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Please introduce yourself to the community. This is a place to have some serious fun :).


JayJay (not verified)

Hi. My name is JJ. I just wanted to introduce myself to this community as well. I read many of the posts here and was very impressed with most of the observations and suggestions made here from other users about credit issues. I have started working and repairing my own as well. Most answers can be found by doing the proper research on the internet and taking the time to budget your own financial issues, not by a quick fix it scheme. Credit Repair does take time and hopefully most people have realized there is not magical power to automatically erase a bad credit score and even more so your debt will not go away. There are ways to fix these issues, but they begin with the person themselves, mostly including lifestyle changes. When I recently budgeted my finances I freaked out when I realized what was happening. Furthermore, I received my free credit report and analyzed my history. I realized how my mistakes were negatively affecting my credit score, so I made a promise to myself to get myself out of debt and raise my score at the same time. Unfortunately I do have some late payments in my history that will not fall off my credit report until I hit the 7 year mark in 2013, which by then I am sure my credit will increase that much more. Every little bit helps. LOL. Anyways, I have reviewed a lot of issues and it is a waiting game. There are little things you can do to start fixing your credit and that is to make sure that on all balances, especially credit cards, get them to about 20 to 30% of the limit. This will dramatically increase your score. Always repay your bills on time. Start showing a positive credit history. Its never too late to start. If you are planning on buying a house or car, prepare in enough time. Don't expect dramatic changes to your credit within a week. It takes months to even years to fix depending on your situation. Like me, I have 2 more years to deal with the negative impact. Another thing to help improve your income is buy utilizing a debt repayment system known as the snowball effect. It actually works. Since January 2011 I have paid off 4 credit cards and am now working on another one. Yes I was young and stupid, but I am now 29 and need to start preparing for my future. I do have one daughter (many expenses for her, but all worth it), 29,000 in student loans, 10,000 on a car, and was 8,000 in credit card / other personal loan debt. Fortunately I do have a secure job for this economy now. I have made the initial steps towards a recovery in many aspects and I found many ways to cut expenses in lifestyle. I have even dragged the rest of my family into doing it. I currently have only 4,500 more in credit card debt and 8,000 on the car. Yes the loans are still there. Hahaha. My goal is to make become debt free in 2 years while raising my score. I realized to balance my debt to credit ratio as this highly impacts your credit score by not having too high of balances on my account. I will also not get to the point where I will be a high risk by having too much credit open as well. (I had to mention that point as well.) So by preparing now and do the necessary changes not only for finances and lifestyle my credit is actually improving. I recently reviewed my credit report again and disputed one item which had been placed on my report. I did this on my own and lucky for me I could prove with out a reasonable doubt that this item was false. Remember the bureaus can not remove items which are legally verifiable. Otherwise, just sit it out as I have done and wait for them to fall off. It takes time, but its not the end of the world. Make changes now. For those who have trouble making payments on time, fix those issues with debt management. You won't fix anything until you can fix your own budget. It takes time and patience, but in the end its worth it. Try reviewing the snowball affect where one pays off smaller balances first. This will help to free more money to pay off debt. I hope in 5 years to have the house of my dreams and move out of my condo (yes I own it) so my daughter can have that better life than I did. Make the necessary sacrifices to make your goals and dreams come true as well, especially if it means giving up your everyday starbucks or whatever. Build credit. Don't charge on accounts if you can't pay them. Bring down your balances. Diversify your credit. There is Good Credit and there is Bad Credit. Beleive me, I had both.

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Hey guys , Yes gotta take care of of my credit now and my internet searches landed me here!! Good place. Well i got a 501 and no major derogs except a few medical bills from 03-05 less than 3K, no credit card collections, no tax liens, Just no credit. Only good thing is a wells fargo secured limit of 300 had it 2.5 yrs but pretty over 200 bal the whole time. I just paid it off and want to get my score up over 640 so I can buy a house. I really want the fastest way to get my score up but have no real plan. more secured cards?? any help is appreciated.

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d030506 (not verified)

I am in the final stages of a chapter 13 and i am trying to buy a house. I have credit scores of 643, 633 and 623 and not ableto find a lender. Could anyone give me some pointers?

