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Submitted by hummingbird on Sat, 03/15/2008 - 00:19

I ran across this in my email as I am registered with Helium.Any one who can write articles and knows about this subject you can earn 32.00 Here is the link, it is on" How your credit score effects buying a home".

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thanks, I write for associated content, you would probably like it also, hummingbird, I pmed you the link. They are really easy to write for, I think you would like it. check your pm

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I hear alot about associated content. can you explain what this is?

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Shooting star (not verified)

Hi do you get paid for it? I have heard about associated content but unless they pay I do not have any reason to waste my time there.

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I wouldn't mind doing something like that for extra money but any info on things that matter to me wouldn't hurt either.

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Yes, they do pay.I have written one article and gotten paid for it. They will make you an offer and you can accept or reject the offer.I have not been there in a long while. I need to go back and do some more. You can write article on credit ,something you know about.How about an article on this site?

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That would be great. We have an article section that still has to grow. I dont know whether they pay for it or not but that would definitely add to the resources of this site. If you post the article on a new thread that will earn points as well. So not a bad deal.

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The best part would be that you will get views on it and people will also learn about the article and you as well.

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Laura has a good point. I mean shouldn't we write on here also. It would help the site grow and offer info to other people. You could actually do both. It wouldn't hurt.

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Very true. We all know jow important being well informed can be.

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I write quite a bit on AC, it is an awesome site, I have a few friends that write on it too and they all enjoy it. You get referral money so if any of you have not been there yet, hook up with somebody here who has and let them get a few bucks for your referral.

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Yeah good is right and the neat thing about AC is that quite a few times when I was having issues with a particular collection agency i typed the name in the search engine there and found that other people have had trouble with the same people. I think AC is a decent place to write and gather information. however, this is the only forums/website that you will learn quite a bit about credit/credit reporting etc. because there are so many other people who are going through very similiar situations to yours no matter what your going through now

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I usually get paid betwwen $5 and $9 per article, 400 words on AC, you would never get that here with the points system here. You may get max 50 points. Unless somebody knows something that I don't.

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Hummingbird, have you been paid on helium? Don't your articles have to be purchased? I went there and wrote quite a bit, still no results. Have you gotten paid at helium yet?

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Yes let us know how this works out. I like to write myself and think it would be good to get paid for it.

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I keep, planning on going back and writting but never have .I think somtimes when I am sitting ,I will write out an article then post it to AC. What if someone write an aricle on AMPminsure would that help?

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Not sure there hummingbird. sometimes I get so caught up in everyday life that I can't find the time to write articles. I still never made it to the other site to check it out.

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I have written there and never had an article published, there is a cut off date of this bunch of april 1, I have 5 articles there, so hopefully one of the five will get published. I had to do a lot of research to do them.

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Well, How about someone diving in and writting the article. Who is going to volunteer?Will it be about the topic here or about the site in general?

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Ok, I have written an article.Mind you I am not an expert article writer and I have only written one for Ac once.It is ready to be published just want to ask Lakemen a question first. Some of you others can try your hand at it also.

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Goodnatured,I have not written any articles for Helium .I did register with them though.

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Hey good natured,

Dont you think you are making people money minded? We were talking about improving resources and no one is asking you to write a 400 words article in here. It was a discussion about voluntary writing that will earn points as well. That was for a cause. You made it a matter of money.

Well others have any take on this? Earning money is okay but if we are doing it for a cause, wont the points help? There would be a lot of criticism and you will be able to judge your knowledge and writing skill at the same time.

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I am not up on the points thing.What do points do and I gather yo get the from writting an article? I can write articles but I am no expert in any stretch of the imagination. I just tend to spout off how I feel about things. But I wanted to write an article for AC cause I thought it would drive more people to AmPMInsure AND I get paid....lol My guess is the way the economy is now, I think we are all thinking in dollars signs.

