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Submitted by Seth on Thu, 10/05/2006 - 09:09

Please introduce yourself to the community. This is a place to have some serious fun :).


Welcome to the forum LCW. It is really great having you here. We hope to interact more in all the threads :)

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Welcome LCW,

I am a moderator here on the forums. Hope to see you often here. Thanks for participating.

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Hi LCW, glad to have you here on the credit forum, I bet you will be a great resource here for those just trying to rebuild credit, there are alot of questions. Welcome aboard, great to have you here.

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Hello, everyone. I posted more details of my history and background in the "Know Your Stuff About Collection!" thread. I hope to learn a lot from everyone here and maybe be useful to others.

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Welcome, I read your thread and feel for you, hopefully some of us here can give some advice and guidance, look forward to having you here and conversating with you, hang in there, it will all get better. Glad to hear that things are better for you healthwise and congrats on your engagement.

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Welcome welcome Norseman. Its great to have you here. Hope like us you will start enjoying the community as well. :)

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Welcome Norseman, glad to have you have you here, I am sure you will find this forum informative, useful and fun. We have alot of good people here.

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Glynis Shaw (not verified)

A great big Hi to everyone. I live in Austin Tx and I work for a credit restoration company. I am not here to solicit just to pass on helpful information when I can and to learn from others here. You can never know too much.

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Hi Shawpiro, it is good to have you here, I am always sooooo happy to see someone who works in the industry here, I am sure you will be a valuable asset to our forum and I hope that you stick around and give your advice and guidance to all of us. I have a few questions for you that I will pull from one of my threads. Hopefully you will be here in a day or two to answer. Again welcome aboard, glad to have you here. If I can't find them very quickly I will post a new thread in the credit repair section, please watch and comment on them. thanks

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Hello Glynis,

A warm welcome to the forum. It is great to have you here. We can share some real expert knowledge here now. Welcome again now.

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hi HI hi HI!!!!! im from pa and just like to talk as you probably have already figured out.

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Hi guys,

I go by Maddie, I am 23 and happily married. I made a mistake getting into credit cards my freshman year of college and am currently suffering the consequences. I am working on being more responsible and building my credit, I have a baby on the way, due in May. I like to share my life experiences so I can help others out and hope that I will be able to once I deal with these CA that are going after me.

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Hi Maddie,

Its great to have you here. Hope to see more of your posts around.

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shiek (not verified)

hey, im new to this site and hope to get sum answers and need help to get good credit back i used to have.

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Well, let me be the first to welcome you shiek, you should register so that you can earn some money while you get your answers that you need on the forum. We have some great folks here with a lot of experience and answers. I am confident that you will get the help that you need, please register and join us as we hash out each others problems and try to come up with solutions.

Hi maddie welcome aboard, hope you find what you need here and stay to participate in the forum.

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Welcome to the group Maddie!!!

Shiek, as Lunchtime already indicated, sign up and register....we have some great people in here!!

Come on in!!!! The water is great!! :-)

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I came over from the insurance forums. I would also be interested in finding ways to improve a mediocre credit history. Not bad but not the best either.

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Welcome hummingbird, glad to have you here. I hope that you find your time here as enjoyable as in the insurance forum. We have a lot of good people here who have a lot of experience on both ends of the fence when it comes to credit. The pub is hopping with a lot of other conversations off the topic of credit.

Hope you find it welcoming here and decide to stay with us a long time. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them and feel free to post responses to those who have posted on the threads.

Again, glad to see you here, hope you a have a great time.

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Hi humming....

great to have you here. credit is our subject and you can go ahead and shoot as many questions as possible. i am sure we will be able to answer you and help you out in any way possible. Great to see you here. WELCOME :)

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welcome to all the new people here, see so many that have not come on here and formally introduced themselves, maybe they will make it here sooner or later.

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It is good to see you here hummingbird, hope you are having a great time here.

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There are many new people around who have not introduced themselves. Welcome to all.

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I know Laura, it is amazing how much growth we are having, I love it, so many different types of conversations going on, I think it is awesome.

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I think its awesome too. I wish to see more people coming in.

