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Please introduce yourself to the community. This is a place to have some serious fun :).


I'm new to this forum but not new to credit problems. I've gone through several cycles of poor credit, working on fixing it, getting stable, only to fall victim to it all over again.

I'm in the Midwest and hope to find ways to fix my credit and end this depressing cycle, lol.

Take care


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Hi BGRobinson,

You are welcome :) Hope that you will get the required help from this community.



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Hi cockroach,

Can you be more clear on what exactly you would like to know?



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Thomas B (not verified)

Morning all, I am under a 2005 Judgement from FOrd Motor Credit I have been paying their Law firm "Law Office of Wyn Taylor" For just as long. I was currently paying $100 a month for the last 13 months and had a late payment of3-5 days in May 2010. They put a writ of continuance of Garnishment on my job through my payroll dept at my job and are currenly scheduled to take @5% of my disposable income $454 per month. Can I fight this and have the garnishment lessend throught the courts due to having my debts exceeding my income?

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Well I am henry and 26 years old and I can say that forum and blogs are playing one of the vital role in sharing the knowledge and to communicate with each other.
Refinance Home Loans

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Hi ronaldeddy,

Hope that you will get the required help from this forum. Feel free to share your knowledges too.



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I am ronald and i am new to the credit forum. i want to learn about credit, finance and Payday Loan.

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Hi ronaldeddy,

Welcome to this community :)

Please let me know what exactly you want to now about credit, finance and Payday loan?



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Hi my name is Victoria and I have bad credit. I am trying to rebuild my credit. I have paid my credit cards and kept them at a suggested balance but nothing. I also paid a bill off that was under 2 years old for the amount of $1700 but it did not boost my credit. Open to suggestions....thxs.

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Hi Victoria,

Welcome to this community :)

You need to provide more details on your credit. Do you have credit card debt only? How many credit cards are there, and what are the outstanding balance on all of these?

I also paid a bill off that was under 2 years old for the amount of $1700 but it did not boost my credit.

What is the status of this account on your credit report? Is it showing "Paid"?



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Hello everyone! Just thought an intro was overdue. I have been in the real estate industry for close to 20 years now and specialize in the credit challenged. I don't consider what I do "credit repair" because those days have long since vanished and I'm finding the rules are changing almost daily for mortgage approvals. It's crazy.

I am also looking/learning how to build business credit w/o using personal credit - which is turning out to be quite a challenge.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone and reading all your informative posts!

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Hi I am Romendro and new to this site. I've a low credit and i need some advice to make more.

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Hi romendro,

You need to provide more detailed information on your credit. How much of debt you have, how many credit cards are there, what are the status of the accounts, etc. Based on your credit there are various ways in which you can repair your credit score.



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Mike pracher (not verified)

I am about to receive a summons from them .I have tryed to work out a payment plan to pay off the debt. But they informed me only a full payment would do. Any payment plan would have to be done in court. I have not received my summons , but it's on it's way. What can I do?

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I'm new to the forum, and I have bad debt, bad credit, and owe the IRS. I'm working with an attorney to fix my FED tax issues. Things are going well. Now I'm ready to tackle years of bad debt. And I would love to get some advice from someone who's faced similar challenges and has overcome them. A step-by-step method of viewing, addressing, and erasing bad debt would be ideal. I've already cut up my credit cards as of 1-2 years ago, so I haven't built more debt over the last couple years; I just haven't tackled the pre-existing bad debt either. Aside from printing a credit report and identifying the debt, where do I proceed?
Thanks in advance for all your insight.

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My name is Josh and I am trying to fix my credit so my wife and I can buy a house. I have been working on it for about 4 months now and go TU to rise 80 points EQ to rise 30 points and EXP to rise 45 points. I hope to keep it up.

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HI, I am Amanda, m a finance expert. I write for many financial journals and blogs. I would like to earn money by sharing my knowledge.

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Hey guys..this is seolss11.. new to community...hope good credit..

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Hi seolss,

Welcome to this community :) Hope that you will get the required help.



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Hi--hubby & I have had credit problems in the past but are doing well now, learned from our experiences & can help if we know anything about it.

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Welcome to this community :)

Feel free to share your knowledge in the forums.



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new to the community. trying to repair my credit and buy a home. Here to get advice and search the knowledge already present

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Hi All! Also new to the site (kinda, been stalking it for the last few weeks now. lol) and have finally decided to bite the bullet and sign up. My husband and I are starting the process of cleaning up our credit--and what I'm sure will end up being a very long road, but we're doing it, and thats what matters :wink: ...just printed out our first letters of debt validation yesterday! So, I'm sure I'll be needing some guidance soon I'd like to say THANKS in advance & for the assistance I've already rec'd in deciding how to start this process :D

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Just wanted to drop by and say hey before I go and start picking at people brains. I have done a ton of research and in the process found this great forum, full of been theres. Thank you guy and gals for making such a great site. I will be in the background just searching, so don't mind me.