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I think getting paid isn't the main thing but I bet there is a lot more incentive for people to do it. To me that makes it matter cause if half these people didn't post some us may not get answers we are looking for. I really don't think Goodnatured was trying to make it all about money. I think she was just inquiring about a simple matter.

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Excuse me scott but I have not made this a money matter, I have been a part of these forums for quite some time, Was a member of the debt forum for a few years now. Just to let you know it is not all about the money for me, I have bared my soul on the debt site in the hopes that someone has read and learned from my experience, in the hall of fame on that site.

I was referring to the articles as they require research and time to do them in an intelligent matter. I am not a child who wants to be critiqued on my writing nor my content. When writing an article it can not be just pure opinion unless you are going on a personal experience.

On the other sites that we are discussing here like AC and Helium, you are in competition with other writers that are in it for the money, you may end up writing on a subject that is of no intrest to you at all, you write on medical conditions and etc that requires fact base information and if I am going to invest my time, you bet your booty that I want paid for it.

As far as these forums, I have been a member for a loooooooooooonnnnngggg time, please don't pull such a quick judgement, if you would read through the pubs you will see many inquiries from other members that are strictly about money.

When can I cash out? How do I cash out? so on and so on, The money is a nice perk here, but my experience with debt and credit rebuilding here has been a valuable asset to me as well as getting good information, I have passed on some information about my experiences past the normal realms of collection, like court.

I don't care to expand anymore on this, frankly it just irritates the crap out of me that you think you can just call someone to the plate like this, maybe you should read through some content, get to know people before you start throwing out posts as you did above. This is the END of this discussion for me. Other members who have dealt with me on this and the other forums know that this is NOT true at all.

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AHHH Goodnatured I thought this post would upset you. Let it be known that I do appreciate all your help and find your experience in these matters of great importance. I do understand the effort it takes to look into matters. I am sure you will find others too who have appreciated the amount of time and effort you have put into advising us. I am sure I speak for lots of members when I say... Thank you.

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I don't get excited over these types of things these days, I have much more important things to worry about, besides, I know that I have people who have been here much longer that know me, LOL. Believe me, if I let things like this bother me, I would be in trouble. Besides I have to first off value your oppinion for me to show any real concern. thank you fireyone.

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Hi everyone! Oops... We need some air in here. There is no necessity to fight over a trifle. Lets go back to the main point now. Where were we? Writing on articles. Well, when we do write articles we have to find out a lot of things and hence we research on the topic. Its our hard work and experience that helps us to build an informative article. Therefore when we are giving it to someone we cannot possibly do it for free unless we are earning so much that a few dollars wont matter. Right?

What I wanted here was, we all can contribute some small articles that will help us to help others and also earn us points. Can we do that or should we let others bother about it?

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Well, I don't know this Scott .It says he has been here since 2006 but only has 42 posts. That tells me he does not contribute a lot on here so we won't worry about what he thinks,right? Anyway I did write the article on AMPMinsure.org.Hoping it will bring lots of pub to this site.I also have a link if anyone is interested that I found that has great earning potential and is one i have not heard of before.So if you will pm me I will send you the link .It is like AC and Helium but these article they put ads on and you earn from the ads on your article, sounds like a winner to me .I am definitly going to try it and see.

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PS|In my article I made a comment that on these forums there was not the argueing and bickering that goes on in most forums these days. Hope we can keep that up....;0)

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Goodnatured,I just read in an email from Helium that the articles you write have to be purchused by people and that is how they select your articles for pay. I think they don't actually buy them but on on their site and can be perchased. I think that is why you have heard nothing.You may not till someone buys one of your articles.

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Hi all,

I just emailed you all a link that provides some information for people working on AC. I could mail only to people who have mentioned their emails here. Sorry for the rest of you. i could not pm because I mailed it directly from the site there.

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Thanks laura, That is very informative.I have only written 2 articles and thy have been from my own head...lol I hope they don't think rreading info then telling it in your own words as stealing info?

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