would you eat cloned meat?

Submitted by Dadummy on Mon, 01/21/2008 - 18:34

would you eat cloned meat? Ithink this is ridicoulas i will become a vegetarian if they clone meat. why dont they let the people vote on things like this. they are takeing advantage of everyone and if they want to clone it then we should have the right to know which meat is cloned so we can make the choice if we want to eat it. whats your opinion?

would you eat it

No absolutly not! Only if I were starving or did not know what i was eating. But when you think of it it is probably ok.Its just the thought of it ,like it is artificial meat or something.lol

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I dont find it impressive enough. There is nothing wrong in having so because it is nutritious...just the thought makes it not eatable right?

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yes, Thats my thought exactly .The way they are cloned doesn't make it any different , just knowing it isn't natural turns you away from it.

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My problem with this is that they can do what they want to when they clone, Don't want the wings on a chicken, clone it without!
Don't use the brains on a cow, clone it out!
Don't use the tail of the pig, clone it out!

These will become designer animals in a sense they will design them for the most productivity, you will only see the parts that are most used and what is essential to keep it alive.

I would have a real hard time eating this meat if it were me, I would think of it being developed in a lab and have a real mental issue with it. I have always heard that if you seen the butchering process you would not eat meat, well I don't want to see any of it, thank you!

I think that we are getting away from the way things should be, we pay farmers not to farm, what is next?

I don't think that it should be legal to clone anything, It is just wrong, some people think that it is okay to clone animals well the next thing you know they will be cloning kids, probably already have and we don't know it.

So, would I eat the meat? Probably not and they better label it when they decide to do this. I will be raising my own or buying from the local farmers. Hope they don't let any cloned animals get into the population of ones that are not cloned. I really hope that this is voted down.

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Well Lunchtime,You just ruined my appetite. After putting it that way ,No I definitly will not eat cloned meant.I see my steak now as a brainless ,legless hunk and my pork as being tailess.Did yo know that the pig is not wasted ,you eat more than throw out.Pig's feet,tails, and so on.Sounds nasty to me.

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Oh, hummingbird you know that tail would just get in the way, you can't eat it, why have it, LOL. Just kidding.

I think that if anyone did have an appetite for it, You just cured that lunchtime.

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lunchtime you got it no one will see the way its done and ive seen pictures of how they do fast growth chickens. Im definately gonna be a vegetarian when they start besides they may clone for a while before they tell us so they can say well youve been eating it for 6 months. I dont care if they clone and people want to eat it but they should have to mark it so those few sensible people dont have to eat obese induced meat.

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hey everyone heres a good recipe for when they start cloneing meat.

one box of rigotoni or spiral macoroni
brocoli one bunch
cauliflower one bunch
celery 2 stalks
red and green peppers chopped up
two kinds of your favorite cheeze
red wine vinerette
mix it all together and you have everything you need for a meal.

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Ok dadummy, are you going to eat some if one of us cooks it?

Where did they ever come up with this idea? I did not think that there was a meat shortage in the united states. My concern is that the restaurants will start using it and not telling us or are they all ready. Oh, god what will I be eating when I hit the McDonald's drive thru window? I am not comfortable with this idea at all and will always wonder about it when it all starts.

When is this supposed to start, wonder what marketing scam they will come up with to make this sound good enough for people to fall for it? I guess this will be a good way to change a lot of peoples eating habits if they are not paying attention before, they should be now.

I don't think they should do this and they should have to disclose that it is cloned meat in the supermarket, at resturants or any place else that you would purchase anything to do with meat. Every thing will be affected by this.

Dadummy, where do you come up with this stuff?

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If someone could clone me up a filet mignon...even a good rib eye, you can bet your you-know-what that I'd eat it.

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That is completely disgusting. Great idea dadummy, i am turning vegetarian. LOL. I prefer natural stuff than cloned. Need to open a farm myself now. What say?

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Having once killed an animal, cleaning its carcass, then cooking it, I actually think that cloned meat would be less gross--provided it looks and tastes the same. A few months ago, I saw a picture of cloned beef. It did not look anything like "what's for dinner" and I lost my appetite.

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what did it look like morning star? what was the difference between it and regular grown meat?

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I just looked for a picture on google images; I think the current debate revolves around cloned animals...for some reason I thought the debate was about lab-grown meat, not a real animal. I cannot find the picture I saw on cnn.com several months ago (of meat grown in a petri dish). Since the issue is about cloning an animal into an embryo and subsequent artificial insemination, it doesn't bother me in the least.