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I think it is awesome too Laura, I wish some of my friends at work would join, I told them about this site, but they say it would take up too much of their time, guess they have a life and I don't. LOL

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Hi i live in pa and i enjoy helping on the credit issues i have excellant credit but it took me years to get it.

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That is great dadummy, maybe you can give some good advice here on how to do that, there are many here wondering.

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People invest time in a lot of irrelevant things as well rather than utilizing it. SO dont worry you have a wonderful life. Tell me dont you enjoy here? Why miss an opportunity to earn for giving opinions?

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True Laura and dadummy writes a lot, so why not write on credit issues, that would certainly help people out a lot.

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Suprtlchk (not verified)

I'm trying to get my credit understood and under control. I am 26 from San Diego. My husband has near perfect (only 1 page) credit and I have 26 pages of credit, good bad and ugly. We have started a file to keep records of our work on this subject... its called Zombie Debt Collectors. Back in 2001, while still in college, I used a local debt help agency, shut down credit cards (most over due/unpaid but w/ small limits) and made regular, small monthly payments. Two hospital visits and 7 years later... they are still there and reported monthly. NCO for Cap One harasses me as much as they can. I'm worried that even looking in to the accounts on my credit file will OPEN them up and start the SOL over.... any help?

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Looking them up will not start the SOL over again, however they will probably start contacting you again. A lot of collection agencies put ticklers on credit reports and as soon as you inquire about any thing it brings you to their attention.

Just so you know the statute of limitations is only restarted if you make a payment.

If these are 7 years old, I am sure the statute of limitation has ran out on them, when they contact you, you need to let them know this. You can request that the cease and desist all contact with you.

What ever you do, don't pay a dime, it will start the SOL all over again, unless you want to pay them off. That is what they want you to do. Becareful how you handle this.

You need to find out your states Statute of Limitation. If you tell us what state you are from, we can help you find that out for you and post it here so that you know.

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Hi Suprtlchk,

If the debt has run through the 7 years time I dont think they are collectible anymore.
ERB she has mentioned being from San Diego CA. So SOL has run out already.

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I was surfing for ways to help build my credit back up and clean up my credit report and found this site. I've already gleaned some very very useful information and hope to later on be able to contribute some worthwhile input.

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Hello all I'm new to credit magic but I enjoy forums about credit and finance. I enjoy all the advice and hope to offer some myself. I work for a bank and I have filed a bankruptcy about 4 years ago and have been repairing my credit ever since.

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Hi welcome to the forum, hope you enjoy yourself here, contribute and participate as well as take a lot away from the forum. Welcome aboard.

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dont they have to delete your credit record after so long I thought it was seven years. where did i get this from.

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Hi I go by fasfeed and im 3 days into the site. Ive already aquired some much needed information and will have no problem sharing information aquired in the past . Looking forward to working with everyone to gain control over our finances. keep up the fight.

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shah (not verified)

:lol: Hey guys im $!!@!! (SHAH) its quite awful coz im new to this community but when ive seen this Credit magic system i hardly believe but I need more details about how this is possible & plz anyone just tell me how to make points in this forum & how can i get pay off !

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Hi Shah,

Welcome to the forum. Just get registered with us. Participate in our discussions and earn points. Every 5000 magic points that you earn gives you $50 when redeemed. Once you start participating you will understand the process easily. Looking forward to your participation and interaction with us.

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kshel02 (not verified)

Please help! I just had the courage to look at my credit report. It's bad. The mortgage broker that steered us to a horrible mortage has been pulling my credit report like every 3 months without my permission. What can I do??

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charles.armbruster (not verified)

I spend most of my time on the MORTGAGE page, but I also counsel folks in credit and liability management for a living. I'll start spending more time here, too.

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Welcome here Charles. Its great to have you here.

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm trying to repair my credit after several years, appreciate any help, Thanks,


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I am 1002543, new to this forum, credit and this country.
I do not have debt, baddies and my scores are in low middle 700. I am just studying US credit system.

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Hi, I am miley and have had plenty of credit ups and downs.So, I look forward to reading posts and getting advice.

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