Sample letter to remove credit inquiry and fix credit score

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We often notice unauthorized hard inquiries made by creditors listed in our credit report. These inquiries hamper our credit profile and cause problems in acquiring credit benefits. I have prepared a sample letter that you may use to ask the creditor to remove the inquiry and it will also help you to know how to get credit inquiries removed. Please make sure that you use fax or certified mail instead of ordinary mail in order to get a prompt response.

Your Name __________
Your Address __________
Your Phone # __________

Creditor's Name _____________
Creditor's Address ____________

Date ___________

Dear Sir or Madam,

RE: Unauthorized credit inquiry

While checking my personal credit report, which I acquired from [insert Credit bureau name], I notice an inquiry made by your organization.

Since I have not, to the best of my knowledge, authorized anyone employed by your organization to make an inquiry, you are not legally entitled to make the inquiry. Therefore, I request that you contact the concerned credit bureau and remove the unauthorized hard inquiry immediately, under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Section 1681b(c): Transactions Not Initiated by Consumer. I also request that you remove my personal information from your records. Please send me a written confirmation that you have complied with my requests.

If you believe that you posses sufficient documentation that supports your authorization to make the inquiry, please send me a copy to my current address so that I may verify its validity.


Your Signature ______________

Your Name ______________

You are very welcome. I like that they have these letters so we can access them. I wouldn;t know how to begin to write one myself.

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I need to be digging up a pay for delete letter here, so if anyone has one just laying around, please share. or if you see a good link to one, please share also.

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Hi goodnatured
If you want a pay for deletion letter, you can visit the link in this forum itself. To get the letter you can visit the link letters of credit. You should only personalize this letter by changing the name and address of the collection agency or the creditor as the case may be and your name and account number as per your credit report. Make all correspondence regarding the PFD with the creditor by certified mail as a proof.

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KLCreditServices (not verified)

I can removie hard inquiries in 48 hours. Come visit me at If you feel you have any unauthorized inquires shoot me over an email through the website and I will be glad to help. If you have applied for credit at an auto dealership I almost guarantee you have numerous of unauthorized inquiries.

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how about sharing some of your knowledge here with us, there are many members that could use the deletion information to get hard inquiries off your report.

I have always heard that if you write the letters to the companies that are appearing on your report that they will remove them pretty quickly for you.

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This is something I jave not looked at much on my report because I am always concerned with the negative listing and seeing it fall off. How do you move hard inquires? There has been different ways suggested here at the forum but what really is the most effective way to do this? If all it takes is a few letters I believe most would do this to clear up their report.

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Is it true that 'Hard' Inquiries stay on your CR for 2 years? Even if they are 'valid' ones, can you get them removed? I DO know if someone does a 'Hard Inquiry', this can lower your Credit score.

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Yes, hard inquiries stay in your credit report only if they are authorized by you. If you do not authorize a hard inquiry it can easily be removed from your report be sending a letter to the creditor asking them to remove the listing or verify your authorization. Valid hard inquiries can never be removed from your credit report and it will stay in your report for two years from the date of entry in your report.

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Miss (not verified)

where can I get a copy of my W_2 for 2005

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miss (not verified)

where can I get a copy of my w-2 from for 2005

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Hi miss, How have you had your taxes prepared for that year? You may be able to get a copy from your income tax preparation company. We always have ours done through a private accountant and he keeps all our records on file. Other than that I do not know. Someone else may be around to help you out better. What is the reason you need a copy of the w-2 form? Maybe we can help tyou out that way too. Let us know.

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At the very least, you can get the IRS to send it to you. Call them, and tell them you need a transcript for that year... They'll send it to you, but it'll likely take several weeks...

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Hi Pumpkin
Soft inquiries never affect your credit score and you can do as many soft inquiries you want. Soft inquiry is pulling out your credit report for yourself. However, you can get only one free copy of your credit report from each of the three credit bureaus once a year, rest you have to purchase. Only hard inquiries affect your credit score and they stay in your credit report for two years.

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Joshua (not verified)

How do I find the contact information for the company making the inquiry on my credit report? Should I ask the CRA or just google them and send them the letter to their main contact address?

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Anonymous (not verified)

Prepare letters to each inquiring creditor asking them to remove their inquiry. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows only authorized inquiries to appear on the consumer credit report. You must challenge whether the inquiring creditor had proper authorization to pull your credit file.
Your letter can go something like this:

Re: Unauthorized Credit Inquiry

Dear American Express,

I recently received a copy of my Experian credit report. The credit
report showed a credit inquiry by your company that I do not recall
authorizing. I understand that you shouldn't be allowed to put an
inquiry on my file unless I have authorized it. Please have this
inquiry removed from my credit file because it is making it very
difficult for me to acquire credit.

I have sent this letter certified mail because I need your prompt
response to this issue. Please be so kind as to forward me
documentation that you have had the unauthorized inquiry removed.