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Ok morning star, meat in a petri dish, that would just look gross, lol, I think that would definatley be a major turn off to cloned meat for me.

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Yes, I would like to know also.Hey Erb,Hows it going? Hey Dadummy whats this about fast growth chickens. I was wondering a loud why my children shot up taller than me at such a young age .I have a 12 year old that is as tall as me as weighs more.Both my daughters weigh more than me. Some one i think it was dear hubby,said it all the stuff they put in the meat.No joke,as tall as my youngest is she had a friend over that made her look like a dwarf.What do you all think,is it what he thinks?

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I think the growth hormones that they put in meat, I think that it affects the way our children growth.

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OMG! Thats sounds awful.Some kids are growing at an alarming rate. I am 5 ' tall .My generation did not grow this fats. There is definitly something wrong somwhere.Little girls at 11 having enormous boobs and having their monthly at that age .It is to rushed where is their childhood.I don't think the harmones in meat have anything to do with 6 year olds coming home from school and talking about who is going out with who these days though.

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I dont care whats what if god wanted anything cloned he would of done it. im not eating anything thats not original. theres no shortage of animals thier just to lazy to take care of them.

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At first I was really grossed out by the thought, but once you read into it, it sounds like it is better actually. see below


Cloning animals is a reliable way of maintaining high quality livestock to supply our nutritional needs. Identifying and reproducing superior livestock genetics ensures that herds are maintained at the highest quality possible.

Animal cloning offers great benefits to consumers, farmers, and endangered species:

Cloning allows farmers and ranchers to accelerate the reproduction of their most productive livestock in order to better produce safe and healthy food.
Cloning reproduces the healthiest animals, thus minimizing the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and other chemicals.
Cloning can be used to protect endangered species. For example, in China, panda cells are being kept on reserve should this species' numbers be threatened by extinction.

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And it currently costs approx $16,000...not what I'd call cost-efficient.

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Well ,Yea, it does sound good .But is it a smoke screen like the movie"Body Snatchers"

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I would give it a try and see what it tastes like.

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Sounds good to me.Never close the door on anything you might regret later ,right?

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So the more I read the better that I feel about this, from what I understand that it will be done on the farm, had one website explain the cloned animals as the "rock stars of the barnyard". They would still live in a farm environment, they would go through the same process as far as I can tell, the cloning will come in during the artificial insemination, just like they do now, only the good genes would be used. Better quality meat, fewer sick animals, etc.

If you think about it, take a look at what we have already done with breeding, I remember the first time I seen a beefalo, half beef and half buffalo. Then you have the turkchicks, which is half turkey, half chicken. So in a sense we are already breeding against what god intended and have been for quite some time. Google these animals, they exist.

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Wholly Molly! I never knew that .I have heard once about the beefalo but not the half chicken and turley.I had a chicken once that had a turkey neck. All the chickens hated it and chased it into a wood pile .Poor thing never came out .Guess it died in there. I don't think they should be breeding againt nature though.

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I will just become a vegetarian and everyone else can do thier own thing we use to raise our own maybe ill go back to that. I may not have a lot of time in this world but I really feel sorry for the younger people they will have all this garabage to filter through. they will all probably be heavy from all the steroidsand if the cloneing process is anything like the chicken processing plants yuk I hope they all watch and pay close attention to the effects. everyone should do a lot of reserch to see the facts.

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Well, I am really bad about not eating things unusual. If it wasn't served to me as a child I want no part of it. That is as far as meat goes. I will try other food as long as it is not a strange meat. I have heard that people eat raccoon.opossum ,whale and all kinds of strange things.They are strange to me anyway. They eat goat,turtle and squirrel.My hubby eats those, but not me. Frogs too. My sister loves frog legs and even that was served as a child but I won't eat it. What about snake,NASTY!

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you go for it as for me I will become a vegetarian for the rest of my life and take vitimins in place of meat. there are so many other protiens out there, but I WILL miss my dairy products, because i love cheeze and yogurt. guess ill adjust some how.

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I think we all do what we need to do to survive.I hear that a person will eat another person in order to stay alive.Guess we never know till we are actually faced with the situation. Eat another person?I can't begin to imagine it.

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I guess this forum also went to not paying for posts on the pub.

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taymer (not verified)

Think about it if the animals have a diease then you might get a diease to

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