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Submitted by Seth on Tue, 06/27/2006 - 11:15

Welcome to Credit Magic forum. We are excited to have you onboard.

There is no magic for credit only the knowledge can make a difference.

  • Know what helped other's score and apply it.
  • Know what harmed other's score and avoid it.

A step by step plan to improve our scores with the help of community feedbacks is the main concept behind creditmagic.

The purpose of this forum is to
create a community platform where people can ask questions, interact and discuss among other members about credit management, credit score, credit reports and other related topics to get the best solution to their credit related problems. Our objective is to offer the best platforms for credit improvement.

We also invite you to share your knowledge and experience with other community members which will help in enriching their knowledge and help build up credit.

We look forward to see your active participation. http://www.creditmagic.org/login/register.php]Join us and enjoy your stay in the Credit Magic forum.

Credit Magic team

Never read anywhere we international members could not be a part of the forum. Where are you from? Just curious?

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Don't see why not, but as far as credit issues I think they are mainly United States, don't think these issues would apply to you. However, the general discussions in the pub would apply to you.

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Well Manolo there is no problem in joining the forum wherever you are. You have a pleasant experience with very friendly and helpful people out here. Welcome beforehand :)

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Marleen M Kramer (not verified)

I would like to know what my balance is now.

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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum was invited by goodnatured from another page and actually from working with her on another forum, I look forward to being here and hopefully will be able to participate constructly in your forum. I look forward to getting to know people here and maybe offering a little advice.

I finally made it here goodnatured, now it is lunchtime, LOL, I know that you have been waiting for me to join, so here I am! I am just going to nose around and see whats out there for awhile.

I am very much interested in credit issues and hope that we can generate some good discussion and help each other out. I am hoping to be able to be active and engaged in the discussion here and hope that I can offer advice as well as learn.

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great to have you here and glad to see you finally made it, LOL, did not think it was going to happen. I put the word out months ago about the debt forum and see some people there I recognize, you might want to jump over there and see what is going on, sure you will see some familiar faces there too. thanks for joining us here, look forward to exchanging ideas with you too.

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I am fairly new, I have been a ghost here on the forum, stopping in and reading the posts, you have encouraged me to join with all your posts, some of them are so touching and you all team up to solve a problem or comment on a thread to help each other out. this is great. I plan to stay and post but will mostly read, I find you all so facinating, don't know why, but you are strangers helping each other out.

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Hi erb,

You are welcome to the forums. Hope we can know each other more through sharing of experience and knowledge. Enjoy your moments spent with credit magicians.

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Hello, I am new to the community, I am a mother of three who works fulltime and goes to school, a class here and there, not going for accredited classes. My children are 25, 18 and 5. My 18 and younger one are still at home and the older one is going to graduate this year and be on her way to college next year.

My 25 year old is well on his own and doing fine, he went straight to work in the oil industry, the business is booming around here. He has always been the laborer of the family, only man in the house.

I will be using your great knowledge here for financial add and getting her off on the right foot. I have read some really good posts here, some people actually are dealing with what I am now too. Good to have things in common, we can all help each other.

I also have some credit issues that I need to deal with, nothing major, but they need a dealing, so I thought this would be a good place to start.

glad to be here.

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Hi August its great to see you here. Yes there are many people dealing with a lot of credit related problems. They share and we all care :). Hope you will share your experiences and problems as well. Great to hear that your children are doing well.
Credit is a process which should be dealt with at the earliest stage to avoid future dire consequences. Welcome to creditmagic.

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Welcome to the forums August, great to have you here, you sound like you have a wonderful family. You sound like a great mom, we have quite a few great moms here. Your children all sound so different too. Your 25 year old went out and found a job pretty quickly. That is great that you have such a great group of kinds. Your 18 year old sounds like she is on a great path.

Glad to have you here, we welcome any questions that you have and hope that you will continue to posts and carry on conversation that with our forum members.

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Welcome to our little community August, you sound like a busy person, hope that you find all the informaiton you need here, again, welcome aboard.

also wanted to add in case you did not notice that there are three other forums listed above, they are debt, insurance, and mortgage. If you go to them you have to register a new time on every forum that you join. You can use the same user name and password for you log in information. Wanted to let you know that ahead of time. Hope to see you on the other forums as well.

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Welcome to the forum, when I first came here I just nosed around a bit and read the posts, eventually, I started posting my own topics and of course replying to other peoples posting, I find that we have a real nice group of people here, who I think genuinely care about one another. I think we support each other in a lot of ways, if you see some of the prayer requests you will see that most of the active members rallied around debtstinker and her family with their thoughts and prayers. A lot of us have not been here long, but in a short time and through communication and discussion on the forum, you can tell that these people here are a connected group, connected by this forum, our problems and of course we celebrate together. I know the rest of the community joins me in welcoming our newer members and encourage you to participate with us in our topics or please feel free to post some of your own. Hope you stick around for a long time to come.

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I noticed that you are a guest. In order to see a balance, I do believe you have to register. Anyone else know if that is correct?

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That was a mistaken post by some visitor. He must have been looking for some other site and landed here.

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Hi, Just wanted to come here and introduce myself. I see a few familiar faces here. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside....lol For those of you who don't know me ,I have 4 kids 3 at home. I live in Ky on a farm.I also love chatting and contributing to the forums here.They are the most fun I have.I have also learned so much on here also.

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Goodnatured do you have over 2 hundred dollars? WEow! I could never let mine go that long i need it to much...lol Wish I could though.

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I may be a bit rusty with my math,but it said he got 111.97 and he had 29152 in points.Isn't that 291.52? Maybe I'm not doing something right.Like you have 3309 that looks like you have 30.09 how do you figure that?I must be rustier than I thought. Goodnatured?All this time I thought you were female.........lololol

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Did you look back through and add up all the cash outs for goodnatured? I thought there was more than one on there. that is why it would be good to take the balance back to zeor after a cashout.

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I agree .I wrote that post before I knew that the cash did not go back to ) after pay . That about Goonatured being a man.I was looking at where they had been paid and it had a man's name on there .I realize that was just the name the account was in and that Goodnatured is indeed a woman.Just wanted to clear that up >as my paypal is also in my hubby's name.lolSomeone might mistake me for a man.;0)

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Lol, hummingbird, it is common to have one paypal account in the household, huh, guess a lot of people do this.

I would never think that you were a man, you speak to gently.

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Why thank you August. No one at home has ever said that to me.They say I screach all the time...lol

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Hi johobuo,

Hope you will add to our resources here.

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Okay, pretty nasty, this does not belong here, somebody with the power please delete.

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Hi Djfrenkios

We appreciate your participation in the forum. However, I think that your post is not in English. Please do post any comments in future in this forum in English. - Richard

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Hi Shiemetut

You can always send compliments in the pub section. This is a credit forum where we try to solve credit related queries. Hope you would cooperate with us the next time you visit the forum - Richard.

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Hi fewdluvrnfat

It is a credit forum where we discuss and try to solve credit related issues. You can only discuss off topic issues and even crack jokes in the pub section and not in the credit improvement sections of creditmagic.org. - Richard

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