If you find that I am remiss, and you did have my authorization to
inquire into my credit report, then please send me proof of this.

Thanking you in advance,

Jane Caveat-Debtor

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What's the difference between a hard inquiry and a soft inquiry? I just ran my TransUnion score, and I have a TON of "pre-screened" inquiries. At the bottom of my score, it told me that I had a lower score (683) because of lot of inquiries, as well as the fact that I haven't had my credit score for long. I only have two inquiries, both of them housing, that I would count as hard inquiry. I don't know what to do!

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Hi firefly
Whenever you apply for a new line of credit, the creditors pull out your credit report to judge your creditworthiness. This is known as hard inquiry and it lowers your credit score. Hard inquiries if authorized by you, remains on your credit report for 2 years. However, if you did not authorize your creditor to make hard inquiry in your report, it can be removed.
When you pull out your credit report by yourself to check your credit, it is known as soft inquiry and it does not affect your score.

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Anonymous (not verified)


I didn't authorize any of these inquiries, and they all say they don't affect my score, but then my credit analysis said I had too many inquiries. Is 2 too many inquiries??

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No, there can be two hard inquiries in your report and it may lower your score by a maximum of 10 to 20 points. If you did not authorize a hard inquiry, you can send letter to the inquirers asking them either to verify your authorization or remove the inquiry from your report. Most creditors generally remove the inquiry from your credit report. You can find a sample letter to remove hard inquiry if you visit the link letters of credit

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Anonymous (not verified)

I have a creditor who has pulled my account 8 times in the last 15 months, I feel this is excessive. I know they have access to my credit because I still owe money to them, but I dont think they should have that much access to my credit information. Also, if I dispute these inquiries are they obligated to remove any of them?

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curious (not verified)

I was told I could have inquiries [for ex. car dealership excessive inquiries] taken off of my credit report. Is this true?? If so, what needs to be done?

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Hi Curious
Yes, it is true that you can remove the hard inquiry listing from your credit report provided it is unauthorized. Whenever you apply for a new line of credit, you authorizes your creditor to pull out your credit report. This is known as hard inquiry and it stays there on your report for two years and affect your credit score. However, if it is unauthorized, you can easily remove it from your report by sending a letter to the inquirer. You can find sample letters if you visit the link letters of credit.

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I find this letter to nice. Can I do the following... ?

If you believe that you posses sufficient document that supports your authorization to make the inquiry, you are required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act to send me proof so that I may verify its validity.


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deelite4316@ho… (not verified)

I am desperately trying to contact and can't seem to contact them.I am not sure how I ended up on your web site.earlier I contacted transunion to speak to someone. To make a long story short I believe that they are sending ma another credit report which I do not want .I need to stop this transaction.Can you help me?

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Ruchit (not verified)

Need ur help.

I was in discussion with a car dealer. We fixed up a price and I went to their website and did the application...

So basically, it was a valid inquiry as I went there and applied.

But after I applied, the dealer called... There was a misunderstanding and the price has been changed.

Now can I get rid of this inquiry?

I have the email (with the letterhead) explaining the total price.
He called me and informed about the price change,s o no records for that. But I do have the proof that within few minutes I called him and then sent him an email requesting him not to pull my credit file.

Can anything done for this?

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hot to trot (not verified)

I am trying to clean up my credit after a horrific auto accident that left me and everything else upside down.

This letter is good to start with, as I believe you must notify the people making the initial inquiry... and this letter is good, but in my way of thinking it falls VERY short.

I think you need to send a letter to those who were no authorized to do an inquiry CERTIFIED MAIL, Return Receipt.... you need PROOF that they recieved your letter... that way if they dont respond, you have them. what I am trying to figure out is when you tell the credit bureaus, and I saw something intesting which might work, which is why you need the certified mail, and this is expensive, but so is your credit report!!!

Once you get back the certified receipts is when I think you make a NICE pacakge.....make copies of all the letters you sent to the places requesting inquiries, show the proof of receipt and attach those to the letters (dont send ANY originals!!!!)..... with a cover letter and tell the credit bureaus to remove the listings.

There is very very little on this topic, but the reason there may be so little is that INQUIRIES are at the bottom of the list. They count if are recent because you might be trying to get credit, the older they are the less they mean, not to mention that they fall off in two years...... Did you know that Late Pays are more damaging than inquiries?

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Great advice and how true that we do not think about inquires, did you know that there are actually two kind of inquiries, soft and hard.

the soft inquiries happen when you did NOT initiate anything, it may be some company looking for people who fit a certain criteria or income or score or etc. They may be looking to drum up business. Could also be a collector who recently purchased an old account and wants to know what you have been up to lately.

Hard inquiries are a result of you requesting some type of action, like a loan, a credit card or other type of credit that requires that you enter into a contract.

Just thought I would add this, as mentioned above these can all be removed and should be because they do have an affect on your score.

