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Please introduce yourself to the community. This is a place to have some serious fun :).


I have had bad credit but much improved. Love to learn more & share my progress.

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Hi Jasnsinet
You can participate in the forums and share your credit knowledge and experience along with us. At the same time you can earn magic points for the post you make in this forum. You can cash out your magic points for dollars.

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new to this site... been searching for info on Pay to Delete sample letter forms... trying to clear up some accounts...

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annu (not verified)

hi what exactly is payday loans 8)

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Hi I am Sunil here in community.
To share my knowledge and get more knowledge from all of you.

Thank You

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abdul (not verified)

can any one please tell me what happen if my credit card application rejected two times and current account application one time
pls let me know

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hi everyone i am new here.
hope u all are fine.
i visited this site for last few days and found it useful

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My name is Shurmeka. I am 28 years old and live in Texas. I am new to the community, and I am passionate about credit repair, especially since at one point I had to do my own once upon a time. I have a blog at "". It is dedicated to offering tips and advice about credit repair.

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hai i am from india doing job in psu
would like to hav nice tme in forums

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Hello I came across this community and could not help but notice all these people who need help with Credit,Foreclosures etc.Its nice of people to give you information yes...what happens when you do not respond in a timely manner?What happens if you have sent all the letters and still no sucess?What happens when you try to be honest and they use it against you?I have seen everything you can and cant imagine in the World of Credit..People SCAM.Even reputable Companies who I have travelled on a plane to use them to help my Business grow!I wholesale properties to Private Investors.I can build a Brand New Credit Profile SEPERATE from your Social.I do not offer Tradelines for this however can get you a Bank account and Prepaid Credit so you will have Credit on this Number that the GOVERNMENT allows for CREDITORS ONLY!i CHARGE PENNIES TO GET YOU STARTED and you pay once the work is completed!My partner and I do Loan Modifications,Owner Finance Properties,Rent to Own with out the Bank..give us a call 786.346.0942 ask for Christi WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND,I UNDERSTAND THE LAWS OF ATTRACTION,THE SPIRIT WORLD,SUBCONSCIENCE MIND POWER,STRAWMAN,REDEMPTION PROCESS AND MORE!I came across this community and had a feeling that you all need HELP!I will be happy to start with this Community.Some services may be free!

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hi, i'm melissa, i rarely capitalize things (unless i'll get a severe tongue lashing from the mods, then i will) and i'm severely in trouble with my credit. i found this while searching credit repair, and its looking like a good find.

i'll now post on the forums where i can begin the barrage of questions.

nice to "meet" you all. i look forward to great responses!

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I just join this site . I like this site. I have to use this forum for get knowledge.

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I highly recommend this credit line to my clients who have little to no positive credit: ""

I it much better than any secured or prepaid card when trying to get your score up. It will show a $5,000 or $10,000 credit line depending on which you sign up for. Furthermore, they guarantee approval!

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Hey guys. I joined to get more credit savy. i am in the process of building my credit back up, and all the info and insight you guys can give me will be greatly appreciated!!

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Hello Everyone!

So the bad news is I have bad credit! Yikes! Good news is I' m here to fix it!

Looking forward to all the help I can get!


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Hi everyone!
My name Debbie and I have been to this site a few times with different questions and needing letters etc.

This is the best site since sliced bread. I have gotten more help off here then from my own lawyer. LOL

anyway now I am checking into a company goes by the name of AD ASTRA RECOVERY SERVICES INC. Located in KS. I can not find anything on them and they want me to send them 315.00 on a payday loan? Any help is always appreciated.


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I'm whytedaises. I am here to find advice on how to repair my credit score and to understand my credit score as well. I hope that many can help me and guide me into a better situation that I am in now. Any help is much appreciated and I thank everyone in advance. Thank you.

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Hi guys, I am Clive and just want to explore new things in credit repair issues.

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My name is Mike and i am a graphic designer. I hobby is to write articles about environment, alternative energy, in conclusion green news. I wonder if in this forum is any topic about this field.

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Just wanted to say hi and that this a pretty cool website. I'm stumbled across it when i was looking on ways to improve my credit score. Hopefully we all find what we're looking for here :o)

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Hey I just signed up and am looking forward to getting help and hear about other credit situations.

