt forum, for now, I am content here.

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i hope you are finding this forum pretty interactive and helpful. There not many people round here but we are pretty good in conversation what say?

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thanks guys i didnt know i could write off the wall stuff there too.

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I really like the forum so far. Very fun talking with everyone.

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Welcome to the forum fred333, we hope that you will stay and contribute to our forum. We always want new members to feel welcome and to discuss in their own opinion.

Dadummy it is true, you can not win an ipod here, only on the insurance site, goodluck in winning one, there is some pretty tough competition there for them though. I too would like to win one, but know that I am not on enough to win one, so I am out of the running, LOL.

I encourage you to go there and get involved in the forum, I was there and they have a lot going on, but I don't know enough about insurance or what they are talking about to really build up enough to keep up with the posters that are there. You would have a real tough time doing it unless you were on the forum daily, know enough about insurance to intelligently comment and answer. I just don't feel confident enough to do a good job there.

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I dont think ill ever get one i cant think of any thing to write about on the insurance forum and i dont want to elaborate since i have a case pending.

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Probably, a good idea not to write about a pending case, you never know who is looking.

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ok i CAn write on here and make money. man I cant type today I keep hitting the wrong keys. must be an off day for me.

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