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I still have trouble with the soft inquires and understanding them. Does this mean any person or credit card company looking to loan someone money or advance them credit can pull your report? We must get ten credit card applications saying we are prequalified a month. We never do anything to initiate them or even ask for credit. Do they just go into your information anytime they like causing these soft inquires? How is that legal? Is there a way to stop soft inquires? How long do they stay on your report? Sorry for all the questions but I am trying to understand this better.

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Cassie Wolder (not verified) is a non-profit credit repair site I found that charged only $15 to remove my credit inquiries and late comments. My FICO score went up 15 points after 3 weeks with only one inquiry removal.

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Thats really interesting

Can you share more details about yoru experiance with this compnay

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You can actually do this on your own, just pull your report and write yourself up a letter of dispute and send it to the credit reporting agencies.

If you have not applied (soft inquiry) for the credit that is on the inquiry it will fall off pretty quickly with the dispute letter, if you have applied (hard inquiry) then it will fall off in about six months. Sometimes hard inquiries will come off with a letter of dispute as well, always worth a shot.

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Guest (not verified)


I sent a "certified"letter to a car dealership because an inquiry from the dealership showed up on my credit report. Yes, unauthorized! Today, I received a letter back from the car dealership, they are now requesting that I provide them with copy of my credit report, proof of the date for the inquiry, credit bureau information, and any other information I can provide them. What? Are you serious?

Do I have to supply the dealership all this informaiton?

Thanks in advance!

PS if you have rules/regulations pertaining to my question...this would be even better.

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Hi Randall,

You have to send the request letter to the creditor. Unless the creditor withdraws the inquiry, the credit bureau cannot remove it from your credit report. There is no stipulated time period for such requests getting attended upon. I think you have to wait until the creditor agrees to remove it.

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derrick (not verified)

if 1 credit bureau removed an item, what do i do to get the others to remove it

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Aaron (not verified)

Hi derrick,

If one of the credit bureaus have removed the item, then you can send dispute letters to the other 2 credit bureaus one by one to remove the item.

Hope that this will help you.


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richardq85 (not verified)

does anybody know where i mail these letters to? Everybody keeps saying these letters are excellent but nobody posted where to send them? I'm trying to remove multiple inquiries do i send a letter to each credit bureau or each creditor?

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Hi Richard,

As much as I understand from your query, you are asking about the dispute letter. You can send the dispute letters to the creditors first,rather than sending it to the credit bureaus. However if the creditors doesn't comply, you can then send dispute letters to the credit bureaus. Your dispute letter should contain all the details of the account and the reason of your dispute should be strong enough, so that your dispute claim should not get canceled.

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joey (not verified)

Do I send this to just the company who is doing the inquire or the credit union or both? Thx

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Hi Joey,

You can send a letter to the creditors to remove the inquiries. You will be able to find a sample remove credit inquiry letter at .

However, if the creditor does not comply to your request, you can try for a second time. If they fail to remove the inquiries the second time too, you can try disputing these with the credit bureaus. All the letters should be sent through certified mail, requesting a return receipt.

Hope this helps.



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Gina (not verified)

Good Morning,
I have about 6 inquiries on my credit report that i did trying to get some cc. How can I remove them? or will the inquires stays for 2 years?


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Hi Gina,

Most of the hard inquiries stay on your credit report for two year. If you were aware of the credit inquiries being made, then I am afraid they cannot be removed. However, if you weren't aware of the inquiries, you can file a dispute to remove the inquiries from your report.



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I have 52 hard inquiries on my credit report dating back to 2008. Some I am familiar with but alot of them I am not. It would be costly to send certified letters to each one. Some of them used one or more credit agency. How should I go about getting some of these removed?

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Thank you for sharing with us such a great information in which you are telling me for credit repair and its all procedure.

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Hi ladylaury:

You can dispute only those hard inquiries of which you weren't aware of. Certified letters with the request for a return receipt are sent so that you have the proof that you had sent the letters. However, to lessen the cost of sending so many letters try sending the letters only through certified mail. You need not send the letters with the request for return receipt.

You can also send 2-4 disputes at a time. This too will lessen your costs.


Welcome to this community :)

If you have any queries, you too can feel free to discuss in the forum.

Hope this helps,



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toota (not verified)

i went to both macy's and kohls to purches and the employers asked me if i wanna get their card without educating me,,,i thought it's something good to have macy's,kohls or old navy's credit card,,,what should i do now???please advice

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Hi Toota,

Can you be more clear on what exactly you want to know? Is it about removing hard inquiries? If so, then you may not be able to remove the hard inquiry, because you were aware of it. As for the credit card, whether or you are going to take it depends on various options. You should first check the reliability of the card in the market. Then you should try to know the interest rate, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), balance transfer rate, whether or not the rate varies from time to time, etc.

Hope this helps,



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Anonymous (not verified)

I have been told by all 3 bureaus that they don't remove inquiries. They said must contact the agency who said you didnt apply for credit with and have them remove it. I think its bull. What should I do next ?

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