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I am lyndon, I am 30 years of age. I do have 5 kids and a beautiful wife. I am currently into farming, I have cows, goats and pigs. I just got referred to this site by my online friend. I was asking him about loans, and she just directe me to register here.

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I am a disabled american and with this comes credit problems. The majority of my credit problems are medical bills I can't begin to pay. i am working with a patient advocate for the hospital system I usually attend to get me the disability benefits I lost in 2006 that I never should have lost. My disabilities are mental health related. With that comes with the opportunity for substance abuse. I was arrested in Oregon in 2000 for posession of meth. I completed treatment and probation, but my probation officer reported incorrectly to the oregon felony court incorrectly and a warrant was issued for my arrest. This resulted in loss of my benifits. In 2006 the problem was fixed and the warrant was dropped, but I was never informed of this until 2009. Now I am fighting with collection agencies for past medical bills, and am also fighting with social security to get my benefits reinstated. They claim that my condition was treated and needs no further treatment, but how could that be true when my treatment was cut abruptly and never reinstated. Any way be cause of my lack of coverage I have built up medical debt and other debt, like not being able to afford rent, utilities, etc and my credit score has gone to sh*t. I'm trying to find a way to fight these people trying to collect money from me that I shouldn't owe. Any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated. As of now, my wife and I are living on her disability alone. $784 a month, and we live in a garage that is not attatched to her fathers house. We pay rent and some utilities, and have no extra money to do anything with like pay these bills or fight them in any way. I am lost and need help, Please help me.
Bill Miles

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My name is Rick and I have horrible credit. I'm 37 and am in need of serious help... I'm hoping this is the first step to cleaning everything up.

Thanks in advance for this forum and all who offer great advice!!!

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Chiquita (not verified)

Hi everyone, Im new to this but not to debt. I do find a lot of these forum helpful. I al need more help, How can I ask for help in one on one base here?

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snowy_bunny (not verified)

Hi everyone. New to the site as well. I hope someone can help me. Being ignorant and foolish, I need all the help I can get. Pulled my credit bureau and I need assistance to resolve a few things.

1. Civil Judgement filed. How do I remove or resolve?
2. Should I send out a debt validation letter or debt verification letter?
3. Read in another post that I should send out a letter to the CRA's to remove CA's. I confused now.

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Not really sure what my exact score is, i've never checked it, but appearently I'm 19 and my credit is already ruined. Just asked a question 5 minutes ago on this site. My name is Stephanie.

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Matt Wegner (not verified)

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum, and a little weird because my credit is ok but I'm not worried about my credit. I'm debt free and don't borrow money so I don't worry about my credit score. I check my credit report but the score is meaningless to me. Kind of a weird place to be compared to most people out there but it's awesome to not have to worry about debt!

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Thought I would re-post this under my actual profile since I posted as a guest before. Glad to be here!

Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum, and a little weird because my credit is ok but I'm not worried about my credit. I'm debt free and don't borrow money so I don't worry about my credit score. I check my credit report but the score is meaningless to me. Kind of a weird place to be compared to most people out there but it's awesome to not have to worry about debt!

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I am new to the forum and looking for any advice on repairing my score of 451. I know I need to start by getting a copy of my report which is in the process. I have several issues including payday loans, child support and other problems on there and looking to get it cleaned up because my significant other and myself would like to purchase a house. Any suggestions would help! Thanks!

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I just joined the group though I have been struggling with debt for over 3 years. I live just outside of NYC. Glad to have a support system. It is tough going through this alone.

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Hi I am new to this site. I was introduce to this site by accident. I was looking on my credit report and saw HNB-IND on it stating I owe 10,000 to them. I don't know who they are so I googled it and
it brought me here to this web site. However, it must have been a god sent because my credit is very bad. So, if someone can tell me more about the site. Also, if someone know's anything about HNB-IND please inform me.

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Hello I am Kelelina.I have at least two judgements against me that I know of. I live in New York State. I am totally confused from what I have read this evening. One place says a judgement is good for 10 years while someone else says it is good for 20 years.Can someone let me know the facts in the matter.I am disabled and on a very small fixed income, so I have a tough time with having much money.I am trying my best not to use my credit cards, but at times I must use them.

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Hello :) I am new to this forum (obviously), and wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. ALthough I feel like my credit is completely helpless and hopeless, I'm going to give it my all and over time hopefully I can get my life together. I've spent hours and hours reading advice from people, and I look forward to being able to post and seek the help of the knowledgeable contributors on the forum. Thanks to everyone who help both myself and others.

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I'd like to introduce myself. I'm Ricardo and I am very much hoping this community will help me understand the various topics of credit reporting and credit repair as I can't seem to do anything right in terms of getting favorable results in my credit report.

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