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I just started the Credit management track. 10 years ago I paid off all, after a divorce. I have not financed any thing. My score is a womping 575, I have a couple medical bills from a couple years ago that I just found in collections. The collection companies sure do jack up the balance. My Fiancee has student loans and lots of credit that we have to work off too. I find this site helpful and will be here often in the next months to come.

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robert cook (not verified)

i wana know how do i go about tracking down what this is intittled to i have everything fr acct # to debtor id # i calld once b4 they claimed didnt show record idk if this is a scam or if iv been victim of i.d theft HOW DO I PULL UP FULL ACCT W EVERY BIT OF INFO I DO HAVE

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Sirsgyrl (not verified)

In November and December of 2010 I made the last two payments to GE Money Bank to settle a bill my husband co=signed for our son's dental treatment.

I have copies of both checks, front and back, showing that GE deposited both checks into their account. They also show as paid on my bank statement. They started calling me again in February, and said they had no record of payment and now I owed $1100; That's double what the bill originally was.

GE Money bank sold the account to Atlantic Financial, and they sold it to a debt collector attorney. They discovered that GE Money Bank assigned the payment to our JC Penny Card, rather than the collection account. JC Penny sent me a check for $174.00, since we owed them nothing. My bookkeeper deposited the check sometime in February.

So. The debt collector knows we made the payments; she knows that GE sent the payment to JC Penny, who sent the money back to us.

I said I would a replacement check for the original $174.00 but the debt collector said that wouldnt be enough. I have a feeling they paid more for the debt than the $174.00 would cover.

I did everything I said I would do, and GE screwed this transaction up at every turn. Now my husbands credit is suffering, and we are being held financially hostage by this mess.

Anything you can suggest to help?
Thanks so much

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investment pro… (not verified)


Here i am newbie.A card issued by a financial company giving the holder an option to borrow funds, usually at point of sale. Credit cards charge interest and are primarily used for short-term financing. Interest usually begins one month after a purchase is made and borrowing limits are pre-set according to the individual's credit rating.


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Hi everyone!

While I have been following your page for sometime now, this is my first time introducing myself.

I am trying to decide if it would be better for me to file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or attempt to repair my credit myself .

If anyone has any suggestions or advice concerning this matter please feel free to offer.

Most of my debt is contributed by Student Loans.

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aabarca12 (not verified)

Hi everyone I'm Adrian. 20 years old live in southern california. Made a couple of mistakes years ago looking to fix them now thanks for any help.

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Purplegirl (not verified)

Hello, I am 38 and looking to work on my credit,I am going thru a divorce in which I was left with 50,000 in debt. I am working with a debt relief company and have paid off 3 of my companies and working on a 4th. I am also working on paying off my other debts like my car and house using a debt system I learned years ago. I have a few companies that are trying to take me court even though I am working with the debt settlement companies. It is very frustrating, I am willing to pay them, but I can not pay them all at once.

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Cdejesus1 (not verified)

I've just joined and I'm excited to have found this site. I need some serious help with my question in regards to credit and I hope to obtain some answers!!! Cheers!

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meme10 (not verified)

I filed bankruptcy and it was final june2010. I continued to pay my car payment and had requested to reaffirm the loan with the bank, the lawyer and I never heard back, so I paid 750 a month for almost a year. I was also ahead in my payments by 2-3 months at a time. Now I paid 300 or 450 at a time yet kept the payments ahead. Then I receive a letter from the ban stating that I did not pay on my car as agreed. Okay so the 7500 dollars I paid in the last year did not count. I called the bank, went in to the bank and they said nothing could be done about it. I really feel that they took my money and falsely accused me of not paying on time and I have my account information to prove that I did and I was current.
I am so confused.

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Wendy (not verified)

Hello, I am Disabled and can no longer afford to pay my Credit Card Debt. I need to know if they place judgements on me can they lock me out of my apartment ? I do not own any property and after I pay my rent,phone,food and electric I have very little money for the month Please Help ASAP with an Answer so I know what to do. Thank you.

