Does your point value fall after cash out

Submitted by goodnatured on Thu, 11/15/2007 - 23:21

Does your point value fall after a cash out, I noticed that originally, I got really high amounts for the first 24-48 hours. Then it fell to about 25-30 cents a post.

Now that I have cashed out or went over $100, I am lucky if I hit 17-20 cents on the posts that are the same length as before. So does my oppinion count less and less? Has anyone else had this happen?

This is not fair is it? Our oppinions should not fall in cents value.

This post above is a good example, I used to get like 30-40 cents for this length of post, I only got 23 cents for it.

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Hello Good,

I had the same problem and I got clarified.

What happens is the points that you accumulate are completely system generated and is not a result of any manipulation. It depends on the factors like the number of posts that you have made and the amount of cash out.

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well.... they are generous I think for paying anything in the first place...

But I did notice a droppage of cents after 50 posts...

just adding my 2 cents :D

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Well thats okay. Im happy being a part because they are fast and they are honest. They pay on time.

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I just thought it was a pretty descent drop, thats all. They do pay better than most forums. I just wondered if it happen to anyone else. Laura, what does the amount of the cashout have to do with it? Just curious?

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most of the other forums I have visited didnt pay anything.... I am talking about the ones outside of these forums.... but in any event, I am glad to be here.....

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me too :) i was a little surprised good at the drop as well.
glad to be interacting with all of you. helps a lot in more ways than one.

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Well good it drops with the first cash out. I faced the issue and then was informed regarding the system automated thing that happens. But you can of course pm Seth in case of any problem :)

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I think this is common in all forums that the rate falls, I know it is a little disappointing but look at all the other benefits you get from forums like this. The relationships of cyber friendships, the commonality you share and the way you can express yourself knowing that you are going to given a response that may help your situation or at least make you feel better. I don't have the answers, just wanted to add my 3 cents.

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I am greatful for the relationships that I am building here, I have my morning coffee before work and answer threads and then hit them again in the afternoon. Have met some real nice people here.

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Meeeeeeeee i've said before, talking to a one year old is wonderful hearing all the babbles, coos, dadas and mommas, but sometimes ya j ust got to have an intellectual conversation with adults! and i think that many of us established a nice rapport with each other. i look forward to coming here and getting advice etc. happy saturday all :)

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I did notice the points stay pretty high if the post is longer, so coo, coo, dada and mommm, mommmm, mmmmommm, LOL.

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LOL good, that's cute. if i let the baby on here that's all he'll do. I've never met a child who can lock up a computer like this one can. he does things that i don't know how to do!

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Toddlers are hell on the keyboards, they just seem to push all the right buttons. He is probably just watching you and thinking he is being just like mom.

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Well yes if the posts are longer the points would be higher as well. But one thing is for sure, one has to make real good and informative posts to earn magic points.

You need to have the magic in you ;)

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I see that, I know when I am really interested or have information on the topic, it is well worth the posting points.

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Hi all been a way for a little while. yes dadummy toddlers are pretty tough on the keyboards. now that you mention it he's in the imitating stage. so i will try to intercept the extra long cooos or whatever he does on here :)

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I have a grandson that just turned two, he beats the crap out of my keyboard, it has survived, I don't know how. I try to just keep him away from the computer all together, like you said, he can lock up things that I don't even know was there or could be locked up.

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That is very cute anyway. I am just too fond of babies. I would rather take them in my arms and move around rather letting them sit on my machine :lol:

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I use the hip, I actually through my hip out and had to go to the chiropractor to get mine put back in from hippy a heavy baby. It hurt bad, like my bones were grinding. It was a slow process getting it to stay in place to. I was walking crocked, LOL.

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OMG good, that is not good, hope all is well with your hip now, that is one nasty bone to deal with, affects just about everything, walking, sitting and any type of movement.

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Yes, it really hurt, It took a few visits to the chiropractor to get it to stay in place. It hurt with every move I made. We adopted our grand baby, when she was born she would not gain weight, so they put her on a formula that forced her to gain it, well she was 28 pounds at 6 months old. We got her out of foster care when she was 8 months old and our pediatrician took her off the formula immediately. She is now normal weight but a little tall for her age group. She is four and into a 5-6 because of her height. She is doing great now. She was really attached to us in the beginning, still is now, because she was in the foster care for the first eight months and bonded with the family and than, we complete stangers came and got her. She was in Colorado, we are in Pennsylvania, so we could not visit. She is a blessing and off my hip now, LOL. Christmas is getting more fun by the year as each day is, we are blessed to have her in our lives and thankful that she has good health now.

