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Please introduce yourself to the community. This is a place to have some serious fun :).


Casey (not verified)

hey guys new to this community. Just wnated to let you know that I too have bad credit. I guess if I didnt then I wouldnt be here. I need some advice on how to rebuild my credit line. Thanks :)

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dwhite1232 (not verified)

Hi i'm Debbie and I live in the Bay Area, I'm 35 found this web site to be very informative and helpful to people all around. :)

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Anonymous (not verified)

I'm not new to the forum as I'm usually posting on the "dealing with collection agencies". I was just looking around and found this site as well. I am from IN and I to have bad credit. I'm 35 years old and I'm trying to get my credit back.

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Ed (not verified)

We can help you get good business credit withing a fairly short period of time,get up to $300k unsecured,how would you like that? We also help you improve your credit score sometimes by up to over 200 points,also contact me about buying non performing notes at wholesale prices and or commercial hard money loans,Ed at deleted thank you
Btw,I speak from experience,25 years in the real estate field

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I'm new to the site but not new to credit. I found I thoroughly enjoy the ins and out of credit, their laws, and repair. Just wanted to drop by to say hello.

Hello! :lol:

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Have just joined the community but have been gathering info for a week or so now on PDL's, of which I have many !! Have already found some helpful info.

Looking foward to more helpful hints from kindred souls !!

Have a blessed day !

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Sheila (not verified)

I also am new and of course w/i the last few weeks have done MANY payday loans and my credit was already messed up. Today they attacked my checking account and I want help and advice to get my credit BACK ON TRACK!


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Welcome Sheila!

This forum discusses credit repair...use the debt forums link above to seek help dealing with your PDLs. Post your PDL problems there, and include:

Who you've borrowed money from?
How much you've borrowed?
How much you've paid back?
What state are you in?
Are these storefront or internet loans?

As for your credit, you can obtain a free report from First, I'd advise looking for any inaccurate information. If there are errors, dispute those first with the credit reporting agencies. If you have any accounts in collections where the statute of limitations has expired, you could attempt to dispute those entries, too. Next, if you are able to get a credit card, open a new account. I'd use it for everyday purchases, setting money aside to pay it off at each use. If you don't qualify for an unsecured card, consider a secured card. If you are able to find a creditor that reports monthly, use them. A steady payment history will help build your credit score. It's not the only factor, but it is an important portion.

You might also want to consider debt consolidation. You can negotiate with a creditor on your own, or you can sign up with a company to help you out. A consolidation company will negotiate will your creditors to lower you interest rates and possibly waive late fees. There is at least one company that negotiates with PDL companies, if you register on the above mentioned site, a member can PM you their contact info.

Best of luck to you, and if you need more help with fixing your credit, be sure to most more details and questions here.

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Cookie (not verified)


My name is Oreale and I am new. Looking to learn about debt consolidation and other ways to get out of debt.

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Anonymous (not verified)

Max, you are free to share your knowledge of credit and credit repair strategies.

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I'm Avis from CO and like most here need help. We're been given a rough time by some crooks who ruined our credit. Would love to have help fixing things right again.

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My name is Wendy. I'm, also, new at this. I'm a single mom, so, the extra income will come in handy. Also, excited about getting ideas on how to get out of debt, repair credit, etc. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Hi Avis, Hello Wendy,

You are welcome to the forum. Keep posting :)

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dale (not verified)

Hi all, I am new here and would like to introduce myself to all.

This looks like a great place to be. I'm happy to be a part.


dale :D

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Hi, YA'LL!! I think MOST of you, 'know' me!! Been doing alot of posts!! I think all of the advice, from this forum, is very helpful!! Hey, were talking about 'line of credit'. Well..I've read, on a few sites, about 'lines of credit to help your score'. On some of the sites I have read about, you have to pay a VERY high price to "improve your credt". can you expalin how YOU do it? What 'field' you are in? Etc.??

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I am cajunbulldog and just registered here to see what your forum is about.

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I was wondering, can anyone take my name from my post and replace it with Lukeskywalker and add my avitar.


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ls, assuming you have your avatar stored on your computer:

Click edit profile
Scroll to bottom
Click browse button (next to the upload avatar field)
In the popup window, locate the file you wish to have displayed as your avatar
Click the open button (popup window will close)
Click the submit button at the bottom of the page

If URL linked, I am not really familiar with the process.

Also, check your PM's.

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Anonymous (not verified)


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Hi! I'm Bossy4455. I'm not sure if I have already singed up or not :lol: I tried to sign up and it said I was registered-don't remember that !

Anyway, I am new to the Credit forum. I have been a member of the Debt Forum and a moderator for a year and a half, and joined the Insurance Forum not long ago. I look forward to joining this forum and getting to know you all!..Karen :D

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Morningstar no… (not verified)

Bossy, good to have you here, too!

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Welcome everyone. Let us rock creditmagic together. Lets share all that we have to offer and find solutions to our queries. :)

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Thanks all for the warm welcome!..KAren

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Hello Karen, I find your posts quite informative. :) for sharing.

