do you think they should allow prayer in schools?

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do you think they should allow prayer in schools? with the recent caucus in iowa the religion issues are a big topic i believe every one should have the choice politics always goes too far. leave the prayers alone anyone who chooses not to recite them can remain seared. lets get to more serious issues take cigerettes and drugs out of the hands and lives of kids. letsteach more morals and respect. people from other countries need to appreciate our values if they dont want to paticipate then set back but dont try to force our country to adapt to thier cultures just because we gave them the privilage to live here, if they can not respect our culture then go back where they came from and live thier culture. we still have our young men and women fighting other countries to keep our freedom, so lets keep it, as it was meant to be freedom for everyone. everyone should have the right to seek freedom of speech and chice of religion. thier free to practice their beliefs and so should we. i even heard where they want the in god we trust off the us money because its offensive to some well thats going to far this is still america leave our rights as they are.

we should have the right to choose

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I believe that we should have the right to chose too, I was mad when they took the pledge of allegiance out of the schools, I grew up and every morning we faced the flag, put our hands on our hearts and spoke the pledge of allegience to the flag. I was really dissappointed when they took it out of the schools. I don't know that we should have prayer either, but I do think that we should have a choice.

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This has always been a sore spot to me, I too got just a little irritated when they pulled the allegiance tot he flag from the classroom, I started my day, every day in school with my hand on my heart too goodnatured. Even as a young child when I did the allegiance, I thought about the soldiers that died for that right.

I come from a family of veterans and when you are raised that way, you believe in the flag, you believe in god and prayer and you believe that your country will do what is right. They were wrong to pull it and I don't feel there is a place in the schools for prayer.

I don't mean to offend anyone, but these are my personal feelings, I come from a very patriotic family.

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Patriotism is a part of our lives. What a section of the society is doing should not affect us if we have the strength in our beliefs.

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i just think we should have that choice it should be availible to those who want to. i dont think they should be able to take it from us.

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I have to say that prayer is very powerful!!! Praying to God is the most beautiful action anyone could make. I dont know about you but praying to the Lord is very satisfying to the soul. The Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, He is extremly worth praying to. Every person should pray as though that prayer would change the world. Prayer reminds me of a comet falling from its home planet. A comet seems so bright and beautiful yet mighty and intense. Prayer has the ability to accomplish the most difficult tasks. These tasks include changing a person’s entire life and providing salvation around the world. What is beautiful about prayer is that it can be as lengthy as one desires or short and to the point. Dont ever give up!! The Lord loves you all so much!! For you are His children!! Dont forget that!! I COULD SHOUT IT TO THE WORLD!!THE LORD LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion on this subject, I don't think they should have prayer in school and my reasoning for this is the many different religions. What will they practice, it they practice chritianity you will upset the atheist, and etc. There are just too many to involve it in the school system. This was not to meant to be an audience for religion.

I too am very patriotic and was a little upset about the pledge of allegiance being taken out of the schools. I guess I have to wonder what this country is coming to sometimes, you have people burning american flags, if they would do that in another country they would be punished harshly and maybe even put to death. I love seeing the old veterans wearing the shirts with flags on it that shout "Burn this One!" My personal feeling is to strip them of their citizenship and ask them what country you want to live in and give them a one way ticket out of the country.

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I got a secret for you all: prayer is allowed in schools. Who's to say that a student can't pray in a group at nutrition, lunch, recess, or quietly at a desk during class (provided it doesn't interfere with any other student)? Prayer is not permitted when the school appears to be sanctioning it; actions by a governmental entity that favor one religion over another, or favor religion over irreligion are generally unconstitutional. Prohibited acts would include allowing a student to lead an invocation at a high school football game, or holding a moment of silence in the classroom so that each student may pray.

Pledge mini-quiz (using google is cheating):

When was the pledge written?
A 1954
B 1926
C 1866
D 1892
E 1918

With which political affiliation did the writer identify?

A fascist
B sociali st (space added to defeat cm's spam filter)
C democrat
D republican
E carpetbagger

Why was the pledge written?

A A revolt against the unpatriotic pacifist movement during World War I
B A marketing campaign designed by a flag manufacturer to sell more flags
C A gesture designed to renew patriotism and help instill a sense of unity following the Civil War
D Commissioned by the government to renew patriotism and help instill a sense of unity at the end of the reconstruction
E To instill loyalty with the government at the time of the first Red Scare

When were the words "under God" included in the pledge?

A They were always a part of it
B 1954
C 1867
D 1930
E 1898

What was the writer's previous occupation?

A Teacher
B Politician
C Minister
D Union organizer
E Military

A constitutional amendment banning desecration of the flag is scary. Changes to our Constitution can have drastic unintended consequences years down the line (anyone opposed to abortion should know this), and this would be a law that does not grant protection from the government, but rather, lessens protections afforded to us all. Think about that the next time you strongly disagree with a government policy...

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Well let me answer...:)

When was the pledge written?
D 1892

With which political affiliation did the writer identify?
B sociali st

Why was the pledge written?
B A marketing campaign designed by a flag manufacturer to sell more flags

When were the words "under God" included in the pledge?
B 1954

What was the writer's previous occupation?

C Minister

I might be wrong and you can always correct me.

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thank you guest i couldnt of said it better,and morningstar. august I hear you saying about the veterans all the time were you ever in the wars did no one ever pray? I dont believe that not one of those soldiers said a solomn prayer to god to keep them safe I FOR ONE PRAYED DAILY SINCE I HAD TWO OF MY KIDS OVER THERE.Ive had a lot of people tell me they dont believe in god but ive also heard of some of those same people saying help me god when they were sick. IM not gonna preach about this but my faith will always be in god. I hope you someday find time to read the bible when your not on here writing maybe you might be surprised what you write about then. sorry if i hit a nerve but i dont under stand people not believeing and im not one to wear my religion on my sleeve and go around saying im a christian, but i certainly believe and i pray that all my kids believe. If I had to pick a legacy to leave behind I would hope no I would pray that it would be that I put enough into them that they would believe and teach thier kids to believe. With that said ill quit and move on to another subject. and ill say a prayer for you and yours.

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What a great thread this is turning into. Hey morning star, great quiz, good job, Laura!

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I just think they should leave the american ways in place why should our policies have to alter to please everyone elses cultures.

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