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OH Yes, you are very blessed to have a beautiful angel in your life. Kids can drive ya nuts, break your keyboards, and get into mischief but they sure are wonderful to have around. our lives are enriched when our little one is around. he's now at the age where he's beginning to understand affection. He doesn't know how to hug yet, so he'll just plow his little body right at you in attempts, and kisses? well he tries but doesn't purse his lips, he just plants a whole open mouth on your cheek. it's the thought that counts :) i Love when he come's walking to me with a huge smile (all 8 teeth showing) and wants to be held.
I'm glad to hear your hip is better :) i'll have to watch out for things like that

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debtstinker you just brought the image to my mind. I could actually see the baby through the words that you have given.
Its good to know that your Hip is back to normal GOOD :). No more chiropractors.

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I wanna put on my ' 2 cents', too!! ( Or I'll feel left out..LOL) I feel I have some great 'relationships' from this forum. I've helped people and this forum has helped me.

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Morning!! SD you're a valued family member on here :) thank you Laura...i love writing about him...he's awesome most of the time though the whining isn't so cool, but he's getting a huge molar and it's just now cutting through, that would make anyone cranky. the neat thing about nature is he won't remember any of this!! See you ladies later

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sd, we love you dear. You have been a great help on this forum.

debtstinker, your son will be so inspired by the love you have for him, it will show, just as sdchargers has a beautiful relationship with her son. See you have a great role model here.

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ditto, what da said, we love you sd. You have been a great help here, especially to me, I will have more questions here shortly, I will pm them to you though, thank you for agreeing to help me, I really appriciate your help.

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Great to see so much love is in the air...lalala. LOL.

Sorry for the joke. I am really very happy to see so many people here closely knit. Wendy has been one of the first members on the forum to get a payout from credit magic and she deserves it. She started with little knowledge just as I did and now she can actually advise you to do something pretty boldly.
Earlier she had questions and now she has answers as well. Love you sd. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: . You are a bright star in the creditmagic is everyone here who has made this a lively forum with various discussions happening on board.

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I think everyone is in the holiday spirit too, Laura, that helps, LOL. Not that we don't love sd any other time, we do, LOL. She is a great person with lots of real life experience to pass on to us.

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Yes we are, faaaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaa, we go right from thanksgiving right into christmas. This is the most exciting time of the year, especially for you with little kids. I miss my kids more this time of year, I remember the christmas morning memories and wonder what it is like at thier houses with their little ones. I know this is their time and won't intrude, they will come over at some point in the day and I will talk to them on the phone and share the excitement. But there is nothing like that first look on christmas morning as they see the cookies and milk are gone and the presents are all there.

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Hey Laura, maybe we can all have one great big cyber hug!!! LOL :D

Sorry, my sense of humor is goofy.... :lol:

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Think I am late posting here. Yah we can get a big cyber Hug. LOL

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I wish they would subtract the points off when you cash out si we would know exactly what we have in here. how long does it take to get the checks? I think i will cash out pretty soon and start over.I wish they would take the points off and start me over

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I just love being here my only wish is they would take off points when you cash out.

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I dont think that would be possible on this forum for the time being. Why do you worry? Keep mailing the admin if you want to know how much has accumulated. He can give the correct information.

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Dadummy don't you have a paypal account? if you don't you can get a check mailed to your home address. I am not real sure how long it takes after you request the cashout? Sometimes they don't move so fast on that part. Last time I requested one, it took a few days, sometimes it will happen overnight, so there is no set standard, don't know why. I usually get my cashout in paypal after about three days on the mortgage forum. Here it is not consistant.

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I just got a check for 81 dollars. I love this site for once im earning instead of spending on here

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Congrats dadummy, I am struggling getting to 5000, I have been writing and writing and seem to get nowhere very slowly.

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I think they pay good on here but id like to know do they ever subtract the points you cash in or is there a way to check on how many you have I keep forgeting how many i cashed in so far. does anyone else have this problem?

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I think many have this problem. They forget how much they cash out. Best way is to store the mail that you send to the admin.

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Anonymous (not verified)

I dont know about the lenghth of the post but I do know its a lot of fun being on here and making friends. as for the pay I just consider it extra money since I lost on the superbowl. lol

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I dont know about the lenghth of the post but I do know its a lot of fun being on here and making friends. as for the pay I just consider it extra money since I lost on the superbowl. lol

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Thats okay but it will be a little tough these days. The pub wont add points for posts anymore.

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