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Hi, I am also registered on debt cc forums and found you there, I am working on getting rid of all debt and cleaning up my act, yippy skippy, wish I would have been wiser, but now I am here and look forward to all your help and guidance. thanks for having me

I will have alot of questions on repairing my credit, I am just starting to focus on getting it all together. This time I think I am more serious than ever. I have made some bad financial decisions, that is how I ended up at debt cc. I look forward to participating, sharing my experience and getting some person to person advice from folks who have been through it personally or have the experience to lead me in the right direction.

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Never have I found a forum/s where people are genuinely interested in helping each other! it's so nice, it's like if i have a serious problem at 1 am i can post and know that someone will read it and give sound advice. I'm relatively new to these forums and am so grateful to have found them.
a lot like many other forum members, I am getting my life back on track, having a new baby last year with my wonderful hubby, we are focused on getting our credit back on track so that we can buy a home. before it wasn't so important when it was just us, but when baby makes three your whole life and perspective changes :) Now, I am getting back on track but still have some issues with past decisions that were poor. I always heard that the decisions we make today will affect your future, boy I wish I would have listened 10 years ago when I got that first piece of plastic in the mail! i'm glad to be here and look forward to being here more

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It is great that you have everything clearly in focus now, we can not rewind time but we can be more cautious for the future. You are well on your way. Hang in there, you will be fine.

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Hey!!! I totally agree with Debtstinker... I havent found a forum where people actually want to help each other, until I found this one....and enjoy it along the way doing it too!! Many of the other ones that I used to participate in where filled with folks who went out of their way to flame someone...Not sure about you guys, but my time is limited since I work tons of hours and really dont have time to deal with the flames!!

Well, as for me, I started my credit cleaning process about 2 years ago. I had a lot of cleaning to do!!! I did take a break along the way because it is a tiring process...

The one thing I learned (or reminded..depending on how you look at it) is that it took me several years to get into this mess and it wont take a couple of days to get out of it... It wont take YEARS to clean up my credit report...just some time!!! Tell that to an impatient person (ME!!) isnt satisfying.

Well, If I can help you in anyway... I would be honored to do so..

If I don't have the answers, I wont make them up...

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Welcome and goodluck with your goals.

Lol, you won't make them up, that is a good one, good to have you here.

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LOL..... at goodnatured..... Honesty is the only thing thats decent anymore... Unfortunatley, there are few decent people out there anymore... Its all about them.... I guess I grew up in the wrong time period!! LOL...

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I know what you mean, I am certainly for real, I am laying my shameless self out here for the world to see, LOL. Hopefully someone can learn from my experience and mistakes or from the steps that I can take to repair the damage. I really appreciate all the support and advice this forum has to offer.

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Honesty is indispensable. I really appreciate that approach.

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It is the only way to get real help, put the whole truth out there, can't do no harm, getting good advice here. Thanks for all the help.

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Hi everybody, I am new to the forums but involved in other forums, look forward to be part of this community.
I am not an expert in anything, just a consumer with some debt, look forward to getting to know you all and hopefully share some ideas on how to get rid of debt.

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Hi Dadummy,

Welcome here. You are already an active part of this community :). Welcome once again.

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WELCOME to creditmagic. Another feather to the hat it seems. Great to have to here.

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Welcome Dadummy, great to have you on board, look forward to your input on the forum.

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Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome here, I feel like I am part of the community already. It can only get better, I hope to develop good friends here and be able to put some of my experience to good use for someone else.

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You are doing well here, hope you stick around for a long time to come.

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MannyLNJ (not verified)

Hi I'm new to this forum. I don't know my credit score because I won't pay for it but I know it's bad.

I have card that where charged off. Some that are in collections. I had a judgement filed against me which was one by default and I am now paying.

I want to rebuild my credit and stop using my debit card for purchases but I don't qualify for a credit card. What secured card has the lowest fees?

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Hi Manny, welcome to the forums. Did you know that you can obtain a free copy of your credit report at, you can request one a year from each of the credit reporting agencies.

How old are you charge offs, after seven years they will fall off your credit report.

If you have charge offs and defaults on previous credit cards, I doubt that you would get a credit card unless you invested some money in it to get it. We do not do credit card applications here. You can surf around the site and see if anyone else had this or a similar question. There is one post on WAMU cards and there seem to be few people using it for rebuilding credit. So search the threads and see what you come up with. goodluck

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To start with you can opt for the grocery store cards, gasoline cards. They will atleast help you start with some credit transactions. Keep it low but use it. Charge off drops off in 7 years so need not worry about that.

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Hello everyone. My name Clay. I have been a member/moderator over at Debt Consolidation care for about a year and a half. My wife and I have been working really hard at getting our financial house in order. WE are finally at a point where we will be passing from "debt" (i.e collections, etc) to having debt on time, paying off and building savings.

I look forward to participating in the community!

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Welcome, I am sure your experiences will be of great help to people here, we need members and hope that you will stay and continue to add advice and guidance to those who need it. Welcome!

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