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Does anyone know ( more ) about the Tax Rebates? The news has been talking about them for a while now. Who qualifies, etc? Anyone know?

The tax rebate is a one time payment to most american households.Its intend to boost economy by encouraging consumer spending. Government plan to prevent a recession. They will be based on income, o. of children, wether you are on ss or disability.Most individuals wii get 600, married couples 1200 lower income who make 3000 but pay no taxes 300 per person 600 oer couple. you could get them as early as may or june.

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I read in my local news that the president has already signed this and it is in effect. Should be completed by summer .Checks will start being mailed out in May is what I heard.

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Thanks for the response, Laura. Good to 'chat' again!! Been on this forum ( recently) in 'spurts ( guess u can say...LOL) Alot going on. WOW!! Tax Rebate!! Sure will help!!

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