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Anonymous (not verified)


I live in St. Thomas VI and they have absolutely no prepaid or gift cards unless you open a bank account. My wife and I have come on really hard times and both have a judgement for $5,000 because of an eviction. We can not afford to have any money seized so we have no way of paying bills or ordering any of the stuff we need desperately on line. Being in the Virgin Islands it is impossible to survive here without being able to order anything from the states. I don't understand why this is the only place in the world that you can't get a prepaid or gift card without a bank account.
We have a Kmart which has numerous gift cards as well as a walgreens but no gift cards like they have in every branch in the states. I called numerous prepaid credit card companies but they won't send a card here or let us fill it with a mailed money order. PLEASE HELP! WHY IS THIS! WHAT COMPANY WILL SEND US A PREPAID CARD!
I should mention that we did find 1 company but it was $140 for every$100 you can spend which is criminal.

Somebody please help us we have no where to turn,
Mike n Lindsey

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goodconsumer (not verified)

Hello All,
My name is "good consumer', and I have bad credit.
Just happened upon this website, as I was looking for a reply on how to respond to a summons I received. I am named as a defendant in a civil law suit, whereby a company that owes me money is filing for receivorship and bankruptcy. Wanted to find out how to respond.
Thanks for having me.

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Garth (not verified)

Hello, bad credit and all I have been fighting climbing student loan rates and am looking for ways to help my credit from the damage that these loans have caused. If anyone knows how to communicate with these collector's I will take all advice.

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Howdy folks, my name is Jordan and I have been working on my credit for about a year now actively due to the fact that me and my wife are ready to buy our first home! Turns out, that is a major pain in the rear.

Anyway, I look forward to helping in any way that I can and maybe getting a question or two answered.

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Pre-recession, I had a great little family, a great job and enjoyed an empowered lifestyle an 800 credit score brings.....

Flash forward a few years, I'm now a single dad, in a new career... Foreclosure, repossession and bankruptcy behind me now, trying to get back on track. I'm spending time reading these forums, trying to learn new strategies to attack the issues I'm facing. Thank you for the information provided here.

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crorkz (not verified)

A2i9RF Very informative post.Much thanks again. Great.

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crorkz (not verified)

DTSwOP Thanks for the blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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creditrepairqueen (not verified)

Hello Everyone -

My name is Stephanie and I've also known as The Credit Repair Queen. I've helped thousands of people improve their credit scores and quality of life through credit restoration and aim to help more one household at a time. I'd love to offer my expertise to those in need.

I started fixing my own credit a little over 10 years ago when I tried to buy a house when I had my daughter and received the shock of my life when I was denied because my credit score was 535. I wanted to crawl into a hole and never show my face again, but I turned that negative into a positive and learn all there is to know about credit and how to achieve and maintain positive healthy credit scores. Now, we help people get qualified for their dream home, car loans with low interest rates, high limit credit cards and more.

I'm happy to be of assistance any way I can.


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cryptechwhiz (not verified)

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leigh wheeler (not verified)

i'm very excited to join this platform, can't wait to share my experience as well as learn new techniques to keep the credit in a good shape. cheers

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MASON (not verified)

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Franknus (not verified)

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Lonniehek (not verified)

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Richardslepe (not verified)

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latin girlsynt (not verified)

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Debra A Hafemann (not verified)

On my credit report it shows up hard inquiry.. I know Sears closed their doors and I was issued a new card but the old one is showing up on my credit report. CBNA/Sears does not have a contact number how do I rectify this?

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asiameatd (not verified)

brazilian promises available 'almost zero' stake from Zika rrn the course of olympic games

But a few of the chances when holidaymakers and visitors and also sports stars have the ability to turn out to attacked,fairly zero, Brazil's another healthiness minister, Ricardo Barros, referred to over recent weeks. 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charmdatescamr… (not verified)

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Keithmit (not verified)

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inside inventiveness ideal couples got published in exceptional frequently used heart net connection from a man and women. in which tightly perception frame of mind so sub-conscious for being of their total accomplice. beautiful russian women They will always prepared to share successes as defeats. these people are to each other for good. anyone declare those our own russian babes teeth is likely to loosen up anyone. really an exceptionally polite in addition to the make young woman. i'm sure honest, And i usually get in touch with their find out more

my spouse and i bouncing. i should say also really enjoy operating and even taking a look at other posts. i enjoy talk with folks. generally think I am a chatterbox. not, this is not so. I like to have reasonable and furthermore excellent chitchats. I do not just contact pass my own time. my group is also really fond of checking out. I like a number of reference books, other than time and again having find out more I uncover

i wish to find a man who may be honest and / or honourable; that's authentic and getting. i'd like had been woman to love i am and defend.

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