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Hellow! All of you.
I am Suyog,Suyog Rajendra Warghade. I am new to this site.
I like this forum very much,because here is a real value for knowledge
I am middle class familiar. I would like to get more knowledge about economics.So I always attach to this forum.
Thank you

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I am from Nor Cal and am here to help and get help. I was just served a summons / complaint and retained a lawyer for legal advice and received a great deal. I am going to post more because I have a question I am hoping to get a quick reply.

Nikki's my name. Hi all.

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smithsara302@g… (not verified)

Hi All,

I have been baned from forum without reason. I goy message as,"You have been banned from this forum.
Please contact the webmaster or board administrator for more information."

There is no such communication from administrator. Without any knowledge they are banning anybody and that to i was earning $11.

Please can anyone help me in this. As i am not able to log in so how can i know my fault and also there is no mail communication in gmail account.

I think this is not a valid forum to work with. Even they have not disbursed my paymeny of $11.

I think its scam not paying anything and just ban when the payment is in due.

Any one can put this on administator as i am loosing my earned money of $11.

I also request all the admin people to look in the matter as there is no communication from admin regarding ban.

Hoping at least my earned money as it is around $11

Smith Sara.

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Hi, I'm Ruthie and I am from Pa. I am a cancer survivor and have had numerous other problems. I can't leave my home so I depend on others right now. I have some credit collectors on my report that are over 8 years old. I have no way of proving I don't owe them money, How do I start?

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Hi all my name is Angel and i am new to this site, i need some help when it comes to credit card debt. Does anyone know any good companies to help consolidate debts? I would appreciate any information, thank you.

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fishback (not verified)

no body answered me i'm new at this

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Hi, everyone. I'm Ila. I stumbled upon this WONDERFUL forum while searching for a credit consolidation company that isn't a debt settlement company.

I think this is great. I'm very interested in personal finance/budgeting/debt reduction/investing/etc. So, this is a great forum. I really like the idea of magic points as well!

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Hello everyone, my name is Michael Brazier and Im new to the forum. Im a certified credit counselor working for a non-profit debt consolidation, budget counseling organization rated A+ by the BBB. We provide free budget counseling, credit report reviews, and debt consolidation services. I decided to join this forum because as true non-profit it is our mission to extend free financial information to those who are seeking assistance with their unsecured debts. You’ll see me here and there answering questions and providing what I can to further assist you and everyone make an educated decision on how to get out of debt and rebuild credit.

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Anonymous (not verified)

hi, i'm rahmad. quite interested with this site. need help on explaination about terms: letter of credit and indent sales. thanks.

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Good Morning everyone.

My name is Michael Brazier. Im a certified credit counselor with Freedom Debt Management, a true non-profit organization rated A+ with the BBB.

We offer FREE budget counseling and debt consolidation quotes for those who are having trouble with their debts or monthly bills.

We also help people who are unemployed find work and recently started a foreclosure prevention counseling department for Florida residents.

Our goal is financial education and debt elimination.

I post here regularly and am happy to answer anyone's questions regarding :

- household budgets
- debt consolidation
- how to improve credit
- stopping creditor/collection harassment
- garnishment/ judgment info and options.
- unemployment options and compensation rights
- credit report reviews

If you're looking for free advice and an honest service, please feel free to contact me direct or on here. Posting questions on the forum is best as the answers I provide can also help someone else with the same questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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not sure what you mean - the one on here in my signature?

I think i added a link to the signature section of my profile. Check your profile settings, it should be in there -

Or did you mean something else?

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Hello All, I'm Mo.
New to forum. Looking for help how to get auto loan charge off with HSBC off my credit. I was cosigner for an ex and they made me primary because of my income. And she kept the vechicle and stop making payment couple months later.

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I'm here for obvious reasons to get tips and get better educated at improving my credit score.

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colleen (not verified)

a sherrif came to our home for my husband. He was not home left it with me. Can they do that. how do we stop this if he was never given notice before.

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I recently got a new job now everything is behind... New to this maybe ill find some comfort here!

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Hello everyone, i'm new to the site, but not new to credit and i need help bad. My name is Eddie and i'm from Houston i have a few questions as to what to do about a few charge offs, pay? don't pay? i tried calling the creditors and they just said they sold it and that they could not do anything for me....

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